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by OPOVV, ©2016

Front page of “Military Science” Field Manual, 1993

(Jul. 12, 2016) — “Who’s Sergeant of the Guard tonight?”


“Again? When are we ever going to get a break? We hear the same old story: ‘Keep alert and watch each other’s backs.’”

“Don’t forget: ‘My job is to get you boys home.’ I wish he’d come up with something new. Quiet! Here he comes.”

“I heard that, Johnson. Hey, you guys, gather ‘round. You two come a little closer but keep checking your sectors. We’ll watch your back.

“Okay, now listen up. I’m going to give you guys something to talk about besides women and cold beer, but first, did you bring the extra ammo and water? What’s in this pack? This your pack, Kempher? Mind if I have look? Well, I’ll be a blue-nosed gopher; it’s full of water bottles. Kempher, I believe you’re finally going to turn into a soldier after all, irrespective of your best efforts to do otherwise.

“Here’s the scenario that I want you to think about and discuss while keeping lookout. Let’s say you’re here, on this very hill, and come under attack. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the whole base is under attack and a landslide has compromised the road and, besides, the bridge has been blown. In short, you guys are on your own.

“After two hours of literally fighting for your lives, you learn that the base has repelled the attackers but the conditions of the road remain the same. You need help, as in now.

“So here’s the question, and it’s your choice: Would you rather have Hillary watching your back or would you rather have Trump watching your back?

“If you’re in the Navy and your ship comes under attack and needs help, who would you call, Hillary or Trump?

“Your Air Force plane has a problem and goes down in enemy territory; you have one call, and one call only. You can call President Hillary or you can call President Trump.

“And likewise, in scenarios with the Marines and the Coast Guard, you’ve one call and one call only. Your choice: you’re calling for help, because without it, you and everyone else will be killed, reminiscent of Ambassador Stevens having his back against the wall in Benghazi.

“Think about it. Maybe you’re in the National Guard; maybe you’re a cop and need help and, look, there’s a phone and on the phone it says, ‘WHITE HOUSE: push #1 for Hillary; #2 for Trump.

“But then maybe you’re not in the military or on the police force; maybe you’re a civilian and the United States comes under attack: China from the west or ISIS from everywhere. Now who would you want as the Commander-in-Chief, Hillary or Trump?

“White; yellow; black; red; female or male; Jew or Baptist; old or young; Hispanic or Asian; Democrat or Republican, who would you call for help if your life was on the line: Hillary or Trump?

“Keep your eyes peeled.”

Semper Fi


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