by Sharon Rondeau

(Sep. 27, 2016) — As reflected by our visitor traffic tool, someone from the U.S. House of Representatives was reading three articles at The Post & Email on Tuesday, including one about an FBI agent’s response to a citizen’s questions about Obama’s eligibility in November 2009.

A second was about the hypothetical question of impeaching Obama as discussed by radio show guest Jeffrey Harrison in late July and reported by The Post & Email on August 7.

While U.S. House readership is hardly a daily occurrence, the log shows that readers have been aware of the site since at least June.

Readers have also appeared from the U.S. Senate from time to time as well as from the Department of Defense, Department of Veterans Affairs, the IRS, the FBI and the EPA.

On August 4, Obama’s purported birthday, someone from the FBI was reading a popular article by Don Fredrick, author of The Complete Obama Timeline, titled, “Who is Donald Trump?”

The piece, though written last December, continues to be one of our most popular articles.

Almost daily, someone logs on from an official State of Tennessee network in Nashville, always to read our articles about corruption within the state’s grand juries, sheriffs’ departments, jails and prisons.

The Department of Defense is aware of our articles about the late civilian contractor Thomas J. Boyle, Jr.:

and the soldier who was forced to report for an unscheduled psychological exam on September 1 while he was on approved leave:

Whether or not government employees are reading in an official or personal capacity is unknown, but they most often open our articles during business hours.

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  1. Thanks, Sharon and Don and Jeffrey herein for keeping America well informed on The CONSTITUTIONALLY NULL AND VOID Soros’-Soetoros- Pelosi/Boehner/Ryan American Sedition 08-28-08- TODAY.


    While millions of Americans are too young to understand, or too old or feeble to take a stand, I mostly fault my 70 million fellow viable liable Baby Boomers (born 1946- 1964) for being virtually AWOL from fully identifying Barry Soetoro and AWOL in holding Baby Boomer Hillary fully accountable and indictable for her treasonous “birther lie” lie declared during Monday’s historic national debate with Donald Trump.

    From Pelosi’s Day in Infamy 08-28-08 to EO 13489 Congress-Obama-ID-cover-up to LTC Terry Lakin’s infamous military court-martial to Benghazi massacre and cover-up to an endless planned parade of tax-paid-for harm and humiliation schemes foisted upon some 320,000,000 Americans at the hands of lawless ID Thief-in-Chief Soetoro-Obama, virtually every Baby Boomer of America’s adult “wisdom class”, including all 535 elected Congresspersons, has effectively done nothing but consciously evade or e-complain, or sometimes violently defend, The Soros’-Soetoros American Sedition 08-28-08- TODAY.

    Will you folks and Orly Taitz and JB Williams and Mike Volin and Mike Zullo and Gabe Zolna and Commander Kerchner and Ed Noonan et al UNITE TOGETHER to keep the spotlights on this seditious presidential usurpation 08-28-08- FOREVER after the Soros’-Soetoros vacate Valerie Bowman-Jarrett’s White House-mosque next January?

    The Soros’-Soetoros will continue to harm and humiliate Americans from the UN and other venues after their vacation of the White House UNTIL THE DAY HISTORIANS (or Donald Trump?) UNVEIL THE WHOLE TRUTH BEHIND THE AMERICAN SEDITION OF 08-28-08 – FOREVER!

    Keep up the good work, save your strength AND PRESERVE YOUR DOCUMENTS 08-28-08- TODAY, because, as it seems right now, Hillary’s nationally declared “birther lie” lie prevails in US history when you all (and Donald Trump?) and I go away.

    VOTE TRUMP [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDNzCoOR0pY ]

  2. Sharon, Thanks for sharing this story/item. Let me share
    that I would like to give credit to Michael Jackson,
    for he has made endless calls to many Congressmen offices.

    I feel that his endless efforts could be the reason for
    some hits from Congress to The Post & Email. Hopefully,
    lots of other citizens will do the same to their House
    Reps. and Senators that they look into the issue that
    Obama is a fraud and needs to be held accountable…

    Also, I would like to request readers/those who come to
    this site to go to thepostemail.com/tag/Jeffrey-Harrison
    to see several related articles to obtain lots of info..