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(Jun. 10, 2016) — “I’ve got an idea. What do you say we give a name to this place?”

“Like what do you suggest?”

“Well, maybe ‘Lookout Post Worthless;’ maybe ‘Very Worthless.’ I like it.”

“Already been taken.”

“That describes 99% of them. There’s nothing here that would differentiate it from any of the other worthless lookout posts in the whole darn country. You could call it what it is: a bunch of numbers on a map and forget about it.”

“Names, numbers: what’s the difference? We’re stuck here whether we like it or not.”

“And the only reason we’re here is because our worthless politicians didn’t do their job so we have to resort to this: occupation. This isn’t our home, so what in the heck are we doing here?”

“That’s right: war is the result of politicians not doing their job.”

“Just look at the Middle East. I can see it now, Hillary applying for a job. ‘And what accomplishments did you do?’ ‘I sold out my country for green pieces of paper fools call money.’ ‘What do you call it?’ ‘Job security; power; lets me be insulated from the common rabble that have to drive and fight over parking places, the fools.’ ‘Anything more to add?’ ‘I think not.’”

“Don’t forget Kerry.”

“Oh, you mean ‘Mr. Vietnam Kerry’? That Kerry?”

“On second thought, let’s forget him.”

“I remember him telling us, when he was sick or something, not to worry, that he’s getting the best medical care, and I’m hearing this while my dad’s been waiting for a year for his hernia operation from the VA and, well, you tend to remember stuff like that. Forget Kerry.”

“Getting back to this war thing, I mean, if we know where the enemy is, I mean, if we could bomb the smithereens out of the leaders of the other side, maybe there wouldn’t be a war in the first place.”

“I’ll raise you one: and while we’re at it, how about doing the same to our leaders at the same time? Works for me.”

“Me, too.”

“You got my vote.”

“I’ll push the button. Just tell me where to aim.”

“It’s like the ‘What if they had a war but nobody came’ kind of thing.”

“But that’s only the first line of the poem. The next line is ‘Then the war will come to you!’ My English teacher was a Veteran and he was really gung-ho on getting things right. He said that intelligence is the most important piece of any war.”

“So that’s what’s missing.”

“As they say, ‘ignorance is bliss.’”

“Right, but in this case there is a war, a real war, but most of the people don’t even know there’s a war, a world war, going on. Totally amazing.”

“Well, all I can say is how disappointed I am about everything. It’s like America has totally forgotten about 9-11. Remember seeing those people jump? I only saw it on television but I’ve talked to people who saw it all unfold in person and each one has said it was the worst thing they’ve ever seen in their lives.“

“Lots of families affected. Wives and husbands; mothers and fathers; sons and daughters; brothers and sisters, friends and lovers; and maybe one of their future babies would grow up to cure the common cold.”

“Or stupidity.”

“Or cure us from lying politicians.”

“You can’t say ‘lying’ followed by the word ‘politicians.’ It would be like saying, ‘Hi Hi, how-how are-are you-you doing-doing?’”

“Okay, I get it. Gee.”

“And politicians are letting people, maybe some with the Black Death and other diseases, just waltz on into our country, and nobody seems to care.”

“Wait, I got it: ask Hillary about Trump’s ban on Muslim immigration and why she was so vehemently opposed to it. Make that should be one of the questions for her job interview.”

“I like it. ‘Will you please tell us what possible benefit the USA gets from allowing people who very well may be carrying deadly diseases into our country and, if that were not enough, these very same people want to kill us or, at the very least, want to impose Sharia Law and trash our Constitution and way of life. Please tell us, Hillary.’”

“That’s the ringer. Hey, time’s about up. Let’s police the area and get ready to be relieved.”

Semper Fi


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