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(Aug. 19, 2016) — This is the first in a series of articles addressing the security of software code that is used to administer, count, and report votes in elections across the USA. The software code is part of the GEMS, WinEDS, and Hart voting systems that are used in all or most of the voting districts in Illinois.

This article was inspired and based off of the credible research done by, which has obtained a legitimate copy of the code for the GEMS software.  Bev Harris and Bennie Smith have conducted the investigation into voting system software. has posted Fraction Magic, a 6-part series on the subject, with more EXPLOSIVE information yet to come!  Defend the Vote is taking the questions raised in these articles to the election authorities in Illinois.

What is a fractionalized vote?  In the back end of the software, each vote is counted as 1 or as a fraction greater than or less than 1.  Someone wishing to change results in an election can quickly alter a vote by allocating different values to voters based on whatever parameter is desired. For instance, in the back end, a vote for candidate X is worth .75, while a vote for candidate Z is worth 1.25.

It has come to our attention that software programs that run various voting systems across the entire state of Illinois have code that allows for votes to be counted as weighted or fractionalized votes.  BlackBoxVoting research finds that the feature to count a vote as 1 (a whole number) or as a fraction is set to operate as a default setting for counting and that it can be turned on or off.  The time it takes to turn it on or off is literally seconds.  The research demonstrates that this weighted vote feature can be utilized without detection.

We want to know what security measures are in place to assure it is NOT being used.  

We have delivered this letter to the Illinois State Board of Elections.  Friday, we will report about their responses.


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