by Sharon Rondeau

(Jun. 3, 2016) — In a tweet on Thursday evening, CBS News’s Mark Knoller reported that in reaction to the revelation that a State Department press conference video depicting aggressive questioning from Fox News White House correspondence James Rosen about Obama’s “Iran nuclear deal” was altered to delete the exchange, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest “points out that while the State Dept video was edited, the unedited transcript of that same briefing was available online.”

Early on Friday morning, The Post & Email replied to Knoller, “Is the ‘unedited’ version of Obama’s long-form birth certificate available online?'” to which we expect to receive no response.

As is patently obvious to readers of this publication, the Obama regime has stopped at nothing to attain and retain the power apparatus of the U.S. government, including creating a forgery of Obama’s “long-form” birth certificate “with an intent to deceive” the American public.  On April 27, 2011, the White House posted, on an unannounced basis, an image said to be a scan of a certified copy of Obama’s detailed birth certificate from the Hawaii Department of Health.

Within 24 hours of its posting, however, it was declared a forgery by graphics experts, which the mainstream press failed to report.

A criminal investigation now into its fifth year concluded in March 2012, after approximately six months of analysis and research, that the long-form birth certificate image is a “computer-generated forgery.”  The White House has made no comment on the findings, nor has Congress investigated.

At the same time, the probe conducted by the Maricopa County, AZ Cold Case Posse found that a document purported to be Obama’s Selective Service registration form is also fraudulent.

The Post & Email was sent a copy of the Selective Service “document” in May 2010 after submitting a request under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).  There are at least two versions of the alleged Selective Service form, the first of which was sent to Stephen Coffman in early 2009 as reported by blogger and attorney Debbie Schlussel.

In May 2009, the Obama regime claimed, after the fact, to have released a Certification of Live Birth (COLB) in June 2008 to Obama’s “FighttheSmears” campaign website aimed at dispelling “lies” about the presidential candidate who said at that time that he was “born in Hawaii” and “loves his flag and his country.”

But which flag, and which country?

No hospital in Hawaii will confirm his claim, and news articles written at the time of his U.S. Senate run in 2004 stating his birthplace as Kenya remain unexplained.

A biography published by Obama’s then-literary agent, Acton & Dystel, had stated for 16 years that Barack Obama was “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.”

In April 2007, the biography was “edited” to say that Obama was “born in Hawaii.”  After the promotional booklet was discovered and posted by Breitbart in May 2012, Miriam Goderich explained the discrepancy as a “fact checking error” on her part, and certainly not an alteration of the facts.

The Obama regime has lied about the Fast & Furious gunrunning operation, claiming that it was limited to one office of the ATF when it was ordered by then-U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

In 2010, in the run-up to the passage of “Obamacare,” it told the American public, “If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor” to assuage trepidation about the “Affordable Care Act,” the premiums for which are now clearly unaffordable for most Americans.

Obama’s first secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, who now seeks to succeed him in the White House, lied about the causes of the Benghazi murders, including to the survivors of the slain at Dover Air Force Base as the bodies were returned stateside. Clinton also insists that she did nothing wrong by using a private email server assembled by a political operative and deleting 30,000 emails that she deemed “personal” in nature before turning over documentation to the State Department after her tenure had ended.

As noted in a State Department inspector general’s report made public last week, Clinton’s “home-brew” arrangement bypassed normal State Department protocols and kept her communications hidden from the people she was expected to be serving, causing them to be inaccessible to FOIA requesters and hacked by foreign operatives, thereby compromising national security.

White House deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes ran interference for the Obama regime in the wake of the Benghazi, Libya terrorist attack on September 11, 2012, which killed four Americans and wounded at least ten others.  More recently, Rhodes was exposed as purposely manipulating the White House press corps to present a favorable view of the “Iran nuclear deal,” about which Rosen had posed his questions during the aforementioned altered State Department press conference.

What is the difference between editing a video to deceive the public and posting a “computer-generated forgery” “with the intent to deceive?”

According to Earnest, editing is fine as long as an original exists somewhere.  So where is Obama’s original birth certificate?  What did the forensic analysis performed by former NSA and CIA contractor Dennis Montgomery show?

With the “computer-generated forgery” still posted on the White House website, why did now-departed White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer call the questions about Obama’s birthplace “a fake issue?”

More than any other White House occupant, Obama has shown an unusual deference to “immigrants,” “refugees,” and illegal aliens entering the country from all directions.  His directives to DHS and ICE have prioritized deportations for only the most hardened criminals, and tens of thousands of illegals have been released to American communities, unbeknownst to their legal residents.


The Post & Email suspects that because of Obama’s recently-demonstrated strong affinity for the “rights” of “transgender” individuals, in addition to Americans being deprived of seeing his real birth certificate, some other truth has also been obscured.  Why else would an alleged president issue a mandate to public schools to allow boys in girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms and vice-versa?  Is there yet another secret behind the fraud he has already proved to be?

