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by OPOVV, ©2016

How deep are Huma Abedin’s ties to radical Islamic groups?

(Jun. 17, 2016) — “How. Once again you have Chief New Leaf – that would be Yours Truly – filling in for Mr. Roving Reporter, who is ‘on assignment.’ The producer of this show, Pulse of the Nation, sent us over here on the West Side to interview Mr. Nano Meyhib, the proprietor of ‘Meyhib’s Mysteries of the Universe.’

“How, Mr. Meyhib, and welcome to our very popular show.”

“Howdy to you, Chief. How do you do?”

“Fine, and thank you for asking. Like your store. What goes on here?”

“No, not ‘store’: museum. We have things for you to gaze at and admire.”

“But you have all kinds of stuff here for people to buy.”

“Of course, just as in any museum. They – the fine and wonderfully inquisitive patrons – buy memories, such as this ‘dog magnet set suitable for any refrigerator;’ ‘Approved American flag lapel pin;’ and this ‘Exact replica of Flamingo lawn decorative statue, only $19.95.’ And let me show you what we have to offer in this other display case.”

“Maybe later. Let me ask you about your mysteries. Care to show us a couple?”

“Be glad to. Here we have a ‘New York Jews for Obama’ bumper sticker. By the way – just for your information – we have a facsimile for sale in our gift shop.”

“Small wonders. What else?”

“Next for me to proudly show you is a statue of Obama in his Muslim garb. We also have a section that has videos of Obama saying he ‘was born in Kenya’ and other references to that effect.”

“What if someone wanted to buy any of those facsimiles?”

“I’m sorry. We fear the government so that we’re afraid to offer people what they can find on the Internet for free. People can come and look and learn, but they are not allowed to take out the evidence.”

“What’s next? What’s with this ‘Exhibit closed for Renovation’ sign?”

“Excuse me while I let you take a look. Grab that end, please, and we’ll lower this tarp. See? It’s the LGBT community supporting Hillary, and in the background we see LGBT people being hung from lampposts and thrown off tall buildings. Apparently they got religion all of a sudden and are supporting Trump.”

“Who is doing the murders?”

“Oh, a ‘rhetorical question’: Muslims. And Hillary has a very long track record of supporting Muslims, from Obama to Huma Abedin – Muslim Brotherhood – who was her personal secretary while she was the Secretary of State and had access to all Hillary’s emails: from classified to secret.”

“We have time for one more.”

“Okay. Last but not least is a diorama of the shooting at Orlando, inside that nightclub. Do you like the name of the display?”

“’GUN-FREE ZONE’. Yes, I like it. Now it makes sense.”

“What makes sense, Chief?”

“Why you’re selling ‘PERSONAL PROTECTION DEVICES’ out in the gift shop.”

“Yes, smart of me. The day Obama got elected I started the long and grueling process to get a gun license and now it’s going to pay off.”

“Very much so. Well, that’s our show for tonight. Pretty nice museum, and if you haven’t had the opportunity to visit ‘Meyhib’s Mysteries of the Universe,’ do so. This is the Chief, on behalf of the crew, wishing you all, but wait!

“We also taped another exhibit that we don’t have time to show you, but it was very entertaining. It was titled ‘The Complete and Utter Downfall of Paul Ryan.’ Wish you could’ve seen it. Hey, but you can see it. Come on down and visit this wonderful ‘Museum of the Universe’: Goodnight.”

“Great show. What do you say we grab a burger? Roving’s treat.”

Semper Fi











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