by Michael Gaddy, ©2016

(Aug. 3, 2016) — Somewhere down the road of history, someone will write of this period in America and make the observation that most of our population had to be either, drugged, delusional or insane, for this alone could explain people who hold tightly to several conflicting ideas at the same time and others who were so mentally weak they require a “safe” place when confronted with facts they chose not to deal with on an intellectual level.

Millions are the delusional among us who believe that a new pilot inserted into an airplane whose engine is destroyed and in a steep dive toward earth at terminal velocity, can somehow order the necessary parts, have them delivered while in flight, fix the dead engine, climb into the cockpit and save the plane before it crashes. I refer to these people as Trumpians.

We have also the obviously insane who believe a dyed-in-the-wool female crime boss who would make Carlo Gambino envious along with a psychotic husband who is also a serial rapist are just what the doctor ordered when it comes to the November election.

Three hundred million mentally incompetent people are too absorbed in feel-good socialism, fascism, or, as Patrick Henry once stated, have “indulged themselves in the illusion of hope” until it has “transformed them into beasts.” Hope among the Trumpians seems to be more addictive than crack—and just as harmful.

To illustrate my point, let me recount a recent conversation with an otherwise outwardly appearing intelligent person of a mature age. This man and I had been engaged in a conversation about voting. He was obviously a Trumpian and was also a victim of the “illusion of hope.” When I told him voting for the lesser of two evils is no answer for the dilemma this country is presently in, he stated,”voting for the lesser of two evils will eventually eliminate evil and bring us back to a constitutional form of government.” He had no answer when I asked him to please relate for me when that has ever happened in history.

There are millions of people in this country who claim a close fealty and admiration for many of the founders of this country. Yet, they ignore the majority of warnings left for us by the group of founders known as the anti-Federalists. To be more specific, these people worship and idolize anyone who wears a uniform. Their mental illness, brought on by an overdose of the illusions of hope, has them holding anyone in a “standing army” in such a reverence it has become a beatification.

That standing army so many of our founders feared and those “federal and state sheriffs” Patrick Henry warned about have morphed into one large standing army. Our local, state and federal police have been militarized since 2001 to the point a group of police in America on the news mimic almost exactly the soldiers seen on patrol in Iraq or Afghanistan.

People—those in Iraq and Afghanistan are not one iota a more occupied people than are the citizens of this country. The citizens of those two countries and many more fear the same forces we fear here in this country. Standing armies are the reason many of our founders believed our Second Amendment rights were critical. These are the same people in uniforms and badges who followed unconstitutional and illegal orders and went from door to door in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina seizing constitutionally owned firearms, most of which were never returned.

I am most troubled by those who claim Southern Heritage and continue to idolize our standing army. Folks, it was this standing army that stood by Lincoln and helped as he destroyed the Constitution and Bill of Rights, not only in occupied territory in the South and Border States but also in states in the North. Read here the excerpt from a speech by a U.S. Senator in 1862,

“Their intent [Republicans in Congress] is the devastation and obliteration of the Southern people as the means of retaining power, and yet I doubt in the history of the world has ever, with the exception of the French reign of terror, shown so imbecile, so corrupt, so vindictive rulers over any people as those with which this country is now cursed.”

Most have never heard of this Senator’s three-day speech on the floor of the U.S. Senate titled “Executive Usurpation.” You can count on having never heard of this speech if you attended any of the schools in the public fool system over the past three decades or the ivy walls of socialism known as academe.

This Senator was from Delaware and his name was James Bayard III. Senator Bayard also spoke of a situation in the North in the early 1860s that appears to be a mirror reflection of the streets of this country in 2016.

“We are living under a petty but ruthless tyranny and God knows what folly this admin and its members are not capable of….It is sad, very sad, to think and feel how low the nation has fallen, and how little reason, knowledge of civil liberty, or high tone sentiment or even humanity of feeling is left. [The people] are ready for any folly, barbarism or brutality those leaders chose to perpetrate.”

Read the above over and over again until it sinks in. As a citizenry we are certainly ready for “any folly, barbarism or brutality” our leaders choose to perpetrate on the people of other countries as well as their own citizens—need I repeat the actions of our standing army in New Orleans or perhaps Boston after the bombing?

The powers that be in this country have set us at each other’s throats. The Republicans are divided, with one group obviously supporting Clinton because she more closely represents the values of the Neocons than does Donald Trump (except Trump picked a Neocon for VP).

