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by George Raudenbush, ©2016

George Joseph Raudenbush III

(Aug. 31, 2016) — [Editor’s Note:  The following press release was received late Tuesday from George Raudenbush, a Christian missionary and former Tennessee state inmate whose traffic convictions were reversed by an appellate court in late 2013 resulting from Judge Carroll Lee Ross’s refusal to assign defense counsel to Raudenbush during his trial.

Raudenbush has maintained his innocence throughout, reporting that a Tellico Plains police officer had used excessive force after pulling Raudenbush over in December 2010, alleging numerous traffic violations with which Raudenbush was charged.
In 2006, an apparent murder attempt had been carried out on Raudenbush by unknown parties, although Raudenbush suspects that someone in “law enforcement” was involved.
Police and jailer brutality has been reported by others in Monroe County over the last seven years to this publication.  The Post & Email has also received regular reports of Tennessee state inmate abuse and occasional beatings at the hands of correction officers despite corporal punishment having been outlawed in the 1960s.
In January 2014, Raudenbush was released from prison on the reversal but prosecuted a second time by Monroe County on the same counts at a lesser degree.  Presiding was Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood, whose violations of law, including hand-selecting grand jury foremen, have been well-detailed by this publication.
On November 25, 2014, Raudenbush was convicted on all charges, although an eyewitness at the trial, now deceased, told The Post & Email that the trial was “rigged.”
At the sentencing hearing, Blackwood conceded that he could not re-sentence Raudenbush to prison time because of time already served.  Raudenbush has since retained legal counsel who are representing him on his behalf for the wrongful imprisonment and maltreatment while he was incarcerated, among other alleged transgressions.
Last week, a mediation session was held as a result of a complaint filed by Raudenbush during which, according to Raudenbush, three Tennessee Department of Correction (TDOC) employees were deposed.  “We have over a dozen more wittiness to depose,” Raudenbush told The Post & Email on Wednesday morning.]
I am sending this out to all my brothers and sisters in Christ, friends and supporters,
On September 20, 2016 the Tennessee Court of Appeals will hear oral argument to reverse a lower courts decision in my case. If this occurs and we gain the reversal we should win both federal cases.
On June 06, 2017, nine months from now, TDOC Employees will be facing federal trial by a jury.
The Law Firm of Edmistson & Foster and Cambron Law have recently taken over both federal cases on a contingency basis. This means the law firms don’t get paid unless they win the case. Please keep each in your prays as they are diligently working long hours to present all the facts for justice to prevail.
I am asking everyone I know to post the below link on their Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts to get the word out about the upcoming federal case on June 06, 2017 and to make an awareness of the Go Fund Me Account created to help with expenses.
It will cost around $10,000 in deposition and discovery expenses just to get one case to trial. If we can raise this money we have an excellent opportunity to win both federal cases. Remember, the attorneys are not receiving this money, these are legal costs and expenses outside of any legal fees that would be awarded to the attorneys.
Any and all donations can be used as tax deductions or we can receive the funds as a loan and repay the funds as the court orders the funds to be paid after the trial.
Thank you for sharing this opportunity to make a difference with your family and friends.
Both Attorneys will be happy to answer any questions anyone may have about the case and the impact it could have on a national level in protecting American Citizen Rights. Please keep in mind that the attorneys are very busy handling these cases.
Respectfullly in Christ,
George J Raudenbush III
2545 Woodbine Aveune
Knoxville, Tennessee 37914
(865) 228-9170
www.standfast4truth.org (site under construction)

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