by Dr. Thomas E. Davis, Col., USA (Ret.), ©2016

(Jun. 8, 2016) — I frequently write articles for “thepostemail.com.” In addition, I have authored four books. Any and ALL royalties I receive are donated to charity. Most of mine go to Children’s or Veterans’ charities. Since I am also a dentist and have seen so many children born with either or both a Cleft Lip/palate, two organizations to which I donate the most funds are:

  1. operationsmile.org and
  2. Smile Train

Other recipients are St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Children International, Girl’s State run by the American Legion Auxiliary, and I am looking at another that is of huge assistance to younger females and females who have been violently sexually assaulted, Fistula Foundation. My wife and I have been long-time supporters of Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA), VFW, PVA and many others.

I realize there are many individuals and organizations needing help. Your purchase of any one of my books is not only a reading adventure but on average, about $4 in royalties goes right to charity. My four books are:

  1. Peregrinations:  How the Davises Overran America,” my autobiography.
  2. America’s First Female President…2016?” – a different look at America’s history and her problem with gender bias.
  3. My Conservatory” — Beautiful, tear-jerker, love stories, hero stories, a great variety; most will be unfamiliar.
  4. Federalism vs Factionalism-How the Democratic Party Raped the Republic” breaks down 33 of the 44 Administrations under which this nation has grown and prospered in spite of the criminality and bad deeds of far too many of our presidents; and it is getting worse rather than better.

A short honest review of any of my books at Amazon would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks for your support of Sharon Rondeau’s thepostemail.com.

Dr. Thomas E. Davis, Colonel, USA (ret)

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