by Joseph DeMaio, ©2016

(Sep. 24, 2016) — To paraphrase Ronald Reagan: “There they go again.”  The perfidy, lawlessness and corruption of the Regime at 1600 is now most recently confirmed in the revelation that, in addition to grants of immunity given out “like candy” by FBI flack James Comey to various IT technicians and operatives tasked with destroying Hillary Rodham Clinton’s (HRC) e-mails, similar grants of immunity were given to HRC’s top aide and attorney, Cheryl Mills.  This is beyond surreal.  This is quasi-treasonous.

The evidence of criminal conduct on the part of HRC in mishandling classified and top-secret information – to be distinguished from criminal intent, which is not a component or element of the crimes with which she could be charged – is overwhelming.  Moreover, the evidence of her orchestration, either on her own or through her surrogates at her direction, of the destruction of federal records housed on her unauthorized, unsecured “homebrew computer servers” is well beyond a reasonable doubt.

This is not even a close call.  One can only hope that the issue will come up at some point in the first presidential debate, either by Mr. Trump or the moderator, and by that I mean, Mr. Trump.  Do not count on  the moderator, Lester Holt of NBC, to go anywhere near the topic, as his paycheck likely depends on his avoiding that one like the plague.  Ask Dr. Drew Pinsky what happened to him after he suggested HRC had health problems.

As for the immunity deal given to Ms. Mills, it is yet one more link in the continuing chain of lawless and reprehensible acts – and omissions – which have characterized the Regime at 1600 since the Usurper-in-Chief oozed into the Oval Office in 2009.  This latest spitball launched at the rule of law, however, should come as no surprise, because one of the core principles seemingly guiding the lame duck usurper in the next few months is to ensure that the most corrupt, dishonest, mendacious and untrustworthy individual the Democrats could find be installed into the presidency in order to secure his “legacy.”


This dangerous bozo has the audacity to claim to the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (and, BTW, where is the Congressional White Caucus…?) that if African-Americans do not vote in the upcoming election – and in particular vote for, in his view, the most qualified person in the history of the nation, HRC – he would deem it to be a personal insult to him after “all he has done” to establish his legacy.   Mind you, he was not urging all Americans to vote for HRC at this gathering, but only black Americans.

Soooo… who is the racist now?  Who is trying to divide the electorate along ethnic and racial lines now?  The only legacy that this usurper will leave behind – and may he spend the rest of his days in a 20-acre sand trap on an abandoned golf course in the middle of the Sahara – is one of failure.  From foreign affairs to the economy to the decimation of the military to the catastrophe of Obamacare… and let us not forget the shredding of the Constitution, from lawless executive orders to the eligibility clause, his legacy will be remembered by future historians as being exponentially the worst one since the founding of the Republic.  Period.

Oh, and by the way, black voters, if you don’t get out and vote for HRC so that she can continue and build upon the regime’s defalcations, you will be undermining the BHO “legacy.”  It would be difficult to imagine a more deserving “legacy” to target for undermining and dismantling  than that which has been designed and implemented under BHO.

Speaking of which, even as this post is being written, we now learn that BHO used a pseudonym when communicating with HRC over her private e-mail address on her unauthorized homebrew server as long ago as June 2014.  This comes to light despite his claim made to CBS news in 2015 that the first time he learned of the existence of HRC’s private e-mail address and server was when he learned of them along with everyone else from news reports first broken by Pravda-on-the-Hudson (aka, The New York Times) in March 2015 ().

Is it just me… or does that now sound like a lie?  Recall that HRC told the FBI in their July 2, 2016 coffee klatch that it was “often necessary to communicate in code.”  See FBI July 2, 2016 Interview Notes, Part 2 at 7.  While we do not know the pseudonym used in e-mails between HRC and BHO, when HRC’s chief aide and confidant, Huma Abedin, learned of the use of a pseudonym on the e-mails, she asked: “How is this not classified?”

These revelations come in the most recent “Friday dump” from the FBI on September 23, 2016, Part 3 of its July 2, 2016 Notes documentation, available here.  HRC, apparently, had no answer to Abedin’s question.  Moreover, as far as can be determined, the rumor that the pseudonym was “Kenyan” has not been confirmed.  Your faithful servant will attempt a more detailed analysis of the FBI’s Notes of the July 2, 2016 Part 3 document in the near future (it is 189 pages long).

In the meantime, he will leave faithful P&E readers with the following not-so-rhetorical question: is there not one single remaining dedicated, honest FBI agent, CIA agent, Secret Service agent, male, female, Republican, Democrat, Independent… anyone in the federal government who knows the true depth of evil that surrounds the regime’s actions and would have the courage to step forward?  If the answer to that question is “no,” then we may, in fact, be past the tipping point.

All of these unnamed individuals have taken an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.  Many of them have also committed, if necessary, to “take one for the team” should the life of one of their charges be threatened.  Is there not a single one who will now step forward and “take one for the Nation?”  What the nation needs now, more so than ever, is another “Deep Throat.”

If any such person or persons would be prepared to do so in order to stop this madness, a fairly good argument could be made that in a Trump administration – now looking to be an inevitability – whatever negative workplace reprimands or consequences of their coming forward at this time which might be visited upon them between now and January 17, 2017 would be quickly remedied.  One might even be tempted to predict that the chances of that happening are… YUGE.



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