by Thomas Pastore, ©2016

(Sep. 11, 2016) — In the century of 300 bc, there was an eccentric cynic and philosopher known as Diogenes. It is said that during the day he would walk the sunlit streets with a lit lantern. When asked why his lantern was lit, he would state that he was looking for an “honest person.” Some say he would respond by saying he was looking for a “human being.”  I will go as far as stating he was looking for both.

It is amazing that in all these centuries past, that search continues and with a festering degree of frustration.

With these thoughts in mind, I seek the support and will of the People, that we ask Lady Liberty to take this “new” assignment and use her torch to help America find an honest human being. America is certainly in need of such an individual, and who better than Lady Liberty to accept this quest? She has looked down on hundreds of thousands of people with her welcome scrutiny throughout the 20th century and beyond. Perhaps she can find us someone willing to represent Americans and abide by the oath he has taken. How nice it would be to find a group of honest people, elect them into office and have them follow the “letter-of-the law” on behalf of the People. How honorable and honest would it be to have one to preside over our government with the skills to bring people together and do what is best for our country, putting aside his or her own petty desires or anxieties?

Should they find that the burden is too heavy or greed and lust have overtaken their “desire to serve” the people, then how refreshing would it be if that honesty comes belatedly, and the guilty culprit would stand tall and tell America how sorry they were, and that the needs of America must come before their selfish and grandiose desires to “rule.” A delayed honesty is far better than the despicable denials we get from those whose hands are still dripping with disdain for the truth. Where is the honesty, and what good is a government when they refuse the “will of the people?”   It now appears to be an inherent and dishonest representation in denying to prosecute those whose fingerprints of conspiracy and personal gain have wallpapered our Constitution.

If the one or the many are innocent, then let the people decide through our system of jurisprudence, not through a unilateral performance in dishonesty.

What good is a government with its varied branches when they lack the honesty and integrity that should allow the system to move forward and expose the guilt or innocence of those held suspect by the People?

Since we cannot seem to find the integrity and honest genes among ourselves, I believe that this reassignment for Lady Liberty is necessary. The reasons become apparent when we discuss the horrendous immigration problem America faces. Few people from other lands dare to show her the respect and humble affection that she so deserves. Most of today’s entries onto American soil never really see the “Lady” in a “face-to-face” introduction as they enter the land of opportunity. They lack the courage and fortitude it takes to come in and face Lady Liberty as they seek to become “Americans.” They have chosen and prefer to look at her “backside” as they sneak in and away from the “torch” (of honesty) that guides those who still want to enter through the legal roadway that America has created. They have gone so far as to declare “they have rights” as “undocumented aliens,” an illusion created by their supporters and dishonest elected officials who lack the fortitude to call illegal aliens…illegal!!

The ignoring of laws has furthered that illusion, resulting in the frightening reality of many innocent American citizens having been murdered, raped, robbed, and stripped of their rights of constitutional protection(s) because we have allowed a “tsunami” of illegal entries to infect our soil. Yet all that seems unimportant to those whose campaign coffers remain full so major corporations can enrich themselves from “cheap labor” while denying real Americans real jobs.

Dishonest politicians have seen this as a way to “harvest” new “voters” for upcoming and future elections. Give them that which belongs to Americans and give it to them for free and you have “bought” yourself another “voter”….It really is that simple.

America has done a disservice to our Lady Liberty and a disservice to our country that needs homeland honesty. This requirement is one that any country needs to survive should we wish to continue “the Dream.” Essential to the preserving of our dignity and integrity is understanding what it is to be a citizen and representative of the country in which you were born. There is no shame in requiring that those who wish to share that dream follow the rules that our parents and grandparents felt were important.

With this thought in mind, I ask that ALL Americans seek and demand this new reassignment of Lady Liberty’s pursuits. **The task is monumental and thus requires that our Lady enlist the help of others. I ask and hope Americans join me in requiring the enlistment of the numerous replicas of the Statue of Liberty that have taken residence in America. Let them aid our Lady in searching for honest representation, unencumbered by greed and hunger for power. There are over 200 of these replicas in 39 states in the U.S. and several of its possessions and territories. Let us create a petition: (Change.org, possibly?)  and put our signature to the demand that we seek honest representation throughout America, and our Lady Liberty and her “Force of Honesty”) shall preside over such a requirement with the discretion that only she can provide.

“The New Colossus,” though never intended to become part of our Lady, declares that we welcome:

With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.  Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

I believe the “golden door,” which was between the two twin “cities” of Brooklyn and Manhattan, means the “Front Door,” NOT the tarnished back door, and nowhere does this “invitation” openly embrace those who wish “Illegal entry.”  Our “Lips remain Silent” no longer.

Some honesty, please, if you wish to keep America alive!!

Thomas Pastore, Vietnam Veteran, USMC, whose ancestors felt in was honest and dignified to enter through the “Golden Door.”

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