by Sharon Rondeau

(Jul. 27, 2016) — At 7:50 p.m. EDT, a woman whose son was killed at the Orlando nightclub on June 12 is speaking about her son’s life and “commonsense gun policies.”

Her son was her only child.

Her address follows that of entertainer Lee Daniels, who said that he and his various family members have spent time in jail.  His father, a Philadelphia police officer, was killed, Daniels said, when he was 15. He asked that people support Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to enact gun policies to save lives.

Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut followed the grieving mother to speak about the assault on Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT in December 2014.  He said he is “outraged” that the “Republican Congress” has not taken action to reduce gun violence in the form of legislation.  “I’m here today because I want a president who shares that same sense of outrage,” Murphy passionately said.

Murphy said that “a suspected terrorist” should not be able to buy a gun, but he is an advocate of admitting more Syrian refugees, who the FBI says cannot be properly vetted for terrorist ties.

The daughter of the Sandy Hook principal who was killed during the atrocity was then introduced in a video speaking about her mother supporting Clinton to revise current gun laws.  She then spoke in person for approximately two minutes.



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  1. On average 2,740 hapless humans are violently and painfully murdered in America via abortion on demand every day. That’s 1.9 hapless humans violently and painfully murdered via abortion on demand for every minute each/every anti-gun advocate spoke. That’s 10,960 hapless humans violently and painfully murdered via abortion on demand during the DNC’s 4-day convention.

    Shame on Democrats.