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(Sep. 5, 2016) — “So what’s the skinny?”

“We stay in port an extra day, is what. Now let me tell you the good news: no liberty. Apparently someone got wind of something brewing so we’re to stay put, I guess to act as a sacrificial lamb; who knows?  The scuttlebutt that’s going around points to one thing and one thing only: anyone care to take a guess?”

“I’ll take a stab at it: the top brass haven’t a clue.”

“That, and keep your eyes peeled because we could be attacked by land or water, so pay attention.”

“But why are we here in the first place? What’s the point? I don’t have any desire to take one step off the gangplank and wait for a knife in the back. We could replenish at sea; there’s no need for us to be tied up in a country where everyone hates us.”

“They’re a member of NATO; that’s why, so we’re here on a ‘Goodwill Tour.’ And then someone at State may very well be making some points on the whole deal, like, you know, the Navy has to pay the harbormaster docking fees.”

“So it’s about money?”

“It’s always about money. And caving in. It’s like the deportation thing; the ‘breaking-up’ of families makes some people cry and feel sad. Let me just say one thing about that: collateral damage. These so-called ‘dreamers’ are just as guilty of being illegal immigrants as their law-breaking parents.”

“Okay, we get it, so why can’t they?”

“To pacify the voters. See, what they do is get in on a position that’s as pabulum as humanely possible: so they don’t upset anyone or really, now, upset the least number of people.”

“What’s that have to do with the price of tea in China? I mean, why are we here in this God-forsaken heathen dump? Why, when the wind shifts this whole country smells like a landfill. And the flies: this has got to be the ‘Fly Capital of the World.’ Look: round up the ‘dreamers’ and all the other illegals and deport them. Make them go out they same way they snuck in.”

“Getting back on track, as it were, the way I see it is that we don’t need to be here. I mean, we have enough energy in our own country that we don’t need to buy any oil from the Arabs, right?”

“You are right.”

“So why are we here?”

“State Department.”





“Extortion. Dishonesty rules the waves.”

“Wasn’t that ‘Britannia’ rules?”

“No: it was Arab oil and look at them now: the whole country – England — a suburb of Tehran.”

“Like we’re becoming.”

“In many places already are. Soon there’ll be Muslims gang-raping our women, and the DOJ will look the other way, just as they do whenever any Muslim commits a crime in our country; then they get the royal treatment. They turn a blind eye to ‘honor killings’ and those terrorist training camps all over our country. What good are they?


“The DHS.”

“There was this theory that people reach the level of their incompetence eventually. Why, look at our country under Affirmative Action: rather than improve education throughout the land they reduced the standards, so we end up with the likes of Jeh Johnson.”

“Yes: a Muslim lover. I hear-tell that Jeh Johnson is the dumbest person in Washington, DC. Is that true?”

“Yes, that is true. He beat out Hillary and Obama by one IQ point, which makes him dumber than one of my dog’s fleas.”

“Is that a fact or are you just making it up as you go along?”

“It’s a fact.”

“I believe you.”

“You know what scares me, I mean, besides the top brass who don’t know what they’re doing? It’s this ‘New World Order’ nonsense.”

“You mean the United Nations.”

“I guess. Listen: we have countries around the world for a reason. Each of us thinks we know best how to raise our young, right? I mean, look at the United States. We should have the best-educated people in the world, but instead we graduate NBA basketball players who speak Ebonics or some other street slang, and even then nobody can understand them. Ask them anything and all you end up with is 27 ‘you-knows.’”

“A country is there for a reason and that reason is stability. You can’t raise a child without it. So the United Nations  — that great-big ‘Muslim Admiration’ society – is behind this ‘New World Order’ nonsense. Talk about Big Government.”

“And this Agenda 21.”

“What’s that about?”

“Abolishing our 2nd Amendment, for starters.”

“What about for finishers?”

“Ever hear of the ovens at the Treblinka Death Camp?”

“You serious?”

“What, you think our Muslims are somehow different than any other? Does 9-11 or Ft. Hood ring a bell? San Bernardino and Orlando?”

“See that boat over there? At 2 o’clock?”

“Been watching it.”

“What do you think?”

“I think we keep this to ourselves, because if we pass this along to the bridge they’ll probably tell us to lay down our weapons and put our hands in the air.”

“And cry.”

“That, too. Okay, Miller, you go set up on the 0-2 level and at my signal shoot the bow of the inflatable.”


“Stay hidden and we’ll just pretend we didn’t hear or see nothin’; we good?”

“We very good. Remember the last line of that movie, ‘Jurassic World’?”

“Best line in it: he looks at her and says they stay together, ‘For survival.’”

“Look at it this way: our government is the rogue, genetically-engineered killer dinosaur and Trump is on point, unless you’d rather have Hillary.”

“Hey, Miller: sink that inflatable.”

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