Our economy, over $100 trillion in debt, if one counts unfunded government mandates, is based largely on the manufacture and creation of military implements of war. If we pulled government defense contractors out of the economic equation tomorrow, our economy would totally collapse. Therefore our government must create a constant need for these materials to keep the economy functioning. That requires perpetual wars for peace, with the rah-rah conservative faction in this country cheering on the macabre madness.

The U.S. Navy has “… thousands of surface, submarine, and aviation assets, the Navy can reach out and touch our enemies anywhere in the world” including a number of aircraft carriers whose cost is astronomical, but, at the same time, we have 22 veterans taking their own lives each day and many thousands who can’t get reasonable healthcare, not to mention the 48,000 veterans who are homeless on any given night and the 1.4 million described as “at risk of homelessness due to poverty, lack of support networks, and dismal living conditions in overcrowded or substandard housing.” (Source: National Coalition of Homeless Veterans.)

The mentally ill in our society believe our standing army is protecting our freedoms and defending our country when nothing could be more ludicrous. Our standing army is part and parcel of the tyrannical government in this country—this army enforces the tyrant’s will. Without those in uniforms and badges, the tyranny would die on the vine.

If Hillary is elected and issues an executive order banning private ownership of firearms—I assure you it will not be Hillary, Bill, Loretta Lynch or Paul Ryan who comes to your door demanding you surrender your firearms. As the late Jack McLamb stated, “When tyranny comes to your door it will be wearing a uniform.”

Those with whom I have discussed the above, are, I believe, delusional on two points. First of all, they do not believe the military and police will execute the orders of their leaders and actually participate in disarming Americans—dream on broomstick cowboys—it has happened repeatedly in our history. It happened during the War for Southern Independence, it happened in New Orleans in 2005, and it will happen again—sooner than you think.

Secondly, they believe if the military and police come to confiscate privately owned firearms there will be a bloody revolution. Never happen!! There will be many strategic moves taken before the door-to-door confiscation begins. Most folks have extended families; before your guns are demanded and confiscated, strategic moves will be conducted by members of the standing army which will include detention of your loved ones prior to any attempts at confiscation. GPS tracking devices in cell phones will allow the government to pinpoint the location of your loved ones in an instant. Those who most clearly represent a threat to this tyrannical government will have several members of their family held until all guns are turned over to authorities. Imagine getting a picture on your device of your children or grandchildren being held in some unknown location with promises of harm or even death if you don’t surrender your guns. Done, weapons confiscated—game over.

The way to ensure this will surely happen is to continue to believe it never will. Do you have a workable plan for such an event? Bet you don’t. Unless it happens to be voting! Voting is the magic elixir—it cures everything.

The government and their willing dupes in the media have worked their magic. The races have been set against each other—this ensures they will not combine forces against tyranny. The police shoot anyone who even resembles a threat. The legal authorities back them up in their crimes. What we have devolved into are groups that cheer when a black person is shot by authorities and believe when the same thing happens to a white person it is an anomaly—a mere accident. If you think I’m nuts, who has been charged with shooting LaVoy Finicum in the back and killing him? Who was charged with the unnecessary deaths of 76+ people at Waco, including 26 children? Who was charged with shooting 14-year-old Samuel Weaver in the back in Idaho? Who was charged with shooting Samuel’s unarmed mother Vicki in the face a couple of days later? Who has been charged with killing nine bikers in a parking lot in Waco a year ago this May in an obviously pre-planned event? (Hint: police snipers were in place before the majority of bikers arrived)

If you really need a dose of reality check out this great article by True American Patriot William Grigg. Be sure and check out the actions of one of the officers who took Mr. Yantis’s life and attempt to rationalize in your mind why he still has a badge.

Folks, you don’t live in the land of the free and home of the brave—you live in an occupied country in which you are ruled by a government no less tyrannical than the government of King George III in 1775, the countries occupied by the Nazis in WWII or the Russians under Stalin. You live in a country hauntingly familiar to the 10 Southern states that were under military rule during the period called Reconstruction. Voting is the placebo they give us to make us believe everything will get better as long as we keep visiting the polls on a regular basis.

For a people to be truly free they must be able to recognize when they are slaves, especially to their own government. We have not approached that level of historical discernment in this country since 1860-61.

The human brain is a complex organ with the wonderful power of enabling man to find reasons for continuing to believe whatever it is that he wants to believe.”  ~Voltaire


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