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(Jun. 14, 2016) — “What do you want to talk about?”


“No can do. Look, we’re hundreds of miles from the nearest land, which means you can’t talk about girls. Or beer; ice-cold beer, so cold that there’s little slivers of frozen beer floating in the refreshing God-given amber liquid in the glass which itself had been kept in a freezer for the past 72 hours. No can do.”

“What about inch-thick, charcoal-grilled sirloin steak from Nebraska?”

“No. No girls, beer, or steaks.”

“Which leaves what, the Second Amendment again?”

“Not ‘again’: think ‘ongoing.’ Matter of fact, think it’s only ongoing because of the Second Amendment, okay?”

“What? Run that by me again, if you would, or even could.”

“Simple: the only reason why we even have any of the other Amendments is because of the Second. Get rid of the Second and there’s not a stopwatch designed that could time how fast the government comes down on us citizens.”

“Like what would they do? What would the government do?”

“Round everyone up and send them to the ovens. Drag them out of their houses and move in Muslim families. You name it: they’ll do it. Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile. Give them a one percent tax and before you can say ‘Jack Robinson’ you’re on skid row.”

“You sure don’t have much faith in the government, do you?”

“Does anybody? Why, just look at the track record of the enterprises that the government tried to manage. All failed miserably and dismally, every single one. One word: Obamacare.”

“So, what are you saying? Make the military a private enterprise?”

“Why not? Look, where’s the oil revenue from Kuwait for saving them from the attempted takeover from Saddam Hussein? Why can’t we at least break even on our military exploits?

“We need to bring back the Draft, for starters. We have to have a ‘citizen army.’ I remember a couple of years ago there was this one presidential candidate who proposed that every female high school graduate be given a lightweight handgun along with her diploma.”

“Why would anybody give up their ability to defend themselves? I mean, the police are a reactive force, not proactive, isn’t that right?”

“It’s all very strange how the human mind works, or I suppose doesn’t work. Think of the brain as a blank slate when a person is born and then all through its life it’s imprinted with all sorts of shapes, colors and sounds. It learns communication skills for survival and, hopefully, cooperation with other brains for the same reason.”

“But what about Hitler, or Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot? Where did they go off-track?”

“One could say the same for the followers of the madmen of the world, of which we have our fair share. Look at all the people who voted for Obama and now want to compound their error by supporting someone irrelevant and incapable as, well, Hillary, who foots the bill for the admirers of corruption and incompetence.

“Now, getting back to the brain that gets implanted since birth. Let me ask you a question: before guns there were, what?”

“Bows and arrows, I suppose, and swords.”

“Right. Ever hear of banning either one of them? Ever hear of a ‘bow-and-arrow-free zone?’”

“No, of course not. And no ‘sword-free zone,’ either.”

“Right, so what makes anyone think that’s any different than a ‘gun-free zone?’”

“I see: if a person is inclined to break the law – not follow the rules – no amount of signs and regulations will mean a hill of beans to them anyway. Heck, look at the gun laws in Chicago and Paris.”

“Right. Now let’s make double-sure the good guys are armed, crossbow cocked and ready to fire, or a trusty shotgun next to the bed. Anyone volunteer to break in? I think not.

“A woman walking to her car and she has one hand in her purse, which means she’s likely armed and just waiting to defend herself. Anyone crazy enough to attack her? I rest my case for reasons to support the Second Amendment: self-protection via the ‘equalizer.’”


“Makes a 5’2” woman equal to a 6’6,” 300-lb. man.”

“For protection.”

“For protection.”

“Proactive protection, from whatever source.”

“Right, thanks to the Second.”

“You better believe it. It’s as real as it’ll ever get. Think of the Second Amendment as your best friend and you’ll be alright.”

“Will do.”

[Note to the readers: Abolishing the Second Amendment is no joke. It’s no coincidence that the Obama Administration has been following the NAZIs’ blueprint of the takeover of Germany, right down to the attempt to confiscate our weapons.]

Semper Fi


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