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(Jun. 7, 2016) — Before getting into the racially-challenged Judge Curiel, here is a brief history of La Raza for those who are, yet, unfamiliar with the organization. I started writing about La Raza (and MEChA) in 2006. Both of these are virulent racist anti-white organizations that want to have US land ceded to Mexico, will effect riots and all manner of violence to do so and have gotten a pass from the current administration. Instead, Obama appointed former Head of La Raza Cecilia Munoz to 2 positions in his White House…that of Director of Intergovernmental Affairs and the position she currently maintains as the Director of the White House Council. Munoz has been with the ObamaGov since it began in January 2009. She wields a great deal of power and is, arguably, one of the strongest racists in his administration.

The Southwest Council of La Raza (SWCLR) was founded in 1968 and with funding from—amongst others—the leftist Ford Foundation, it quickly became the National Council of La Raza (NCLR).  La Raza means “The Race” and it began as a Mexican-specific organization.  The group’s motto is “Everything for The Race.  Outside The Race…Nothing!”  La Raza is a hard-line Marxist organization and it openly expresses hatred for white people.  Even Marxist Cesar Chavez talked against the group when he commented “I hear more and more Mexicans talking about la raza—to build up their pride. Some people don’t look at it as racism, but when you say ‘La Raza,’ you are saying an anti-gringo thing, and it won’t stop there. Today it’s anti-gringo, tomorrow it will be anti-Negro. We had a stupid guy who just wanted to play politics with the union, and he began to whip up La Raza against the white volunteers, and even had some of the farm workers and the pickets and the organizers hung up on La Raza. So I took him on. These things have to be met head on. On discrimination, I don’t even give the members the privilege of a vote, and I’m not ashamed of it. No, the whole business of discrimination can’t exist here. So often, these days, the leaders are afraid, and even though they feel strongly against racism, they will not speak out against it. If the leadership is united, then it can say, ‘All right, if you’re going to do things that way, then you’ll have to get rid of us.’ You have to speak out immediately, the first time.”

Judge Curiel is a member of the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association.  Most of these attorney groups claim they have “no affiliation with NCLR).  However, they seem to follow the same tenets as the national group, including but, not limited to support for illegal immigrants (specifically Mexican, Latino, Hispanic) entering the USA.

Continuing to flout US law, Judge Curiel, also, gave US school scholarships to Mexican illegal aliens.  An Obama-appointed judge who won’t obey laws he doesn’t like.  Hmmm.  Sound familiar?  And Gotnews.com has searched naturalization records but could find none showing that Curiel’s parents who migrated from Mexico were ever US citizens.

Yes, folks.  It appears Mr. Trump is correct.  And who is the real racist?  To me…it certainly doesn’t appear to be Trump.

We must all remain vigilant, now, and watch what people do, listen to what they say and then investigate both.  It’s essential to survival.

“This is why I speak to them in parables: “Though seeing, they do not see; though hearing, they do not hear or understand”–.Matthew 13:13

National Council of La Raza


Meet The Pro-Illegal Immigrant Groups The La Raza Lawyers Of San Diego Consider Part Of Their ‘Community’


Judge Presiding Over Trump University Case Is Member Of La Raza Lawyers Group [VIDEO]


Judge Gonzalo Curiel gave scholarships to illegal immigrants and was a member of an anti-White Hispanic group


Update, June 9, 2016:   In a follow-up from Gotnews.com, Judge Curiel’s Mother was naturalized in 1969.  His Father, however, still remained an illegal…http://gotnews.com/tag/gonzalo-curiel/

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  1. No other”judges” would come forward , because almost ALL lawyers are part of a fraternity , part of a society called legalese .
    Probably 98%+ of layers and judges are currupt because of the legalese society .

  2. It’s quite interesting how illegal migration is such a major issue in the US. ALL whites who live in the US descend from illegal migrants.

    From the Italians and Irish who were insulted when they first arrived, to the Eastern Europeans who were told to go back to Europe, all whites in the US are the product of illegal migration.

    Why has it suddently become such an issue then?

    1. This is speculation, but in those days immigrants did not receive taxpayer-funded benefits such as medical care, housing, food vouchers, day care, transportation, energy assistance, counseling, ESL, etc. When immigrants arrived here, they knew they had to work, even if they didn’t know the language.

