Report Says Gang Members Dictate Conditions at NWCX, Too


by Sharon Rondeau

(Sep. 23, 2016) — On Friday morning, The Post & Email published an article containing an email written to Tennessee Department of Correction (TDOC) Communications Director Neysa Taylor containing recent communiqués from relatives of inmates at the Trousdale Turner Correctional Center (TTCC) in Hartsville describing dangerous and draconian conditions within the newly-open prison operated by Corrections Corporation of America (CCA).

Upon retrieving the office mail approximately an hour later, The Post & Email received a similar story from an inmate at the Northwest Correctional Complex (NWCX), a state-run prison in Tiptonville.  “The Northwest prison is ran by the gangs,” he wrote.  “Most of the officers are even scared to say anything to them.”  He went on to describe how he was robbed by two gang members and rebuked for calling for help as it occurred.

NWCX has been known for housing the most dangerous prisoners and for a gang uprising in July of last year.  While the incident was reported by mainstream outlets, many incidents have gone unreported.  At the time, then-NWCX inmate Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III told The Post & Email that Warden Mike Parris was “working in a panic” to prevent details of the July 24, 2015 gang violence from becoming public.

A number of fellow NWCX inmates have reported tense conditions there due to gang activity and poor management.  In August of last year, current and former TDOC employees testified to a legislative subcommittee about the conditions which they said have led to increased injuries, employee fatigue, and significant attrition in the workforce, spurring a severe staffing shortage experienced across the state’s 14 prisons.

In October, after a cursory inspection of five Tennessee prisons in three days which included NWCX, the American Correctional Association (ACA) reported that the prisons were found to be “smoothly operating.”

The ACA did not respond to The Post & Email’s request for a copy of a report from a more recent inspection of NWCX this past March nor to an email sent several months ago to one of its board members.

The inmate’s recent experience with two gang members and the correction officer’s reported response follow.

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  1. Just   Saturday, January 18, 2020 at 7:35 AM

    I was at nwcx and i was beat and charged for breaking shower security and had to call home to get money and then your family thinks your lian and on drugs and such. That place has really messed me up i have been home now for 8 months now and I still can’t sleep all I think about is all that happens. I seen guards stabbed and beat about half to death and inmates stabbed 13 or more times. 20 inmates beating on one guy in the middle of the pod. The gaudrs don’t do anything to help you thwy run and hide and try to cover it up. They took 8 inmates out of the PC pod on strecters for over doses on fentinal it was so bad in pc and on the compound they ran out of narcan to prevent a death that place has really hurt me mentally and phyicaly. I have never been treated that bad in my life time and beat and had to pay or get beat not by 1 but 3. Crips run that place if your not affiliated you won’t get your commissary without a beating for a ramen noddle and the show hall don’t feed you enough for nothing and the crip line gets all the food it’s hard to survive can you please help me out is there anyway I can get this into court I know I have PTSD form that place and 2 hernias in my stomach from being kicked and stoped and my nose is shattered I can only use the right side of my nose. Contact me back if you can help. I know a lot of stuff that went on there with Sgt ward and the corpals and a lot of the correction officers sleeping with inmates and bringing in drugs such as suboxon, fentinal, meth, marijuana, hairon, and tobacco thanks a lot

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