The Post & Email Thanks You


by Sharon Rondeau

(Aug. 26, 2016) — The Post & Email would like to thank everyone who responded to our fundraising request posted on Sunday. All donations, both large and small, are greatly appreciated and will help us to continue our reporting on government corruption at all levels.

On Friday, The Post & Email conducted an interview with a Vietnam veteran and former POW which was very revealing and will be published over the next week.

Another form of support which costs nothing is to circulate links to our articles to all of your email lists. As access to the paper is now free, our unique material is just a click away when shared by our regular readers through email.  Tweeting our stories and posting them on Facebook and other social media via the icons on the upper-right of our home page and inner pages is also helpful, as it will lead new readers to the site.

We expect the next two months to be extremely busy with the upcoming elections and expect to cover the events neutrally and accurately.  As always, we welcome your news tips and article suggestions.

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