  3. THIS ARTICLE MUST BE CIRCULATED ASAP! I am appalled at Trump being called a racist which is the furthest from the truth! Furthermore as far as Judge Curiel and being able to f Mexican heritage, MEXICAN is a nationality, NOT a race!

  4. It is required by law, and the “code of Ethics” of the judiciary and solely the responsibility of the judge to disqualify himself from any court case that he/she cannot conduct in a fair AND unbiased manner! If that judge fails to do so, then he/she is, in reality, RACIST, as in the case involving Donald Trump!!! What a wonderful example of how far the Marxists will go against anyone that opposes their SICK AGENDA! The Supreme Court is ONLY to INTERPRET the Law, not modify it in their own minds to satisfy the Agenda of ANYONE! Our (Thank God) “one of a kind” country is, and always has been the “First Responder” to other People/Nations of the world, whether it be Natural Disaster or other problems. We have supplied money, food, manpower, etc. wherever or whenever needed. All of those that profess to hate the USA need to go back from wherever they came from, and either live as a “slave” to your “Government” or change your own country! The USA is NOT perfect, but it is the BEST this world has to offer, and for those that think we need to change it to “accommodate” their thinking OR culture need to get the HECK out. We can begin the deportation sequence with OBAMA and his “Team” of Communist idiots! Semper Fi…

  5. Watch Fox News and learn the TRUTH!! obummer is a lazy kenyan born, radical muslim socialist waging a racist jihad against America from our WHITE House, that he stole in 2008 and 2012 with Acorn and the Black Panthers. He is working with the UN to take our guns and leave us defenseless to ISIS. And Shillary is a lesbian who stole the 2016 Primary Democratic nomination from Saint Bernie, as she only got 14 million votes to Bernie’s 10 million! Watch Fox News or attend a Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump rally to learn more about Shillary!


    Join Tea Party Patriots, and our GOP Heroes and DEMAND additional tax cuts for the noble Job Creator class! Lets get help to those who so desperately need it, and stop wasting money on obozocare to the poor and middle class, end the socialist giveaways like Socialism Security, Mediscam & Medifraud, SNAP, ACA, and so called unemployment benefits for the lazy poor and “entitled” middle (MOOCHER) class like the democrats want. It’s high time for these folks to stop playing the victim and start taking personal responsibility!

  6. Helloooo…it’s NOT about the judge’s this or that, rather it is about the “appearance of evil” or impropriety! When a federal judge is a member of KKK or La Raza, it sure raises a red flag about the judge’s loyalties, ideologies and many things which a REASONABLE PERSON may be compelled to INFER that the judge’s abilities are impaired by such personal and professional affiliations, in this case, the judge is affiliated with the anti-American militant, radical and hate group, La Raza! Give me a break, it shows the judge’s “appearance of evil” from miles away! He should have recused himself long time ago from a case of a white American man running for highest federal office–if he was a more diligent and conscientious person! The aiding and abetting anarchy in United States is unlawful, namely the “legitimizing” of and acquiescing to illegal migration surely produces anarchy and violates our federal laws, including the Immigration and Naturalization Act, which inter alia, sets forth the criteria for orderly immigration and subsequent “naturalization” process of aliens!

  7. The Obama Socialist-Welfare programs are invitation to illegally cross our borders.
    Stop all federal welfare programs for everyone, but starting with illegal aliens who as criminals have no right to access US Welfare in the first place. Illegals must be arrested and deported, and no welfare benefits, no jobs, no drive licenses, no sanctuary cities…..NO INCENTIVE to cross the border. Most will self-deport without a physical border wall. Criminal racists like members of La Raza must be arrested for sedition and subterfuge either to NDAA Prison with Obama, or deported and banned from USA for life on penalty of summary imprisonment.
    Trump loves LEGAL immigrants, his beautiful wife to be First Lady is a LEGAL immigrant. Trump wants the US immigration laws enforced against illegal aliens residing in USA illegally and collecting Welfare from the Obama Regime. Stop all federal welfare; arrest the criminal alien Obama who is usurping the Office of POTUS and put him in NDAA prison for TREASON, Usurpation of POTUS, I.D. and SS# FRAUD, Immigration Jihad, Sedition and subterfuge, Benghazi, ObamaCARE, Contempt of Constitution and Congress, War Crimes, and a hundred other high crimes and misdemeanors.
    As for Obama’s judge Curiel, his associations and stated biased perceptions prove he is racist and that Trump is correctly calling him out. Go Trump 2016 with Carson or Rand Paul or Sessions VP.

