Please Consider a Donation to The Post & Email to Keep Our Momentum Going


by Sharon Rondeau

(Aug. 21, 2016) — Since “going public” and abandoning the paywall last fall, The Post & Email has incurred significant expenses involved with not only that change, but also the launching of ads which we anticipated would yield more than adequate income to maintain our online presence.

While other newspapers with greater longevity are increasingly charging for access beyond a certain number of free articles per month, The Post & Email offers its more than 10,000 published articles and new daily content to the world at no charge.

In what has become a worldwide phenomenon this year, advertising revenue for news sites, in particular, is significantly lower than expected, causing some organizations to lay off writers or close altogether.  Compounding the unexpected paradigm shift is the summer season, when readership routinely drops as people enjoy the outdoors and take vacations.

The Post & Email’s owner/editor donates her time to maintain the publication, which includes research, writing, interviewing, editing, corresponding, and completing special projects.  Additionally, since the spring, we have spent hundreds of dollars in computer repairs, paper, toner, postage, monthly server bills, website updates, post office box rental, and, ultimately, another computer to replace the two which failed.

We will soon need a better printer to meet the growing demand for the hard-copy distribution of some of our key articles for specific purposes.

We can use your help to stay online through the busy pre-election season.  If every reader gave $1.00, we would be set for the next two years.

The Post & Email has no major donors or investors.  Please consider making a donation today by Paypal to or by mail to:

The Post & Email
P.O. Box 113
Canterbury, CT  06331-0113

Thank you.


2 Responses to "Please Consider a Donation to The Post & Email to Keep Our Momentum Going"

  1. Sharon Rondeau   Monday, August 22, 2016 at 6:17 PM

    Thank you, sir. The readership has been responsive thus far.

  2. J Mayer   Monday, August 22, 2016 at 4:59 PM

    Everyone, lets kick in some help for Sharon who has worked selflessly for years to keep us informed, contacted people, spent her own money and time to help us and others to be informed about DNC and Government corruption for years to help others and sacrifice her time and was there for us when we needed to know what was going on and coming next. Without her, many of us would not have been able to keep up with the tremendous amount of knowledge needed to stay on top of the endless greed and corruption spewing out of the DNC like whip cream. We have seen the beat downs that the DNC has aimed at anyone that threatens or opposes them and their agenda. Sharon and others have run the gamut of threats, death threats, hacking, increased costs of IT security and running their computers 24/7 till the hard drives burn out. Where’s the LOVE? Let’s throw some case at this wonderful woman that has given till her last drop of blood! The Clinton’s can snap a finger and people throw millions for dinner with them but Sharon can’t get a decent donation? Let’s help out a good woman and patriot that has spent thousands of hours to help us and Veteran’s that have all been getting cheated by the Democratic Party for too long. Cigarettes and Beer cost money-can you send a $5 dollar bill? Let’s show her we appreciate what she has done all of us who are Patriots and Veterans who want America to return to a Constitutional America as it once was! GOD BLESS SHARON!

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