by Dr. Thomas E. Davis, Col., USA (Ret), ©2016

(Sep. 14, 2016) — From on Tuesday, September 13, 2016, an article titled “ISIS Releases Video Showing Torture and Killing of Alleged U.S. Spies” by Veronica Neffinger begins:

Terrorist group ISIS has released a new propaganda video which shows men accused of spying for the U.S. being brutally executed and hung upside down from meat hooks.

The Christian Post reports that the terrorist group released the video to coincide with the Islamic festival of Eid al-Adha, which honors Abraham’s willingness to obey God and sacrifice his son.

The video released by ISIS is over 12 minutes long and is titled “The Making of Illusion.” It contains graphic footage of executions and bodies hanging from meat hooks in a slaughterhouse. The video also includes “spy” scenes taken from Hollywood movies.

While ISIS is reportedly losing ground in the Middle East, they still have 18,000 to 22,000 fighters in Iraq and Syria, despite the thousands of airstrikes by a U.S.-backed coalition.

Apologists of Islam have stated that the People of Muhammad are, in fact, members of the same ancient lineage as the Jews, i.e., these liars claim that Muslims are descendants of Abraham and therefore constitute another faction of the “Abrahamic” peoples.

This citation may help the average Jew and Christian to better understand the fable that is islam: “…until the Crusades Islam was indistinguishable from Judaism and…only then did it receive its independent character, while Muhammad and the first Caliphs are mythical figures.”

From the same source:

Despite the unconvincing attempts by well-meaning individuals to assert the pacifism of Islam, the fact is that it is a desert warrior’s religion and was not spread by peaceful means. As Gerald Berry says, in Religions of the World (62):

“Partly because he needed funds and partly because his followers were not skilled in agriculture as were the natives of Yathrib, [Mohammed] organized fighting bands to raid caravans. Having no ties with the older religions, he sent them out even in the peace months. This started Arabia’s Holy War. Mohammed’s whole movement took on the character of religious militarism. He made the Moslem fanatic fighters by teaching that admission to Paradise was assured for all those who died fighting in the cause of Allah.”

This latter would be most appealing to the Muslim Jihadists who are drawn to the idea of sexual encounters with very, very young females, thus the appeal of 72 virgins as a reward for sacrificing his life expecting to receive such a magnificent reward.

Even the introductory date and validity of the Koran is questionable. It was likely the product of many followers of Mohammad and was not in print until at least 100 years after his death. The same caveat attends the Hadith, the various reports describing the words, actions, or habits of the fraud, Mohammad.

The notion that Islam is a religion is as ridiculous as a belief that the Elks Club or the Democrat Party is a religion. The one conclusion this writer would draw in comparison: the Elks are benign and welcoming; the Democrats are criminal and death is a constant companion.  Both Islam and political parties must be eliminated if this republic is to survive. History not only validates such a conclusion, but recommends it.





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