  8. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/fact-checker/wp/2016/06/07/trump-supporters-false-claim-that-trump-u-judge-is-a-member-of-a-pro-immigrant-group/

    The writer of this article gets many facts wrong. Furthermore, Judge Curiel has displayed no bias in his rulings in spite of what Mr. Trump may claim. The judge scheduled the trial after the presidential elections to accommodate Mr. Trump.

    Although the judge made rulings that were not in Mr. Trump’s favor, this is not an indication of bias. No other judge or attorney has questioned the integrity of the Judge Curiel’s actions.

    If Trump really believed that the judge was not impartial, then he should have filed a motion asking the judge to recuse himself. But Trump’s attorneys have not done this because there is no evidence to support the claim that Judge Curiel is impartial.

    Heritage is not appropriate grounds to ask that a judge recuse himself. Every judge has certain political beliefs, religious beliefs, and a heritage. However, they are required to put aside their personal beliefs and interpret the law. A defendant in a lawsuit is entitled to a fair trial, not a judge with matching political beliefs.

    This trial will not be decided by Judge Curiel, but rather by a jury. All Judge Curiel did to earn the wrath of Donald Trump is to allow the release of certain items that have been revealed during the discovery process. These documents will end up being presented to the jury and they would have been seen by the public at that time anyway. Donald Trump has not disputed the authenticity of the released documents.

    One wonders why Donald Trump has chosen to bring this up in the media rather than filing the motion to recuse. I think it is because he is too cowardly to actually face the judge in the courtroom. Trump can say whatever he wants to the media. The judge however must abide by the court rules which forbid him from discussing an active case.

    I would challenge Donald Trump to actually enter the ring rather than stand safely outside the ring and launch insults. But that would require class, something that Trump seems to lack.

    And finally, for upaces88 who wonders “Did he go through the process to be an American Citizen?” Judge Curiel was born in Indiana and has lived his entire life in the US.

  9. Obama and his Communist cohorts desperately need all illegal immigrants a great majority coming from communist countries to vote in America’s 2016 elections so that Obama can finally achieve his ultimate goal of changing Free America into a totalitarian Marxist communist nation.Illegals and even Syrian refugees have all been allowed to enter the USA ILLEGALLY so that they all can vote against the American people’s choice which is Republican Donald Trump.Trump WILL RETURN America to our Constitutional Republic which we have been for 230 years.Obama however since 2009 has been working desperately to CHANGE America into a Communist nation by having Obamacare being pushed down American citizens throats.A Federal government takeover of a nation’s health care system IS THE METHOD to CHANGE a once free country into a Communist country according to the deceased Saul Alynsky.Obama IS and has been for most of his life a devout follower of Alinsky and Hiliary Clinton was a PERSONAL FRIEND and student of Saul Alinsky.Americans according to our Founding Documents have the choice of what kind of government that we allow to govern us.Obama cares NOTHING about America’s founding documents and has been very busy these past seven and a half years attempting to change America from a free republic nation into a totalitarian nation by having seized America’s free market based health care system AGAINST the will of the GREAT MAJORITY of America’s citizens!Communist Saul Alinsky follower Hiliary Clinton WILL CONTINUE what Obama started, turning America, a free nation, into a totalitarian country very similar to the former USSR.Communism IS a complete failure where ever it is implemented such as Venezuela which is currently collapsing as did the USSR leaving Russia by itself.Putin like Obama, being INSANE for power, refuse to believe Communism is a failure.Communism is only good for the elite leaders who confiscate the wealth of their captive society until they run out of the money as in Venezuela.Communism is the road to abject poverty and Obama has chosen that road for America because he was raised to HATE America and Americans.So Again, Obama AGAINST the WILL of America’s 320 million citizens has been very busy changing America a Constitutional free republic into a totalitarian Communist nation which he hopes to be the ruler,the elite going golfing everyday and extravagant lavish vacations while Americans slide into abject poverty like Venezuela today.Obama being a life long Marxist IS an ENEMY of America’s free market capitalism and his SUPPRESSION of free markets shows up in America’s financial statistics!Obama financially speaking IS Anerica’s WORST “President”EVER!WHY?Because he IS a committed Marxist Communist!

