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by Sharon Rondeau

(Jul. 20, 2016) — Supporters and detractors of both Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz were alternately pleased on Wednesday night when Texas Sen. Ted Cruz gave a speech at the Republican National Convention (RNC) in Cleveland.

Cruz began by congratulating Trump on his nomination but did not endorse him throughout his approximately 20-minute speech.

He spoke about freedom, the U.S. Constitution, recent police murders and the grief experienced by surviving family members, and encouraged attendees to “vote their conscience” in November.

Many speculated as to whether or not Cruz would endorse Trump, which he did not.

Cruz was welcomed by enthusiastic cheering, including that of “USA, USA!!” but left the stage amid a combination of boos, described as “deafening” by one Twitterer and cheering which was shared by observers on Twitter.

Some commenters and supporters opined that Cruz’s speech was very effective.  “Ted Cruz remains true,” wrote Conservative Review’s Amanda Carpenter, who is rumored to have had a romantic relationship with Cruz several years ago and was an activist in the #NeverTrump movement.

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  1. Ted Cruz NEVER had or HAS a future as a potential USA President! The MAJOR reason being Cruz IS UNQUALIFIED to even seek High office! Ted Cruz IF he is a USA citizen at allis at BEST ONLY a NATURALIZED USA citizen having been born on CANADIAN soil.Cruz DOES NOT meet the Constitutional requirements for EVER being a USA NATURAL BORN CITIZEN! The formula for being a Natural Born USA citizen IS:BORN on USA SOIL ONLY,TWO PARENTS BOTH BONAFIDE USA CITIZENS AT THE MOMENT OF THE CHILDS BIRTH.Ted Cruz DESPITE being a supposed USA CONSTITUTIONAL “expert”having argued eight cases before the Supreme Court is BLIND to the NBC REQUIREMENT to hold High office when his personal ambitions are involved.Ted Cruz HAS VIOLATED the USA CONSTITUTION by SEEKING the USA Presidency while ONLY being a NATURALIZED USA citizen! Congress had to pass Law for children of USA citizens BORN in foreign countries to become NATURALIZED USA citizens! Naturalized USA citizens ARE FORBIDDEN and PROHIBITED By Article Two Section One Clause Five which allows for ONLY NATURAL BORN USA CITIZENS to ever seek and becomes High office holders!Basically,a natural born USA citizen is an individual born ON USA soil to two citizen parents.This individual aside from these basic requirements then needed no other laws to be considered having been born a natural born USA citizen.His or her citizenship was INHERITED from their citizen parents(plural.LYING Ted CRUZ being a supposed Constitutional “expert” Lawyer KNOWS these facts and PURPOSELY VIOLATED the USA CONSTITUTION by seeking High office as a NATURALIZED USA citizen which the USA Constitution FORBIDS!Former California governor Arnold Schwartzneggar ALSO desired to be a USA President after finishing his terms as California Governor but his Lawyers told him because he was Foreign born he could NEVER Legally seek the USA Presidency!ted Cruz ALSO IS Foreign Born,Canada!Canada is a sovereign nation SEPARATE from the USA although a very close neighbor.Because Canada IS so very close to the USA MANNY in the USA, subconsciously, regard Canada as part of the USA and CAN’t understand how Ted Cruz can be considered as being foreign born but he IS!It DOES NOT MATTER THAT LYING Ted CRUZ DID NOT ENDORSE DONALD TRUMP FOR USA PRESIDENT!TRUMP IS MUCH BETTER OFF NOT HAVING RECIEVED AN ENDORSEMENT FROM A CLEAR USA CONSTITUTIONAL VIOLATOR CRIMINAL!WATCHOUT CRUZ LAW ENFORCEMENT WHEN THEIR EYES ARE OPENED AND DISCOVER THE TRUTH THAT NATURALIZED USA CITIZENS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SEEK THE USA PRESIDENCY AS YOU HAVE CLEARLY DONE.THEN YOU MAY BE STRIPPED OF YOUR LAW LICENSE IN COURT PROCEEDINGS!

  2. I suspect Lyin’ Ted the Undocumented Fed is insanely jealous of his imagined “Trump white privilege”.

    It appears that Cruz, like BO[ZO], has a chip on his shoulder as deep as the Grand Canyon; he apparently feels like a foreigner in America and, HE IS!

    Chrispy Crème Christie ended his White House bid when he hugged Congress-covered-up islamic-muslim-insurgent Soetoro-Obama after Hurricane Sandy and Lyin’ Ted drowned his political ambitions after publically snubbing Trump, me thinks.



    Could it be that Lyin’ Ted made an offer to speak in Trump’s favor at the RNC Convention if Trump agreed he would remain silent on the fact that Cruz is an illegal-alien Senator…and Trump said “No deal”? This is what smells on the pig farm!

  3. Cruz was talking about who & who not he was voting for this morning.

    Question: Is Cruz even registered to vote in Texas?

    If so, would like to know what documents he used to prove his alleged citizenship.

    Thanks for any info!