by Dr. Thomas E. Davis, Colonel, USA (Ret), ©2016

(Jul. 14, 2016) — Barry Soetoro-Obama, or whatever his correct name may be, has been usurping the office of President of these United States for some seven and one-half years. He has accomplished absolutely Zero of anything of value. OH! He has rid us of our annual Day of Prayer; he has turned Christmas into something other than the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. He has, in his mind, legalized homosexuality, bestiality, sodomy, infanticide, murder, treason, perjury and numerous other offenses and offensive attitudes. He has had a weak, ineffective series of Congresses do his bidding in the manner of a royal sovereign, a dictator, a bully boy.

The four successive Congresses sitting and twiddling their thumbs without a clue as to how they might reinsert themselves into our government and start acting like the Legislators they are supposed to be. The current House calendar is indicative of the manner by which our elected legislators propose to keep us on course. Their work schedule is intertwined around their “District Work,” which actually means the days they take off to go home and campaign and to schedule a series of photo and TV propaganda for local consumption.

While this once-powerful, influential, generous and charitable republic is being overrun by illegal, government-protected aliens, terrorists and enemies of the state, our Congress sits on its hands, buries its collective head in the sand and plays footsie with a TRAITOR and numerous accomplices. Any citizen can simply enter into the address bar on a computer “ushouseofrepresentatives.gov” and in the search box on the House site enter “House Calendar,” and voilá! Here is what you will see:


Then you will notice the work schedule, the little that there is:

House Calendar 2016

Note: Far less than half the calendar days in any period were utilized on legislation; contrast with 1926, a non-critical year; there were 159 calendar days and all 159 were utilized as Legislative days.  In less than one-half year, more legislative days were utilized than in an entire year by this current feckless, dilatory and do-nothing 114th Congress.

Month               Work Days

Jan                                  13
Feb                                  12
Mar                                 12
Apr                                  11
May                                   9
Jun                                  16
Jul                                    16
Aug                                    0
Sep                                   10
Oct                                   13
Nov                                    9
Dec                                   11
12                                     132

What you see is what you get; our elected, overcompensated servants are being paid to do darned little of any value. Obama’s traitorous activities should be priority Number ONE on the House Agenda. But, it is not even mentioned anywhere. First on the agenda for every last one of these phonies is, “How can I keep this lucrative position and make a fortune while doing so?”

BUT! Why should I care? I am 91 years old with so little time to do so much that needs to be done. There are thousands of military veterans suffering PTSD, grievous wounds, using artificial limbs, and surviving with a growing family; so many abandoned children unable to fend for themselves; and yet you insufferably egotistical cowards have the unmitigated gall to permit a TRAITOR to persist in pursuing his hate-America, hate-Christianity and Judaism, hate our earned freedoms, hate our natural morality and dictatorially instituting “gay marriage” and legalized perversion upon our less-educated. He has endorsed NAMBLA, a total perversion.

Obama has never, not ONCE, in his years of pontificating and treason, attended the Annual “D-Day Remembrance (29,000 Americans killed) services in Normandy and never gets to Arlington where lie the remains of over 200,000 dead.

Every member of Congress is complicit in Obama’s crimes, they know all about them or should if they have open eyes and a modicum of intelligence. Their first priority MUST be, “Impeach the monster fouling the entire nation from his usurpation of the office of President.”

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  1. I have been contacting Congress for many years on the issue of the Obama fraud. It became obvious to me in 2009, a few months after the usurper was sworn in as the putative president, that Congress would never do anything which even might fully reveal and have acted on the Obama fraud. That meant no impeachment and no real investigation of Barry, no matter what he does of how much evidence of his identity fraud is available. Both parties committed high level treason when they allowed and assisted the identity fraud con-artist to be, without any attempt to vet him, sworn in as the the putative president. They would not vet Obama primarily because they already knew what they would find and if they reported their findings the entire Alinsky “Rules for Radicals” book would be thrown at them, starting with the ever present cries of “RACIST” followed by the newly invented word meant to mock and ridicule anyone who questioned Obama’s legitimacy, “birther”. Add to that the fact there is no requirement for the president, VP, members of Congress or Supreme Court Justices to have a security background exam and the job of taking over America’s government from the inside was very easy. Employees of the president and VP also are not required to have a security background exam, so nothing stood between Obama and his placing of people in his regime who hated America as much as he does. He quickly did just that and Congress, afraid to act and expose their part in the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people, actually told Obama he would not be impeached.

    Congress ignores their sworn oath to protect the Constitution and is instead protecting themselves by protecting Obama and trying to run out the clock with Obama still officially considered a legitimate president. Whatever happens to America is just collateral damage in their quest to protect members from charges of treason, some at the highest possible level, and misprision of treason for those least complicit.