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by Dr. Thomas E. Davis, Colonel, USA (Ret), ©2016

(Sep. 15, 2016) — As reported in yesterday’s (September 14, 2016) issue of “NumbersUSA,” Obama is “demanding” a 30% INCREASE in “refugee resettlement!” In the first place, these are NOT refugees; they are hand-picked, muslim assassins. Our legitimate federal non-military security forces, if they even exist, are not equipped to run background checks on such a large volume of deceptive but undisguised infiltrators. Obama cares absolutely NOTHING about the UNITED STATES’s security. He has committed TREASON on at least two previous occasions without any reaction from those responsible.

Obama has donned the robes of imperialism, is acting as though he is the King of the USA and is defying Congress to put a stop to his antics. His DEMANDS are becoming more serious and dangerous to this nation every day. The Congress is totally incapable of dealing with this arrogant demagogue. I have twice sent my complaints and concerns to Channing D. Phillips, the U. S. Attorney for Washington, D. C.; the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, James Comey; The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, both General Martin Dempsey and his successor, General Joseph Dunford, and at least a dozen requests supported by evidence, to both the Majority and Minority leadership of the United States Congress.

I have also made my concerns known in writing to Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, the Chief Judge of the New Jersey Supreme Court, Stuart Rabner; to the U.S. Attorney for New Jersey, Paul J. Fishman, and have written numerous articles published in “thepostemail.com.” All the information of Barry Soetoro-Obama’s criminality is readily available. The missing link is the willingness of those responsible to take necessary action. I am repeatedly warned, advised, and cautioned that I am “asking for trouble” and “visits by the guys in the long black trench coats” or worse. My concerns are not for my safety but for the United States of America. I am no hero, but I WILL NOT LIVE IN FEAR in the country I served for nearly 42 years.

If those government functionaries previously mentioned fail to do their jobs or take umbrage to my actions, that then becomes their problem. From the inauguration of our faux chief executive, I have been ever-vigilant and observant. I am just plain sick and tired of writing the same charges and offenses against Obama and his lackeys, but I will provide a bulleted list of some of his nefarious and treasonous activities:

  • Both Eric Holder and Obama committed Felony Perjury when they knowingly advised Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona that her signing into law SB 1070 was illegal as being outside the scope of authority as a governor. WRONG! Article I, Section 10, Clause 3 of the U.S. Constitution provides sufficient authority and no less authority for her to do what she did.  Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Joseph Story supported my contention in §1398 of his magnificent Commentaries on the Constitution.
  • “Operation Fast and Furious,” a “gun-walking” scheme to illegally put high-powered and automatic weapons into the hands of Mexican drug lords, resulted in the deaths of two American federal law enforcement agents and an unknown number of Mexican nationals. The first act of TREASON and Accessory to murder were the crimes perpetrated during this fiasco.
  • This self-same faux president then ordered air strikes by naval air on the friendly nation of Libya without consulting the Congress and without any declaration of war.
  • At several times prior to September 11, 2012, Ambassador Christopher Stevens requested the Department of State, headed by Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton, to supply more security for the American consulate in the city of Benghazi. His request was repeatedly refused. That compound was attacked during the late afternoon of September 11 and overwhelmed, and Information Officer Sean Smith and Ambassador Stevens were murdered. Though there was TV of the ongoing attack transmitted to CIA headquarters and thence to the Situation Room at the White House, no action was taken to send assistance, though such was available and on alert. The Select Committee on Benghazi obviously did not interview or lend credence to intelligence provided by numerous high-ranking military officers, both active and retired. Whether such a dereliction of duty constitutes TREASON is plausible if judicially so interpreted.
  • This final crime of the many that remain is most definitely TREASON. During the latter 2-3 months of 2012, this arrogant faux president, aided and abetted by every Democrat Senator of the 113th Congress and 23 Republican Senators; Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Secretary of State designee, John Kerry; began the transfer of a gift to the Islamic-Arabic Republic of Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood. Inasmuch as the Muslim Brotherhood was and is an avowed enemy of the United States, any gift constituted a direct violation of not only Article III, Section 3 of the Constitution but also of Article 104 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, itself a CAPITAL offense. The gift was 20 F-16 Fighter Jets, 200 Abrams battle tanks and one million U. S. dollars of likely non-appropriated funds.

The Bowe Bergdahl fiasco was just another of the many criminal activities attributable to Obama. Congress was infuriated but failed to impeach Obama as they have so many times during his illegal tenure, even though he has demonstrated an arrogant disregard for any authority other than his own.

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