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(Jun. 7, 2016) — BETHESDA, Md., June 7, 2016  — As final GOP primary votes are cast in states from California to New Jersey, Law Professor Victor Williams issues a fulsome and unreserved endorsement of Donald Trump.

Professor Williams began his June 7 endorsement by championing Trump’s decision to expose the bias and conflict of interest demonstrated by federal judge Gonzalo Curiel.  Williams states:  “Donald Trump has again dared to speak truth to power.”

Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has also supported Trump’s right to challenge the judge’s bias.  Gonzales reminds that a judge is ethically required not only to avoid conflicts but also to void even the appearance of impropriety.

Judge Curiel is a Member of the Leftist San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association. (La Raza is Translated and Politically Promoted as “the Race.”)

Judge Curiel is a longtime member/leader of the pro-illegal immigration group — San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association. The direct translation and self-promoted political meaning of La Raza by such groups is “the Race.”

(Since its founding, the leftist San Diego lawyers’ group has divisively self-branded as La Raza – “the Race.”)

The San Diego La Raza lawyers’ group claims as an affiliate the even more radical National Council of La Raza.  And the national La Raza umbrella organization is virulently anti-Trump.  La Raza groups nationwide are in obdurate opposition to Trump’s pledge to secure the nation’s southern border.

Victor Williams argues that in the Trump University class-action lawsuit, Judge Curiel has consistently demonstrated a prejudice against Trump.  The judge’s latest ruling — effectuating a document dump to the media while noting Trump’s public positions — was obviously orchestrated to harm Trump’s campaign.

Even Judge Curiel soon acknowledged that he had gone too far this time. Donald Trump – the non-politician — dared to connect the dots to point out that the judge was being unfair.  Professor Williams is adamant that the “La Raza” judge should be recused.

The double-dealing media and GOP political elites are (once again) apoplectic by such Trump truth-telling.

An Early Trump Supporter Became the Last Trump Competitor Standing; Professor Williams Now Goes All-In for Trump

Victor Williams is the Washington, D.C law professor who launched a spring 2016  “write-in” campaign for the GOP nomination in several late primary states.

As the media widely reported, Williams’ purpose in the effort was to establish “competitor candidate” legal standing to challenge the Canadian-born Ted Cruz’s ballot eligibility in court.

(As the CPI/Daily Beast recently profiled, Williams finally left the Democratic Party after its shameful Iran capitulation.  Williams became a Trump supporter in December 2015.)

Even after Cruz “suspended,” the law professor remained a formal candidate so as to play-out the resulting litigation.  Williams v. Cruz is now before a New Jersey appellate court to resolve the “natural born Citizen” controversy.

With the primaries over, Williams gladly ends his “write-in” campaign.

A “Micro” Pro-Trump Super PAC:  Williams’ Next Project

Victor Williams will soon launch his next disruptive project to support Trump.  Professor Williams plans a “micro-focused, pro-Trump Super PAC.”

Williams’ presidential campaign garnered substantial free media exposure from the left and right with ultra-minimal expenditures.  Not crossing the Federal Election Commission’s $5000 spent/raised filing threshold, Williams was not even required to make the initial FEC candidate filing.

With a $7.35 average individual contribution, Williams even beat Bernie Sanders’ historically low individual donation-average.

However election law will allow Professor Williams’ independent, pro-Trump Super PAC unlimited contributions and expenditures (although with detailed FEC reporting).

Williams will raise and spend heavily for the campaign against Hillary Clinton – but he pledges continued cost effectiveness for this Super PAC. It is the Trump/Sanders 2016-campaign-frugality model.

Victor Williams is a long-time attorney, law professor, and prolific scholar in Washington, D.C., and 2014 founder of His campaign website is

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Professor Victor Williams


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