  10. Judge Curel has already made several very negative comments about Trump and his running for president, and Trump, of course, was aware of that. He knew who and what he was and when Trump heard who had been appointed judge for his U trial and that the judge wanted to hold the trial before the election, imagine how that made him feel. The judge should have recused himself from the case and the fact that he didn’t speaks volumns of negative thoughts about him and what intensions he had for Trump in the U trial. Obama appointed this judge to be a federal judge. Don’t you think that Obama had his hand in this whole set up? You know Obama wants Hillary to be the next president. I wouldn’t doubt for a minute that Obama is involved in this too.

  11. Now why is everybody all over trump what about Hillary and bills to many to mention people die around them mainly the people who get in their way its not a unsolved mystery of the men murdered and tortured in bengazi and Obama health care plans was first concocted in the year 1991 does anyone remember that ido now what about whitewater scandel of theirs also Obama is a planned puppet of theirs also now how many Mexicans is going to vote the wrong way again it eill become so bad they will have no option but return back to mexico watch and see coming attration

  12. I didn’t need this story to believe Donald Trump and his story. I have followed Donald Trump for over 20 years and I know he’s an honorable man. His word is his bond. He would not be so outspoken and passionate about something if it were not true. Obama and Hillary have ruined our country and its values. We need a leader like Donald Trump. I will be voting for Donald Trump I voted for him in the primary I will vote for him as president. I will never vote Democrat again because there’s no true Democrats anymore in my opinion.

  13. Anyone belonging to, or associated with La Raza is a racist. Thump’s judge is involved with La Raza … anyone stupid enough to say that this judge will not be influence by , is ridiculous. Unless you live on another planet, you know judges are constantly making prejudice and illegal judgements … and the government continues to allow this practice. One thing is certain, Putin or anyone else challenging America will find Trump as a fighter not another iran deal supporter like Hillary.

  14. Trump may be the first citizen that could get the U.S. Supreme Court to rule on the unconstitutionality of anchor babies, by challenging Judge Curiel’s qualifications to be a federal judge, since it appears his parents may never have bothered to become citizens. See, Gotnews.com’s search for immigration records of Curiel’s parents.

    1. I read the story at GotNews, which was some very good research. I believe Mr. Johnson displayed the mother’s naturalization certificate, showing a date of 1969, but he was apparently told that there was no naturalization certificate for the father. The judge was born in the 50s, as he is 63.

  15. Clete, that is what I have been saying for years! But, the switch is also in the hands of the muslims, they are talkin about having their own candidates….That is something we definitely cannot ever have!

  16. So, since did “Mexican” become a race? It’s a citizenship, a nationality, not a race. I’ve known many people of Mexican descent in my life and, whether just new to America, or descended from families that came here 150 years ago, they cling to their language, culture, customs, food and music heritage like mad. Mexican isn’t a race, but it is an ingrained view of oneself and one’s heritage and history. Unlike those of us of European descent who become part of the great melting pot of America, certain groups resist forever becoming completely American.

  17. An analogous situation is the situation with the Supreme Court where the Conservatives fear the appointment of a left wing justice and the left wing fears the appointment of a conservative justice. The bottom line is the acknowledgment that bias creeps into legal decisions. Regarding the Trump University case , it is somewhat understandable the the perception of bias on Curiel’s part , due to his membership in both associations and their active actions regarding supporting illegal Mexican immigration (supporting violation of US laws) , is justified.

  18. The very fact that the phrase “La Raza” (the race), is part of the title of Curiel’s organization should set off warning bells. Imagine the reaction if a group of white professionals titled itself The Organization of Professional (your choice) of The Race.

  19. I feel the say way about the Trump U case. Trump is a smart man and knew all of that before it all came out. I do feel they are trying to take over. Burning the American flag, to me the shows great disrespect. There should be a law that if any one disgraces the flag they go
    to jail.