Gays and “bisexuals” receive special recognition in the U.S. military.

On Thursday Knoller also tweeted that Earnest is “confident that everyone on his staff understands the importance of ‘preserving the integrity’ of posted WH materials.”

 The question The Post & Email poses is, “What integrity?”

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  1. ALL THE IMMORAL edicts coming either from the Supreme Court or from Obama like gay marriage now being acceptable and transgenders being allowed to use any rest room facility they desire.These edicts are designed with the intention to COLLAPSE America as a society.Just before the Roman Empire collapsed immorality of every kind imaginable existed in their society to the extent that immorality of every description became normal. When immorality is accepted as normal by any society, this DESTROYS the unity and cohesiveness of a society and eventually leads to a lawless anachronistic society where the rule of Law means nothing since anything is now acceptable. America as a society must return to believing in God’s Judgement for behaviors that the Bible calls sin. The Ten Commandments that the ACLU always targets for oblivion in the public square must at least be known and respected by decent people in American society so that immorality like cancer doesn’t win in destroying America’s morality forever. God will judge severely every nation on earth that follows an immoral lifestyle and treats this immoral lifestyle as normal. As observed today on television and the movies from Hollywood, immorality HAS become normal for the producers of pornography and immorality. As long as the producers of immorality are rewarded with unlimited financial rewards, called FILTHY Lucre in the Bible, the peddlers of immorality will continue producing their smut. For a President of the USA to DICTATE a grossly immoral command from the White House that men dressed in women’s clothing are allowed to use women’s rest rooms because they identify with being female IS GROSS IMMORALITY from the ‘President” himself who has NO sense of morality at all. “Obama” has DISGRACED the USA Presidency MORE then any other President who occupied that office! Thank God that January 2017 is now NOT that far away!

  2. It’s readily apparent to me the producer and followers, of this website are true patriots, not only intellectually superior to most, but are more politically savvy than almost any other following. I remain grateful for history accurately portrayed and interpreted, political motives accurately assessed and a serious focus on critical details omitted from most other news services.

  3. I remember Bill O’Reilly edited the archive tape for his one show where he said (as I recall) that Harvard University was in CT as the reason that Obama has a CT SSN. This was in response to an email question near the end of the show. This email and answer was edited out of the archives video file. I believe that BirtherReport.com documented this and has a copy of the original video and the edited video, if you wish to do a story about … it is not just the gov editing things out of archives video. The major media does it too.

  4. Thank you, Sharon, for continuously watching this historic breach of public trust herein since 2009.

    Save all your posts since 2009 for possible reference during a prosecution of the Obama regime just as soon as America’s political pendulum swings the other way, only under Trump’s influence, me thinks.

    As a licensed professional engineer, I look at my fellow licensed legal profession and have to ask, in all of The Soros/Soetoro/Pelosi/Boehner/Ryan Sedated Sedition 08-28-08-TODAY, WHY HAS THE HUGE AMERICAN LEGAL “PROFESSION” NOT UNITED TO ARREST Obama’s “CONSTITUTION PROSTITUTION” for the past 8 years?

    To have virtually the entire learned American licensed legal “profession” sit by idly and watch the daily degradation of the/their supreme law of the land, the paid-for-in-blood US Constitution, from 08-28-08- TODAY, is like the entire licensed American engineering profession sitting by idly and watching daily disintegration and collapse of man-made assemblies, like buildings and electric grids.

    08-28-08- TODAY: where was/is Congress, where was/is the military during/after LTC Terrance Lakin et al, WHERE WAS/IS THE ARMY OF AMERICA’S LICENSED LEGAL PROFESSIONALS in zealously defending their own US Constitution from the radical piratical illegal elements of daily Obama-degradation?

    Just as learned engineers can be chastised (and severely punished) for helping Hitler’s death-designs of gas chambers, since we engineers are to “hold the health, safety and welfare of the inhabitants OF PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE”, learned licensed attorneys can be seen by lay persons as pimps-of-Lady-Justice and liars-for-hire whenever they “zealously” defend obvious wrong-doing that harms and humiliates humanity.

    I am so glad I consumed 40 years as a practicing structural engineer working closely with the forever laws of Nature (gravity, wind, seismic), instead of working as a licensed attorney manipulating the changeable, convenient, optional laws of man!

  5. RE: “Gays and “bisexuals” receive special recognition in the U.S. military.”

    The “U.S. Military” link opens this DoD web-site page:
    “DoD’s Pride Month Celebration Highlights LGBT Leadership”

    It is not only discriminatory and against the UCMJ for the DoD to openly celebrate/promote one group of service-members over others — like Christians for example — it is despicable for the DoD to openly celebrate/promote a group of perverted service members.

    Vietnam Veteran