How Technology Has Become a Cornerstone of the American Economy


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(Aug. 23, 2016) — Technology is one of the cornerstones of the American economy and it’s easy to see why. You don’t have to look hard to find some form of technology, whether it’s someone on their phone or listening to Spotify. You might be thinking, however, that most technologies are Japanese, surely? You know for a fact about Sony and Nintendo having a stronghold on so many different industries, so how does that positively impact us? We get benefit simply by our American stores making massive profits selling PlayStation and Japanese TVs, however if you just think about it a little bit, you will see the massive behemoth that is American technology. If you consider the world outside of Japan, you will see a very Americanized world when it comes to technology. (The world isn’t as Americanized culturally as we like to think.) So, for anyone who wants a patriotic injection, here are the technological industries where we are more than excelling.


This is where the Japanese vs. American tech war is most prevalent, and many arguments could be put forward that show Japan’s dominance, but we shouldn’t be forgotten about just yet. Japan may have singlehandedly invented the idea of the modern videogame with Nintendo and then introduced it to a mature audience with the Sony PlayStation, but Microsoft revolutionized the industry with the Xbox and created one of the most exciting, competitive industries on the planet. Japan was sitting pretty in the knowledge that it had the videogaming world in the palm of its hand, until Microsoft game along with a big, ugly, American console and a little game called Halo. Halo almost on its own destroyed the status quo and changed the face of the economy forever. It would be stupid to underestimate the importance the Microsoft and the Xbox (and in particular the 360) had on the gaming world. There was finally a competitor to Japan’s crown and the console war has just become more heated as time has gone by. In the 60s you argued which was better, The Beatles or The Rolling Stones; in the 70s you had Star Wars or Star Trek; in the 90s you had Pokémon or Digimon, but now in the 2000/10s you have Xbox or PlayStation.


We are the undisputed king of the smartphone. Apple changed the entire world with the iPhone and started a million imitators from the home grown Microsoft to the Japanese Sony, but although people love to hate on the iPhone, it’s usually through jealousy and man’s need to put down the strongest of the pack. At the end of the day, I hate to admit it, but the iPhone just feels right. Even though it’s has problems, the pros outweigh the cons and maybe other phones do certain aspects better, like battery life or the camera, but when it comes to the complete package, nothing beats the iPhone, and this is proven by the billions of dollars that Apple is worth and the sheer amount of money that people all over the world will spend on the latest Apple tech.


In relation to our dominance of the smartphone industry, we are also dominating the app world. Has anyone ever said how much better or smoother an app is on an Android device compared to an Apple product? Some of the apps are simply broken on android. Many of our innovations have become apps like Facebook, Twitter, Netflix dominating the app world and this is only set to grow in the future. Gambling apps and online bingo, for example, are currently being discussed for legalization and they are a massive source of income for the countries that embrace it. In Britain and Europe, the gambling app industry is big business, and is one of the rare instances where we fall down in this country, although, like I said, this is set to change in the near future, hopefully.


I’ve already mentioned Netflix and Spotify briefly, but we pretty much have a stranglehold on the whole streaming market. If I say movie and television streaming to you, you think about Netflix and Amazon Prime. If I say music streaming to you, you think about Spotify or Tidal. There is no room in the market for other services now and the ones mentioned here have spread to all four corners of the globe and everywhere in between. It is changing the very fabric of daily lives, which in Britain has led to the world dominating BBC being threatened as people are ditching their government ordered TV licenses in favor of Netflix accounts. Good old fashioned American innovation has led to this point and we only have one direction to go: up.




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