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by Michael Gaddy, ©2016, blogging at The Rebel Madman

James Madison was a Founding Father and the fourth President of the United States

(Jun. 9, 2016) — To paraphrase an ancient Greek, society will often survive the evil that men do for evil purposes, but a society’s downfall can often be attributed to the evil done in the name of good intentions. Couple this with the theory of James Madison as stated in the first few weeks of the Constitutional Convention of 1787 that the masses were incapable of self-governance because they would not keep themselves educated as to the circumstances of their government and the history relevant to such decisions.

A prime example of the ignorance of the masses is the belief our founders created a democracy and that is the form of government we have today.  Just a few minutes ago I heard the current occupant of the White House comment on our great democracy.

Almost the entire first month of the convention in Philadelphia centered around the fear of the “tyranny of the majority.” Delegates to the convention often referred to as our founders quickly realized that if they accepted the “one man, one vote” theory, the states of Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts which had the majority of the population in the 13 states at the time would/could control the entire direction and policies of the government. Often stated and discussed were the political, religious, and geographical differences between the needs and desires of the people of the large and small states. Because of these discussions, it was ultimately decided the upper house of legislature, which would be called the Senate, would be elected, not by popular vote, but by the legislatures of the individual states. When all was said and done, at the close of the convention, the only truly federal feature of our government was the election of the U.S. Senate. The rest of the government was entirely national in its construction. The form of government generated by the Declaration of Independence, the American Revolution and the Articles of Confederation now hung by a single thread.

Then, in 1913, the masses accepted the vile 17th Amendment, which was never properly ratified in accordance with Article V of our Constitution. This amendment completed the destruction of the republican form of government created with the victory over England and sent this country on the downward spiral from nationalism/democracy to abject Marxist Socialism.

Currently, there is a movement which seeks to abolish the Electoral College and replace the current system with a National Popular Vote. Unabashedly, the proponents state their desire to stop presidential candidates from seeking to “win states” to what would lead to the total subversion of the states in the political process. This is a completed destruction of the government of our founders in favor of Socialism. It is also a combination of the philosophy of the Greek historian and James Madison.

In this instance, we see a movement based on the ignorance of the political masses and their desire to use good intentions to achieve an evil result. This takes us back to the primary discussion during the first month of the convention of 1787: the tyranny of the majority over the well being of the minority. Completely missing from the advocates of a National Popular Vote are two vital points. First, such a move will disenfranchise millions of voters in states with a less dense population. Second, it will play right into the hands of those who seek to destroy the culture and intent of many of our founders.

There are currently almost 56 million people residing in the Northeastern states of our country. There are estimates which indicate almost 22 million of these folks vote on a regular basis—the majority of whom vote for socialist programs and policies under the moniker of liberal or progressive. If we consider just the number of voters in the Northeast, that number exceeds the total population of all residents in the states of Wyoming, Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, West Virginia, Nebraska, Kansas, Arkansas, and Mississippi. If the National Popular Vote initiative succeeds, why would anyone who is campaigning for president care about what the voters in the 11 states listed above deem important in government? A concentration of efforts to please the liberal progressive vote in the Northeastern states plus California would drive most elections; the people in rural America would no longer matter.

Secondly, and most ominous looms the recent decision by U.S. District Judge Julie Robinson and her issuance of a ruling preventing the state of Kansas from requiring potential voters provide proof of citizenship when registering to vote. Such a decision issued by this federal judge will establish legal precedent if not overturned by a higher court. While this ruling only pertains to those registering to vote at motor vehicle department offices, it will certainly lead to those who wish to circumvent the voting process to register there. How many of the 30 plus million people now residing illegally in this country will take advantage of this ruling and register to vote in a country in which they have no roots or personal investment? If anyone believes for a minute these people will vote for constitutional governance—please seek immediate help for your delusional form of mental illness. Antipsychotic drugs sometimes help.

How many terrible mistakes have been made in this country in efforts by otherwise good people to “fix” government instead of taking the time to understand why our founders, especially the Anti-federalists, fought for the provisions to keep our government in check?

Going back to 1912-13, we see what has happened since then to our country when the influence of the states was reduced to nothing by taking the election of senators out of the hands of the representatives of the states and opening up those elections to the popular vote. People thus elected move to the District of Columbia area and totally lose contact with the people who elected them, if they ever had such. Instead, they represent the interests of those in the power cabal who control our government. Most U.S. Senators have very little if any knowledge of who the members of their state legislators are. Therefore, they have no real insight as to what that legislator deals with within that state and what the people of his/her state find important.

A great many of these senators receive the majority of their campaign funding from sources outside the state they represent. Do those campaign donors care what is important to the people of that state? Do the senators who are elected with such funding choose to represent the people of their state or the source of that funding?

People throughout this country are searching in vain for a solution to the tyranny of the government they themselves have created through ignorance of their own history and the mad dash to support political party over constitutional principles. They don’t care that those they vote for totally ignore their sacred oath to uphold and defend our Constitution and Bill of Rights but believe they can “fix” the problem with a constitutional/Article V convention wherein they would have little to no say-so in who attends and makes decisions at that convention. Now, these same folks, searching for a solution to a problem of their own making, believe we should do away with the electoral college and replace it with a “National” vote initiative which will further destroy any semblance of states rights and disenfranchise those who live in less populous states in favor of the liberals and progressives who primarily inhabit the big cities of America. They are more than willing to trade the serenity of rural America for the chaos of downtown New York, Chicago or Detroit. In the process, they will enfranchise the millions of illegals now nesting in this country with the power of the electorate for the government does not want anyone to prove they are a citizen before they are given the right to vote. This all falls right in line with the motivation of those who support the United Nations and Agenda 21/30.

I believe it can be found in scripture, “My people perish for a lack of knowledge.” We certainly know that our founding culture and mode of government has perished at the hands of the historically ignorant perpetrating evil in the pursuit of good.

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  1. There are many references in scripture to perils, including this one, which fits the current case well:

    Proverbs 29:18

    18 Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.