  20. Well of course this judge is a liberal racist….any member of or supporting LaRaza is and a seditionist also..against the US Constitution. We here in America as American citizens have much work to do and much to answer for, for letting things get so out of hand. We were warned in the 50’s by Kruschev of all people of the “plans” for America..and we still did not listen. Now there are open seditionists in the WH esp in the form of Jarret…and the manchurian candidate barry soertero sobarhkah. Go TRUMP 2016

  21. Unfortunately, to many illogical liberals/socialist are trying to compensate for some irrational white guilt by warping their minds and pretending that our great country being flooded with tens of millions of ILLEGAL ALIENS is somehow beneficial to our country and LEGAL American citizens. This entire ILLEGAL ALIEN invasion,supported by liberals is a very short sided attempt to get a new large voting group and ensure liberal power. But the illogical liberals like Shillery don’t seem to understand or care that once the country is saturated with ILLEGAL ALIEN voters, the ILLEGAL ALIEN voters won’t need the white insane liberals to be their representatives, and they will be kicked to the back of the bus. LULAC said many years ago that they will have the votes by overwheling population, and that they would vote in who they wanted and they’re wouldn’t be a damn thing we could do about it. White people, wake up, you are being played as fools for the purpose of your own demise.

  22. I am sick and tired of these lazy Mexican slobs entering our country illegally. and expecting us to take care of them and their children.
    I don”t feel one bit sorry for the children of illegal Mexican coming to the US to have their children so they can take advantage of our American benefits then complain when their parents are deported back to Mexico as the are illegal but they can stay in the US as they are considered legal Americans as they were born on American Soil.

    As far as I am concerned all Mexicans as well President Obama living in the U.S should be deported back to their homeland.

    While we are at it we just might as well send Judge Gonzalo Curiel back to Mexico as he feels we stole part of California from Mexico

    Everyday I thank God that I am 79 years old as I fear that if, God forbid, Hillary Clinton is elected president I will have to buy a weapon to defend me and my family from the illegal Mexican rapists and criminals allowed to enter U. S. by her liberal immigration policies.

    I will b working for the Trump Campaign

  23. I am Mexican born, from an American born mother and a Mexican born father use to cross the border when I was 4-7 years old without a passport, but when my mother decided to move to Calif. I had to get some type of paper work to be or live in Calif. Went to school and finally graduated from high school and join The United State Air Force. and finally I became a naturalized citizen. You have to go through a process to be in the U.S. of A. This is the only country that is made up of many nations running from Communism, Dictatorship, Marxist, and all this people think they can bring their ideas here well for all of them I say WHY DID YOU NOT STAY IN YOUR COUNTRY AND LIVE OR TRY AND LIVE LIKE YOU WOULD LIKE TO LIVE HERE. WE the PEOPLE will be VOTING FOR MR. DONALD J. TRUMP in 2016.

  24. It is delusional to think that Trump is not a racist after everything he has said! Would it be okay to say that because Trump is white he is only protecting white people? I guess it would only be fair wouldn’t it?
    We need a very smart person as the next president and certainly Trump does not fit this profile.

  25. Trump will get called out no matter what he does. Some people were saying he should have had his lawyer request that the judge be removed because of bias in the case. If he had, the same bunch would be yelling about Trump is racist because he wanted to remove him because he had Mexican heritage. I don’t think Trump supporters cared one way or the other. It was the people who didn’t want Trump to start with and the media who will turn anything he says into something different to cause him trouble. The media no longer report the news, they create the news. This whole thing is a bunch of garbage just like the suit was to start with.Any other judge would probably have thrown it out to start with.




