by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2016

(Jun. 11, 2016) — So, this is how the general election is going to be…leftist Hillary supporters, the San Jose Mayor and asleep- at-the-wheel San Jose police are going to ignore the assaults and violence against families women and children at Trump rallies. The San Jose rally and the Mayor and lack of any police response said it all. There wasn’t even any ‘cloak and dagger’ or hidden code to it. They simply screamed and their anti-freedom drool flew out: “The only rights at a Trump rally are mob rights and they get to attack and terrorize any Trump supporter they want. “We want everyone in America to be intimidated and scared away from upcoming Trump rallies and speeches.”

The election plan on the menu for all of us Trump supporters is that if we go to a Trump rally and exercise our freedom of expression and speech, we might get punched, kicked, surrounded and spat on, while getting called every name in the book. This apparently will be experienced by many of us while the ‘Stepford Wives’ ‘Stand-down’ cops look on in a daze and do nothing because their boss told them not to stir up the organized anti-Trump mob. Of course, the assigned anti-Trump rent-a-mob is already stirred up, paid for and organized when they show up.

So, what are Trump supporters and Americans to do? Vote for Hillary to stay alive and out of a wheelchair? Perhaps prudence and common sense tells us to stay away. After all, weren’t we just reminded by the latest attack on Trump that he and his supporters are evil little racists when he went after Judge Gonzalo Curiel? As usual, the ‘stand-down’ media and sold-out journalists lunged at Trump calling him all kinds of racist. Thankfully, a real journalist, Sher Zieve, curious about the facts, not the fiction, exposed the details and truth about Judge Gonzalo Curiel and his extreme racism as opposed to Trump being the evil little racist to be shunned.

What I want to know as an American, are you going to? Are you planning to join most of the media and now some cops who know better and stand down regarding the truth and Trump? I am a mom, survivor, commentator and former national radio talk show host of 16 years and here is what I plan to do….you know, the common-sense solution:

Here is my plan. Will you join me, America?

I plan to go to every Trump event I can and instead of telling ten friends to come I will invite 1,000. Please do the same if you want to protect and keep your freedom. When you and I go to hear Trump speak, go in groups, take your cell phones and capture all threats and violence and immediately post it online. Then move on peacefully and listen to the Trump speech.

I am not advocating any kind of violence at a Trump event but I sure am not advocating any more of you becoming a victim of violence as authorities look on and do nothing and then yet again blame Trump.

How many will join me and my response to the threats against Trump and those who go to his rallies? “Oh, I am so scared. I just don’t know what to do…oh, my.”

Most of us Trump supporters will now grow even larger and we will feel like a nasty infection to the Hillary-supporting and violent left. Keep bringing it and see what happens.

America and Trump supporters, continue to be peaceful and show up but in groups, with phones and a way to protect yourself and let the world know what is happening.

Learn and spread the truth about Hillary. She must not be elected President.

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