by Joseph DeMaio, ©2016

(Jul. 25, 2016) — There was a time when the phrase “too big to fail” was used more often than it is today.  It came into the lexicon as a shorthand way of rationalizing extraordinary steps to be taken to save faltering corporations, financial institutions and their support systems from collapsing into bankruptcy.  The phrase became the title of books and movies and spawned much of the rhetoric surrounding “government bailouts” to “save” these entities.

Why?  Because the perceived negative impact on the nation of their failure would (purportedly) be far greater than the negative taxpayer blowback from the bailout.  So, if a business had become so large that its net operating revenues exceeded the gross national products of most of the nations of the world, it was now ….wait for it… wait for it… too big to fail.

Speaking of the deceit, treachery and ruthlessness of Hillary Rodham Clinton and her sycophantic enablers, we now learn that the Paragon of the Masses – the Democratic National Committee –  has in effect appropriated and morphed the economic “too big to fail” label into one more fitting for its nominee for the presidency, to wit, “HRC: Too Evil to Fail.”  Strong words, you say?  Hardly.

As the DNC coronation charade opens – sadly and ironically, in the birthplace of the Republic, Philadelphia – we now learn that the DNC was actively and under cover of lies (what else?) diligently working to undermine and torpedo the candidacy of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.  Make no mistake, Sanders is campaigning as a collectivist, progressive socialist, and he is doing so openly and with stunning candor.  But he was being led down the proverbial “primrose path” by the DNC and its now abjectly and thoroughly disgraced (yeah…, like that will slow her down…) chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

The dump of hacked e-mails provided by Wikileaks and reported – shockingly – far and wide by the mainstream media, including Pravda-on-the-Hudson and the Washington Post, confirms that the DNC, Hillary Rodham Clinton and in large measure anyone who is still a registered Democrat pledged to “elect the first woman president…” are at best fools, and are more precisely mendacious hypocrites.

Among the more sinister e-mails included in the Wikileaks dump is one quoted in the Washington Post article from late-April 2016.  When Wasserman Schultz was asked a question by the blogsite Politico.com regarding Sanders’ comments on whether the DNC was being “fair” to him, she reportedly responded: “Spoken like someone who has never been a member of the Democratic Party and has no understanding of what we do.”

That is an interesting and telling comment.  First, Senator Sanders is a registered Independent, but he caucuses with and, until now, has always been closely aligned with the Democrats.  Second, the quote regarding the fact that Sanders “has no understanding of what we do” perfectly captures the dark and cunning modus operandi of the Democratic Party: do not challenge the coronation of those who have already been chosen over you, else you regret it.

One is reminded of the “suicide” note found in the briefcase of Vince Foster, who followed the Clintons to Washington from the Rose Law Firm in Arkansas and served as Deputy White House Counsel in the first few months of Bill Clinton’s first term in office.  In lamenting the toxicity of Washington, D.C., Foster observed: “Here, ruining people is considered sport.”

All one needs to do in order to confirm the DNC’s treatment of Sanders and, by extension, the electorate as “sport” is to review the e-mail dump from Wikileaks.  Oh, and take the time to go see Dinesh D’Souza’s new movie “Hillary’s America.”    That flick shreds… and then incinerates and scatters like so much coal plant ash any remaining claim by the DNC or Wasserman Schultz or HRC herself that she should be elected commander-in-chief.

She is completely unqualified and, as some have suggested after her own homebrew computer server e-mail flap (and skating, courtesy of the FBI, on multiple felony charges), morally unfit to be president.  One can only hope that FBI Director Comey will stop drinking the HRC Kool-Aid long enough to dig into the Clinton Foundation felonies.  Don’t hold your breath, because Comey has a long history of covering for the Clintons.

But wait: there’s more.  The icing on the cake, so to speak, is the revelation that after Wasserman Schultz announced that she would be resigning as chair of the DNC at the end of the Philadelphia coronation, she would be hired by the HRC campaign to continue as the Witch from Arkansas’s surrogate.  She will be chair of the HRC push to “elect Democrats in every part of the country….”   Adding to the irony, Wasserman Schultz’s replacement, Donna Brazile, was also tainted by the DNC’s backdoor efforts to undermine and eliminate Sanders as a threat to HRC’s nomination.

As New York Times columnist William Safire first noted long ago, before the “Gray Lady” evolved into a common trollop, HRC is a “congenital liar.”  Over the years, and particularly in the 2016 presidential campaign, she has not only lived up to that title, she has further embellished it with such adjectives as “pathological,” “shameless” and “expedient.”  Stated otherwise, as far as the DNC is concerned, she is, in fact, too evil to fail.

How sweet would it be if when Bernie Sanders takes the podium at the DNC convention in Philadelphia – now surrounded by a 4-mile-long, 8-foot-high fence to repel unwanted intruders – he urges the delegates and the electorate to “vote their conscience, ” emulating Ted Cruz’s speech in feigned support of Donald Trump.

Again, don’t hold your breath.

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