  27. When are the Republicans going to impeach Obama? He hates the USA, especially the Whites. His background with father and step-father proves this claim.
    He is a Muslim and born in Kenya.
    His successors in the WH (Hillary/Billary) should be in prison. One for her emails and Benghazi;the other for rapes.
    Politicians hate Trump, because he will end their imcompetance/corruption by instilling term limits

  28. I do not think that mr. Donald Trump is a racist I believe he is a man of Honor I believe he is a man of honesty and if you push on him or ask him a question this man will answer you with his freedom of speech the problem is they try to take his freedom of speech away like the government has tried to take ours he is no racist he is a decent man trying to help the American people white black whatever and whoever I am tired of this political correctness it’s a bunch of bull just to give somebody reason to cry when we need to cry for jobs get the deficit down take care of old people take care of our own people first build the wall if your not born here you don’t belong here this is our country and our country the United States of America needs a man like Donald Trump to come forward and Lead this country back to the strong country that we once were people need to band together and get him in that white house so that we can finally have a commander in chief that will do the job and not going to play golf and worried about vacations but worry about us the United States of America this is silly the argument over the bathrooms if your man and you have the equipment from the men’s room use the men’s room if you are a woman and have the equipment for the women’s room use the women’s room what is the problem I know everybody’s not crazy why change a law for a very few people and the majority of the people don’t want this change leave it alone it’s not broken worry about what’s needed we are in trouble and if you put Hillary Clinton in there we are doomed but Donald Trump is a man of his word I believe in him and obviously a whole heck of a lot of others do too

  29. I don’t know whether Curiel is a racist, but there is every sign he is politically biased. He is a staunch Clinton supporter and a supporter of illegal aliens. That’s enough cause to expect that he recuse himself from the Trump U case.

  30. The last name Curiel, or Curi, is Hebrew in origin. Much to the Artileand, the family crest. The Curiels were Jewish cryptos who were forced to flee or convert to Catholicism during the time of the Spanish inquisition. Many of the Spanish Jews and converted crypto Jews immigrated to South America, Central America, Mexico and the American South West during and after the inquisition.

  31. LULAC…founded via fleeing Communist to Mexico..to do just what they have accomplished…and right in front of all of us..since 1927

  32. La Raza has stated that they will take back California in a bloodless revolution, by outpopulating us. They’re doing it. It’s no surprise there is a lot of hostility, it’s an aggressive land grab. Our government is colluding with them to help the US downsize more gracefully. Illegal workers work for less in many fields, taking jobs Americans typically don’t want AS WELL AS JOBS WE DO WANT, but business loves them because they keep labor costs down so profits can be higher while costs to the consumer can be lowered a bit. That’s why they get free medical care, education, subsidized housing, drivers licenses, get out of jail free cards including repeat offenders for violence and DUI, food stamps, child care, etc. etc. The government wants these people here because business bribes them, and they couldn’t care less about the long term developments. The government has no love for America, its people or the ideals it was founded upon and that are foundering so badly now. They are sold out whores. That’s why there’s been a huge exodus of people out of CA.

  33. Operation Wetback should be pressed back into service. Since President Eisenhower shoveled out only 2 million from the U.S at that time. What is 20 million more going to take? Answer: TIME and some Military folks who are trained already to go full URBAN and remove them….

    Get moving- Master Sargent!!!

  34. Look, I have several options running through my head, the last of which is all out war with Mexico and Mexicans that aren’t citizens living in America. I still have a small hope that it doesn’t have to come to that. What would they do with the “re-conqured” land that is presently America besides turn it into a 3rd world dump like the one they are trying to get away from? Ca, Texas, NM, Az, and parts of Co would be ran by the drug cartels and the same vile, corrupt, sold-out politicians currently on the job. I know, sounds like our own politicians… but just go down to Mex land some day and see what I mean.

  35. The Judge? Did he go through the process to be an American Citizen?
    If you don’t think my comment is appropriate to the article, please feel free to delete it.


    This will seem like such a petty issue compared to the issue of the article. This article hit me personally; brought up all kinds of emotions and history with the Illegals.

    Born and have lived in Texas all of my life. Where I live in Texas, the Illegals. They, of course, want the American Dream. The Illegals believe they ARE ENTITLED to grab the American Dream without working for it.

    In my mind, the American Dream is having a good job so you can buy a home; and have a nice car. Here in Texas they bought TWO brand new cars, a new house, then expected Texas to pay for the electricity, etc.

    We have social agencies that will pay a ONE time electric bill in the summer. Of course, I drove there to show them my electric bill. I was actually yelled at (that agency was raped of ALL funds by the Illegals.).
    I called all of them. THEY WERE ALL BROKE!