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(Jun. 24, 2016) — LABOR, TRADE & TARIFFS – How we handle these will decide American Sovereignty.

The following interview with Sen. Bernie Sanders allows much more than a glimpse of his preference for voting for Hillary Clinton. The real story underscores the American Balance accord we must face with Labor, Trade, and Tariffs to an informed General Public.

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Yes, it’s interesting interview because he articulates very well that there are a few CEO’s outsourcing to foreign labor that really are hurting our country in “job production.”

[Sanders Articulates CEO ADDICTION to Slave Labor]

There’s only a couple of ways to get big CEO’s back that do that. They can’t continually receive a “positive incentive” to avoid [minimum wage labor cost and unemployment taxes].

To protect our labor force we must do two things:

1) Protect our Borders: an illegal workforce in the country does the exact same thing as a foreign cheap workforce. It hooks CEO’s like crack cocaine.

2) Initiate Fair Trade Practices: that include Tariffs for Business Products and or Services.

Sanders and Trump agree on the problem, which is why I featured this Sanders interview.

The disagreement between Sanders and Trump is on the “How” points. Sanders says raise wages to $15 per hr. Clearly he’s not a small business owner. Businesses in turn simply raise costs on products to keep ahead. A cup of coffee goes from $5 to $10 in order to pay the raised labor cost. Its really no different than a Tariff.

Trump understands you don’t jack wages up to make it harder for businesses to afford help giving businesses MORE incentive to outsource foreign cheap labor or illegal domestic labor.

You have to either abolish the minimum wage, allowing the free market in business to establish wages per labor availability , or pick up unemployment taxes so businesses don’t have to pay it. Reducing capital a business has to put out in labor cost or lowering taxes achieves a friendlier government hand to business.

One proposal I think would help in minimizing business cost is looking for ways to please your Labor Hands through family needs and also providing an outlet of sales simultaneously.  The simultaneous edge of this is it provides a sales outlet for local farmers raising all kinds of crops and herds.

If a business offered a “Free Food Card” instead of having to pay unemployment taxes it might be cheaper and an incentive off of Food Stamps on the Government Dole. If you lost your job at least you don’t starve.

Trump’s talking about charging companies Tariffs for importing products made by foreign labor. This has the same direct effect on the problem.

Tariffs may provides incentives for companies to keep factories here and the jobs with them unless the Tariff is within a profit margin companies can pay and still build their product for profit accounting for cheap labor.

That could very well be the case because of such low foreign labor cost and shipping cost now days.

Companies might say, you know, we are still making more money even with a 35% tariff on the product because our foreign labor cost is 80 cents an hour.

This is why we might have to outsmart the fox in the henhouse by providing a [United States Order Card] where an independent source for all needs is provided scaled with an incentive that encourages enrollment while those outside that system are going to see that a loaf of bread costs $100.

That might be what we face in equalizing Fair Trade. This is a way to raise the lower income to middle income while the rich still have a way to benefit their money in ways and means. They can use their money instead of stashing it.

What this would do is aggressively reduce minimum wage, freeing up our competitive deficit with other countries. They could not lower or devalue their currency against us anymore, undercutting us.

Our unemployment would drop to zero levels and a revolution against communism would be won as the foreign populations rose up against their own task masters.

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