by Dr. Thomas E. Davis, Colonel, USA (Ret), ©2016

(Sep. 20, 2016) — “A civil officer is a government official who is responsible for duties authorized by a constitution or charter. National officers include presidents, judges, and political appointees who are responsible for serving at the leisure (sic) of the public. The term civil excludes members of the military who serve under separate codes of conduct. Civil officers at the local and regional level include city administrators, magistrates, and sheriffs who often carry out extensive duties for their constituents. These duties range from officiating civil marriages to issuing court documents and repossessing property.”

Presidents are NOT appointed; rather, they are elected, and political appointees and elected politicians serve at their leisure rather than at or to our “pleasure.”  Our elected Representatives and Senators are NOT considered to be “Civil Officers,” thus eliminating them from impeachment. This is NOT a provision of the Constitution.  I am of the considered opinion that our Founders did, in fact, intend that these most numerous of political folk were most likely to do harm to the republic. I base my opinion on a book written by Arthur J. Stansbury published in 1828 by Hilliard, Gray, Little and Wilkins entitled, “Elementary Catechism on the Constitution of the United States for the use of students.” The book format is one of simple, straight forward questions and answers. On page 19, we find the following:

Q. Do the Senators ever sit as judges?

A. Yes. “When any civil officer of the United States (that is, not an officer of the army.) is guilty of a violation of his public duty, he is accused, or charged by the House of Representatives, and tried by the Senate. Such an accusation is called an Impeachment. The fact is that one Senator, William Blount was also an aggressive land speculator, His risky land investments left him in debt, and in the 1790s, he conspired with Great Britain to seize the Spanish-controlled Louisiana in hopes of boosting western land prices. When the conspiracy was uncovered in 1797, he was expelled from the Senate, and became the first U.S. public official to face impeachment.

I would suggest that this is solid proof that our Founders did intend that Congressmen are indeed to be considered “Civil Officers” and thus subject to impeachment. Further, there is no amendment to the Constitution nor any Act of Congress which contradicts this assertion. The only logical explanation is that there has been an ongoing political and criminal collusion or simply a clandestine agreement that Representatives and Senators are to be held immune to Impeachment. Are these two legislative bodies so abysmally corrupt at the core that they have an ongoing “free pass” to do just as they please? It does appear so!

Keeping the foregoing in mind, should not the Judiciary Committee of the House prepare Articles of Impeachment against Speaker Ryan for his failure to order Articles of Impeachment be prepared to bring Barry Soetoro-Obama for the two crimes of Treason of which he is guilty? Following this, Articles of Impeachment MUST be prepared to bring Obama to trial before the Senate.

Neither of these two bodies has ever brought up the subject of judicial measures to be taken against a single malefactor in any Congress sitting during the far-too-long time Obama has spent deprecating our nation, our core values, our Judeo-Christian ethics and propagating racism and its adverse effects that have been the hallmarks of the Democrat Party since 1828. The Republican Party of Lincoln became a party of greedy and inept politicians following Ronald Reagan whose Vice-President was an old-school politician, and in his single term the Republican Party became as corrupt as the Democrats have been for 188 years except for the years Harry Truman was in office.

Donald J. Trump did NOT have to run for president; in fact, he is far too decent a human for our republic. Sure, he IS Brash, He is brutally honest, and that is something this now near-third-world nation needs; the honesty and angry straightforwardness of Harry S. Truman.  Mr. Trump calls it not just as he sees it, but as we all see it. Hillary Clinton and spouse, the womanizer Slick Willie have been for years and are still just as darn rotten as ever; DYED-IN THE-WOOL Democratic phonies, liars, philanderers. Hillary is without doubt an out-and-out Traitor and along with Obama and others of the same mindset, should be indicted, tried and convicted!

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