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(Aug. 16, 2016) — “Alright, now listen up. We’ve got ourselves a shavetail that’s going to be our Fairy Godmother, so watch your backs. And speaking of the new guy, here he is.

“Attention on deck!”

“As you were, men. I’m Ensign Miller, and it’s my job that everyone follows the rules so we don’t get into trouble with the Brass. Now I’ve all read your jackets so I know you’ve all been out here a lot longer than I have.

“As you know, our orders are to patrol the coast in our inadequately-armed patrol boat, so what we need is an edge. So I figure that we completely throw out the current stupid Rules of Engagement and make it up along the way.

“Our satellite images are pretty revealing; I mean, they tell us what they want us to believe, so let’s say we just figure the opposite and go in shooting. It’s the old ‘Get them before they get us.’

“Which one of you is McKay? So you went to your community college and were the chess champion? Good; you’ll be my ‘Strategic Officer.’ Nelson? They say you’re a crack-shot so you’re our shooter with Jefferson, who has 20-20 vision and, by chance, his hobby is astronomy so he’ll be your spotter. The rest of you will do what ever’s necessary.

“Whatever you did in the past doesn’t mean anything to me. I don’t care if you’re a Chief or a Seaman: what you will do from now on is all I care about. I will put the best person on whatever job needs to be done, okay? If I’m wrong, tell me. I want to do the best job possible, but I’m not going to just float around and be a sitting duck, and I hope you feel the same.

“They way we used to patrol is now a thing of the past. No longer will we be on any stupid schedules, all right? Now, what do you say we reverse this thing and retrace our wake, real quiet-like. The smoking lamp is out, so those of you that smoke I suggest you start thinking about quitting, starting now.”

Now the above editorial that you just read was made up, yet it made perfect sense. It’s what anyone would want: whoever’s in charge, you want someone who can GET THE JOB done. That’s it.

So what do you say we rewind it a bit and change it to say, ‘I’m Donald Trump and it’s my job to throw out the completely self-deprecating Rules of Engagement and win.’

So the choice is (as far as our troops are concerned) quite obvious on who they’re going to vote for. Watch the military vote get ‘lost’ or ‘arrive late.’

We’re anticipating the constitutional rights of American citizens to be trampled upon. Illegal immigrants and their children (‘Dream Act’) will vote – and often – as will felons, dead people, and cats and dogs.

Just one question: Hillary will continue Obama’s foreign policy. How many Christians will be put to death in the Middle East between now and the day of the election? How many of them will be children? How many babies?

Anchors Away


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