by Dwight Kehoe, Editor, TPATH, ©2016

(Jul. 15, 2016) — It’s true that no one likes making insurance payments but anyone who has responsibilities regarding family members or employees understands the necessity of it.  When a person acquires an insurance policy the idea that something bad is inevitable is not the impetus.  But common sense dictates that something could.

This relates to so many aspects of our lives.  Wearing eye protection while working with power tools, buckling up your seat belt when in the car, putting on a helmet when skiing or riding motorcycles are all forms of insurance.  No one gets into his car knowing he will have an accident, but everyone knows, it could happen.

Keeping this in mind, when we tell people that there is a possibility that there could be a collapse in civility, food shortages, or other natural or Obama made strife, as with the driving of a car, we are not predicting anything, just facing the fact that something may well be on the horizon.

We spelled out in Part I of this series the many steps, which appear to be intentional, which have been taken by this government during the past almost 8 years.  Understand that not all, not nearly all, which the left has instigated was listed there.  The hope here is that we detailed enough potential dangers to instill the need for the “insurance of preparation” into the psyche of all of us.

A few words now to our Democratic friends.  We are not referring to the establishment, progressive, leftist elites who have hijacked that party.  We are talking to those hardworking, America loving Democrats who have been too busy raising a family to notice that the party of their parents no longer exists.

The few words are these.  Just because you feel like you are part of your party and therefore will be protected by it or from it, please be aware that each of you and your family members are in as much, if not more, peril as every other citizen.  When or if the calamity comes, you my friends will be on your own.  Your leaders will be ensconced safely behind government walls and you will be left to survive on your own.  We suggested that Democrats may be in more trouble than conservatives because, at least to some extent, conservatives have taken the steps to secure the preparation insurance they need and have not been hornswaggled into giving up their means of self defense.

If you Democrats or even some not so aware Republicans have allowed yourselves to fear firearms and have not acquired the ability to use them, if you have been lulled into the belief that your government will take care of you, then your position, and that of your family, are sitting on precarious and dire prospects for the future.  Much of what you need to do takes time, effort and planning.  It may not be too late for you to start, but time is running out.

Remember this.  If the time comes, God forbid, that you have a need to defend your home and your family, if the time comes when you need to feed them and you have done nothing to ensure your ability to do so, the invaders of your home will care less about what party you belong to than they do about your life continuing on past their uninvited visit.

Now back to the rest of us.  As we pointed out in Part I, communists have never in the history of the planet given up power without bloodshed.  Much bloodshed.  In this light, it might be relatively rational to at least suspect that the Communist Obama and the world organization which injected him into our government will not suddenly honor or even allow an election.

If there is some dastardly plan in the works, unfortunately, there is zero possibility that any one individual will be able to do anything about it.  That situation will not be permanent however, as the people will gradually organize and take our country back.  But that will not happen if we do not survive.  Unarmed and dead people pose very little threat to tyranny.  So your first duty will be to keep yourself, your family and your close friends alive.

How do we do that?
There is a group which was formed several years ago called WPE. (We Plan to Endure)  This group was formed by patriotic group leaders and is now closed to new members.  However there is much information available, resources and advice located on the WPE web pages.  Everyone reading this, if they are not already prepared, it is suggested that they spend some time on this site and implement as much of it as possible.  Time may be running short so any delay could be disastrous. Here is a link to the WPE information pages.     http://www.tpath.org/wpe.html

There is too much which is needed to be done and too many details to list them all here in this article.  But what we will do is give you some of the most important things which need to be done as soon as possible.  If you take anything from this article let it be this.  Real insurance policies cost money and once spent, the money is gone.  The “insurance of preparation”, while it will expend capital, it is never wasted.  Anything you do in that preparation will always be usable or salable, if the need for them never arises.   If the need does rear its ugly head and you have not prepared, you and your family will not survive.

More detail on each of these items is available on the WPE webpages.

FIREARMS – Legally obtain at least one handgun and one shotgun for your home.  If civilized society breaks down, you will be the last line of defense.
PRACTICE – Become comfortable and reasonably competent in the use of your weapons.  Affirm to yourself that if needed, you will use your weapon.  If you have it and fail to use it, the invader will appropriate it.
FOOD & WATER – Store cans of food, bottled water, meals ready to eat. Remember to rotate the storage stock.  Store as much food and water as you have room and money to do.
GENERATOR– Have at least one generator and if you can afford it have a second one for back up.  Stabilize and store as much gasoline as you can afford and can safely store.   During outages do not expose your generator to the possibility of it being stolen.  Conserve the fuel and burn candles at night.  If you flaunt your power you may need to mount a defense of it.  No reason to invite trouble.
MEDICINE – It may be difficult to stock up on prescription drugs one might need to stay alive.  But it is essential that you store as much as you can. This may take some time as it might be necessary to early order new prescriptions.  It has been determined in studies that if there is a nationwide power outage which extends beyond several months, 100 million people will die as a result of lack of prescriptions.
CHILDREN & GRANDCHILDREN – Each child should be given a place to hide out and be undercover if something serious occurs and they get separated from you.  They should be given a code word that anyone you send to pick them up will have to know.  If your child is aware of your food storage be sure you tell them that that is a family secret and that information should not ever be shared with friends or neighbors.
NEIGHBORS – Casually mention to your closest neighbors that they should do some of the things listed here.  DO that without giving them any details of what you have done or have.  In times of strife, that friend on the other side of the fence will very quickly become a marauder.  If you chose to share your stores with him, it should be your choice, not his.
COMMUNICATION – Many members of the WPE group have shortwave radios by which they can communicate with each other during emergencies.   These radios can communicate via simplex (radio to radio) or repeaters.  The status of neighborhoods can be discussed and ascertained even if there is a power outage.  This type of information could save your life in so many different ways.  If buying one of these radios is out of your financial reach you can purchase a less expensive “receiver only” radio which can scan and monitor police and emergency frequencies.  The information passed between those entities could be vital.
HOME DEFENSE – There are methods, quite inexpensive and very effective, to make it difficult for an invader to easily get into your home. The delay will give you the time to set up a defensive firing position.  These things are important and can be found on the WPE pages.
GO BAG – In times of unrest and social breakdown you will need to have developed a plan to defend your home.  There may come a time however that that is impossible and that decision will be urgent.  Everyone should have a box with survival essentials preloaded and ready to go.  There is more information on this on the WPE web pages.  Don’t forget to put your ammo and weapons in a location where they can be added quickly to your GO BAG.

As we wrote in the beginning of this article, it is possible even if not probable, that Obama will declare Martial Law, that racial tensions could explode, Islamic terrorists could destroy our grid and invade our communities, or any number of other calamities could manifest themselves.  It can surely not be denied that Obama has planted and cultivated many seeds of intended mayhem. While it may or may not be as likely as a car crash or a house fire, the need for the insurance of preparation can only be ignored if the lives of your family are less important than a few dollars and a little planning.


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