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(Aug. 15, 2016) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘Pulse of the Nation,’ the show that tells the Truth. Today we have a treat for you: an in-depth exclusive interview with the most prolific author at our university: Professor Zorkophsky.

“First, thank you for filling in for me and, second, welcome to the show. I just read your book, ‘If Rats had Matches, Would They Burn Their Own Cage?’  I read it last night and couldn’t put it down. It was a great read. I especially enjoyed how you equated the overseers of the plantations before the Civil War to the Southern Poverty Law Center and other so-called ‘community organizations’ which are, as I’ve learned, nothing but fronts that double down on the poor staying poor.”

“Yes! You are a wonderful book reviewer, Chief. Now people won’t have to shell out $19.95. Yes: keep the poor in their place: that has always been the conclusion of Socialism.

“Total support of any labor union that rewards those who are incompetent, from government employment to teacher’s unions. Did you enjoy Chapter 9?

“Was that ‘Flood the Brain with Images?’”

“Yes, that is the one. Hollywood and television and the advertising industry are the culprits. The movies and commercials of today are insidious intrusions that thwart the teachings of the Ten Commandments.  The public schools of today are not the schools of a generation ago. The colleges and universities are incubators of narrow thought rather than a window of unrestricted speculation. People have lost the ability to see in the macro: they lost the ability to see that the Muslim worldwide ‘immigration’ is really an invasion. Lining the borders with tanks to repel the enemy is a rational approach for survival.”

“Yes, I like that. In Chapter 12 you state: ‘The human mind, once told something, is reluctant to believe the opposite, even though the opposite is the truth.’ Care to elaborate a bit?”

“Be glad to, Chief. You see, we’ve all been told or taught or brainwashed that Islam is a ‘religion.’”

“You mean it’s not?”

“No, it’s not. Islam is a political philosophy, but because people first learned that Islam was a ‘religion’ they have a ‘built-in’ defense in keeping the mind intact.”

“Try explaining that one more time, if you would, please.”

“Once the mind agrees on something, it affects every other part of the mind. Take these Muslims killing Jewish and Christian children. These Muslim psychopaths were made, molded, and taught that little defenseless children were somehow a dire threat to them as human beings, so much so that they have to kill them.

“Furthermore, they (Muslims) have to inflict as must pain as humanly possible to the people whom they are murdering. The Muslims believe that gives them some sort of affinity to a greater power than themselves: the torturers can’t feel the pain but surely a greater being can. It’s what we refer to as ‘disassociation.’ Those who live by disassociation are locked up in the loony bin of the countries of Western Civilization.”

“’Locked up in the loony bin?”

“Locked in their own cesspool, which we refer to as a Muslim country. That or immediately deported.”

“In Chapter 17, ‘Black Lives Matter is Nothing but a Warped Dream,’ you wrote, ‘If they would, just for one moment of their lives, step into the shoes of anyone who ever stood guard while in the military, they would learn, in a heartbeat, that we’re all expendable.”

“That’s true: I wrote that. Walking around at 3:00 a.m. or, for that matter, 10:00 p.m. on a week night will get anyone questioned by the police. And then you add a hoodie and not following orders; what the heck do you expect? We just talked about millions of totally crazed psychos running around loose in America (Muslims), so why would the police not be on their guard?

“I don’t have any problem with the ‘Shoot first and then sort it out’ philosophy of life. If you can’t take directions; if you are a ‘High-Profiler,’ then don’t be surprised if you’re ever stopped to be questioned. It has nothing to do with ‘race,’ but it has everything to do with life.”

“Well, Professor Zork, it has been a real honor interviewing you about your new book. I understand that it already sold a million in advanced orders. That should make you very pleased.”

“It really does, especially since the dedication is to Trump to win the election.”

“Well, good for you. Who wrote the dedication?”

“Have to purchase the book, I’m afraid to say. But I can say it wasn’t by Jeb Bush.”


“Ha, that’s pretty funny.”

“Well, folks, I see that our time is up and so, on behalf of the crew, I’ll be wishing you all a good night: Goodnight.

“Good interview, Zork. What do you say we grab a burger and a shake: my treat.”

Semper Fidelis


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