from Av Harris, Director of Communications, City of Bridgeport, CT,

(Aug. 9, 2016) — Aug. 8, 2016 – Bridgeport, CT – Mayor Joe Ganim today joined Bridgeport area businesses and nonprofit organizations as well as former NBA star Charles Smith to release details of the Mayor’s Initiative on Reentry Affairs (MIRA), a comprehensive program to connect ex-offenders with community resources and potential jobs.  Coordinating the program from a new office in Bridgeport city government will be Assistant Chief Administrative Officer Kimberly Staley, who will supervise a corps of volunteers to assess the needs and risk of formerly incarcerated individuals and make referrals to the appropriate organizations who can connect them with services and/or employers.  Mayor Ganim launched his 2nd chance initiative in June with a group of local businesses who pledged to give citizens with a past conviction in their background a fair chance at employment.

“We have more than 1,000 men and women coming back to Bridgeport every year from prison, and reenrty is a tough adjustment,” said Mayor Ganim, “These individuals have paid their debt to society and deserve every opportunity to become contributing members of the community. Synthesizing re-entry services within the city of Bridgeport can help individuals avoid re-incarceration or re-arrest, and turn into real success stories for their families and the entire city by starting a new career.”

Assistant Chief Admintrative Officer, Kim Staley said, “We are united behind supporting those reentering society from incarceration and their families achieve success, which we know only makes our whole community stronger.  I am so thankful for all the partners who are all working hard to ensure that those coming out of prison get a real 2nd chance to get things right for themselves and their families.  We have people volunteering their time, local business and nonprofits who have come on board and what they all have in common is passion, understanding and zeal.  This comprehensive approach will make sure anyone having trouble readjusting to the world outside of prison gets treatment and counseling if needed, professional support and development, and also a referral to an employer.”


Read the rest here:  8.8.16 Mayor Ganim and former NBA star Charles Smith Outline Details for 2nd Chance Initiative



Av Harris

Director of Communications

Senior Advisor for Public Policy

City of Bridgeport



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  1. off topic but important.
    Trump in Fairfield Ct tonight. Media not showing rally even tho earlier Peter Doocy shown earlier as being there and saying big crowds even in a blue state!. Fox as “Election HQ” not showing anything. I would be there except for heath problems today but glad I was home so I can say no media showing him.