by Sharon Rondeau

(Sep. 1, 2016) — The UK Telegraph is reporting that a governmental warning has been issued to Christian churches in the country to increase security measures in the wake of the murder of a French priest on July 26 by two ISIS jihadists.

The UK’s Home Office has been told by an adviser, National Churchwatch, that smaller churches will likely be targeted over larger ones.  National Churchwatch National Coordinator Nick Tolson has been studying church security in the UK since April 2000.

“New counterterrorism advice” has recommended the installation of CCTV cameras in churches and the employment of a security guard at the door.  The UK government will distribute approximately £2.4 million to pay for additional security.

Some ministers have reported being advised not to wear their religious collar in public.

On Tuesday, the UK Mirror reported that “Counter-terror experts fear ISIS extremists armed with knives will target a Western church for their next attack.”

For more than two years, ISIS has rampaged across Syria and Iraq, seeking to build an Islamic caliphate in the Middle East and to annihilate anyone who does not adhere to its twisted form of Islam. Thousands of Christians and other religious minorities in the region have been slaughtered in what many have termed a genocide, while an untold number of women and children have been taken into slavery.

A few have escaped to tell their story, but not unscathed.

On Wednesday in the U.S., the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) filed a lawsuit against the Obama regime for “for failing to provide information about actions the Obama Administration is taking to stop the genocide of Christians by ISIS – the Islamic State.”

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  1. Obama practices “Takiya” each day in power as a devout Muslim-as he hails power over other non-Muslim “Kufar” people around the world. Minorities and godless people have given power to this faux POTUS and Democrat Party that has given full license to theft, lies, cover ups and promises to mask their evil and destruction.