Gun Control?


by Dr. Thomas E. Davis (Ret.), ©2016

Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton and running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine

(Aug. 9, 2016) — Guns are operated by people. The guns are not able to do it alone! All the idiots:  Obama, Hillary Clinton, Sanders, Feinstein, Boxer, ad infinitum seem to think otherwise. That is, if they even think about anything but feathering their own nest.

Obama and many of his sycophantic friends are doubtless great admirers of Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Pol Pot, Saul Alinsky, George Soros and other Communists who did or advocated doing precisely what was done in Nazi Germany and the occupied territories of the Soviet Union, Cambodia and elsewhere.

They used every means possible, criminal and otherwise, but never legal, to get weapons out of the hands of the non-governmental agencies and the citizenry. The British tried that here in1775 in Concord and Lexington and the Revolution was on.

In the Soviet Union under Josef Stalin, weapons were confiscated. During his dictatorial reign, Stalin was responsible for the deaths of an estimated 20 million Russian citizens.

In Nazi Germany and the occupied territories from 1933 through 1945, many millions died or were killed by Nazi storm troopers, and at least six million Jews were simply exterminated as if they were ants or cockroaches, one of the world’s worst calamities.

In Cambodia, “An attempt by Khmer Rouge Leader Pol Pot to form a Communist peasant farming society resulted in the deaths of 25 percent of the country’s population from starvation, overwork and executions.” From 1975 to 1979 the death toll was 2 million.

Prediction:  Should our “dead-in-the-water” federal bureaucracy ever make a serious attempt to disarm America, in my humble opinion, there will be another civil war, this time with We the People against “Them,” the idiotic, unpatriotic fools in that cesspool called Washington, D.C.

Since you jerks in Washington seem not to understand how things work, listen up! Guns do not kill! That takes motivation and a reason. ONLY the human animal possesses that capacity. Therefore, any controls MUST be applicable to the human component.

Not being a psychiatrist, any determination of mental attitude possessed by any given human should arrived at by a properly qualified individual or individuals.  Even then, there will be those psychotic individuals who will pass such scrutiny as is developed. There is no fail-safe mechanism! So one of you idiots is bound to say, “See, I told you, since we are unable to find a fail-safe testing method; we are justified in removing weapons from everyone.”

Oh! Heck, no, you are not! There is a small item known as the Second Amendment that says YOU are wrong, and if you persist and attempt to have your way, YOU will have a fight on your hands which you shall surely lose. The dead victims will be on your hands, and most will be from your side of the action.

Plainly stated, all Americans are going to keep their weapons until such time as you unthinking, un-American fools, with the aid of the correct and right-thinking patriotic Americans, develop a system or method or whatever to determine who is qualified to own, carry and use a firearm.

Barack Hussein Obama advocates stricter federal laws on personal gun ownership

YOU are then left with the problem of the knife, club or shovel-wielder, or even a bow and arrow. YOU cannot cover all the possibilities, and why is that? God created mankind and endowed him with “Free Will.” God knew that mankind was flawed. He made us an offer we ought not refuse. God gave mankind 10 simple Commandments. Some folks just will not listen, and of those who do, many fail to hear or to understand. Of those who hear and understand, far too many disobey. Even though they can repent and gain salvation, those who murder are beyond help; they face eternal damnation. God once destroyed all but eight of his creations and promised to never use that same punishment on humankind again. God told Noah and his sons to go out into the world and repopulate it, and they did just that. God warned that he would not long tolerate the sins of man and the next destruction would be by FIRE!

Mankind never learns and likely never will. I do not want to preach; however, preaching and teaching require repetition and reiteration. Forget trying to take away our weapons; if we have a notion to kill, there are so many weapons to choose from. Even if you got every last one, the killing will not stop and the socialists and communists will only become the mass murderers, as in the past. Right, Barry? History always repeats itself given the same or similar conditions.

So, are we now on the same page? We keep our guns, or we fight another war and one whole bunch of folks end up dead or wounded and we are back to square one. Do YOU, Barry Soetoro-Obama, and YOU, Hillary Rodham Clinton and you lesser idiots get the message?

One Response to "Gun Control?"

  1. OPOVV   Wednesday, August 10, 2016 at 8:58 AM

    According to the NAZI Blueprint of taking over a country, the weaponry of the citizens MUST BE confiscated.
    Obamacare is not about any meaningless healthcare; Obamacare is about 100% control, as is Sharia Law that applies Totalitarian methods.
    As stated in the above editorial, guns don’t kill people.
    I’ve always carried, even if it was a little .32 in an ankle holster. Nowadays I carry multiple weapons, and if you’ve ever seen me walk my dog you’d be looking at a Grunt carrying a full pack; boxes of ammo, along with my favorite 12 gauge that I use to kill rattlesnakes.
    But I digress: suffice to state that you and I and every member of the NRA and gun owners in general will not allow RINOS like Paul Ryan and traitors such as Loretta Lynch, Obama and Hillary take our guns.
    Just NOT going to happen: the minute you give up your weapons they’ll kill you. Maybe they’ll round you up, put you in a boxcar and transport you to a “camp”, where you’ll be asked to disrobe so you can “take a shower to be ‘disinfected’, for your own good.”
    Not me; and not you. Not even my dog. And I am OPOVV who says to them: DON’T PUSH IT.
    Excellent editorial. 4.0


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