by Oscar Y. Harward, ©2016

(May 30, 2016) — Why do many Conservatives refuse to cave in and support 2016 GOP Presidential candidate, Donald Trump?  After 12 previous Presidential General Elections supporting each Republican Party nominee during these years, may I offer my reasoning?

For the first time in my entire more than 50 years of participating in GOP elections, we have a Presidential candidate, who rather than acting Presidential, is operating more like a bully criminal; operating from within some lawless slums.

Those who oppose Donald Trump on the issues, or questions his personal lifestyle, his political life by donating his massive number of dollars to liberal organizations, and/or donating to leaders who support and practice liberalism, anti-Constitutional, anti-American policies, etc. against our Founding Founders values as openly expressed in our Federalist Papers, Donald Trump immediately begins demeaning honorable conservatives; and more importantly, without justification for his words.

Most disturbing is for Donald Trump to say, “I don’t think I’ve ever asked God for forgiveness.” http://www.newsmax.com/Headline/trump-does-not-ask/2015/07/18/id/657832/ or failing to respond to a letter allegedly mailed to him https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9WXSQAboJk.

Donald Trump repeats many offensive names for others who choose to oppose him on issues: weak, pathetic, dumb, low-energy, nasty, lack of energy, liar, wears glasses to seem smart, I don’t get it, a disaster, look at that face, rapists, dumb guy, hypocrite, a stiff, a total loser, total lightweight, totally overrated clown, criminals, total loser, moron, dummy, etc.

Donald Trump has deliberately damaged several 2016 Republican Party candidates’ personal integrity in the primary election process and without Trump providing any evidence to sustain his erroneous allegations.

For these Donald Trump unjustifiable and scornful attacks on upstanding and mostly conservative men and women, I totally reject Donald Trump.  As for me, Donald Trump has become a political disaster for America and the Republican Party.  What may be even worse is that a majority of Republicans supports Trump in Primary Elections; embracing his dishonest words.

2016 is a year whereas Republican voters have chosen to back a majority of unfounded nonsense coming from Donald Trump’s mouth, even if it is opposite of what Trump may have, himself said a few years, months, weeks, days, or even a few hours ago. Donald Trump routinely switches ever-changing positions.

Republicans and Conservatives are so angry at the Capitol Hill majority Republican Party leadership who are controlling and leading their fellow Republican Senators and Representatives to legislate in an opposed political direction as called on by the Republican Party’s electorate; ‘We the People’.

Many conservatives are grasping for anyone on conservative issues as ‘We the People’ demand a change from Obama’s White House ideals and as GOP Capitol Hill legislators are forcing upon Americans.

Prior to voting, Americans needs extra time and attention in learning more about each candidates’ entire life, their political history, and the positions on multiple issues, not just focusing in on one issue; as an issue that affects me, me, and me.

Americans need to practice as President John F. Kennedy articulated, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

As Donald Trump queries other 2016 GOP Presidential candidates being unqualified under the US Constitution, Donald Trump’s own mother was not born in the USA, and this may also disqualify Donald Trump.  Does this issue even matter to Trump or his supporters?

Where are Donald Trump’s tax records?  Is Donald Trump hiding his records from Americans until after the General Election?  Are unlawful deductions being keyed within his tax records?

Trump may be paying $0.00, or near nothing, on Federal income taxes.  If so, who pays the federal taxes for our entire government, including our US Military?

For Donald Trump’s shameful names of honorable Americans, I refuse to support Trump’s ‘big untruthful mouth’ without Trump’s authentication of backing up his utterings.  I refuse to listen, trust, or support a multiple continuation of a falsifier’s words as Trump has, time and time again, said without justifications.

After all these years, 2016 is not a year for this 72-year-old Conservative Republican who has given his entire adult life to Conservative Republicans on Conservative fiscal, social, and National Security issues; in saving and supporting our precious nation, our American flag, and our US Constitutional freedoms based on Judeo-Christian values.

Why should Conservatives reject Donald Trump?  The primary reasoning in my mind is that a President Donald Trump, collectively speaking, may do more damage to our precious nation than the current officeholder.

I am saddened!  Our majority Republican Party’s Capitol Hill leaders are leading other GOP legislators away from Judeo-Christian value-based legislations.

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  1. “Refuse to cave in?”

    How about, “fail to be rationally deal with reality?”

    No one is asking anyone to be untrue to their convictions, but wasting time on “woulda, coulda, shoulda” is exactly what got America to the pitiful political reality of the last 8 years in the first place.

    This is why Obama was left stuttering the other day.

    He is EMPTY RHETORIC. At this point the ultra Conservatives lost many of use when they “called down the Holy Spirit” and invoked “the blood of Jesus” in a flourish of rhetorical hyperbole reminiscent of Julius Caesar.

    Americans to do not want PONTIFICATION on the left OR the right.

    Don’t “cave in,” just take a deep breath and thank God that we have a choice this year, not between Trump and an “anointed Conservative,” but rather between Constitutional Republic and Banana Republic.

  2. Mr. Harward,

    Honorable conservatives would have shut down the border long ago and stopped the invasion of both illegals and all other anti-American immigrants as well. The republicans were given congressional majorities and a mandate from the people to so (as well as block aka obama-care among other things) and yet they did nothing except enable aka obama. With very few exceptions, our elected republicans are not honorable conservatives.

    Will Donald Trump succeed where the GOPe has even failed to try? I don’t know, but I believe Mr. Trump actually loves his country and will give it his best shot, which make him much more honorable and much more conservative than any of your GOPe RINOsaurs.

  3. Fran, Molly, and OPOVV your remarks are spot on, THANKS.

    The Dems are out of control, devoid of truth. They are left of left and no where like JFK. The GOP isn’t much better, they have no spine. they are vocal, “give us the senate” and “then the house”, “then we’ll take action”. This happens and then we get weak excuses and no action.

    Trump isn’t perfect, but he seems real and speaks his mind. To me, he seems better than most “politicans”. That is because he is not one of them. I don’t believe he is for sale. He is bold and not intimidated. Trump has guts and leads by example. He likely would prefer to live his life as before, but has decided to become an elected servant.

    Overall Trump is a decent man and much better than who is in the White House now. To me, he’ll do a fine job.

  4. What “Honorable” conservatives are you referring to Mr. Harward? I haven’t seen ANY in this administration for quite sometime! Do you mean any of those that ran against him? Please don’t refer to Cruz or Rubio as an honorable conservative, they are NEITHER since BOTH ran as INELIGIBLE candidates thus there was NO HONOR there at all.

    Trump’s tax records, where IS that requirement in the Constitution that one running for potus must show his tax records? WHO CARES

    Honorable Conservatives – WHERE have you BEEN for the past 7 years with the current usurper in and those so called “honorable” conservatives in Congress NOT DOING a thing about his EO’s or other unconstitutional acts? WHAT honorable conservatives are out there when we are giving away FREE things to illegals and not a darn thing to our veterans who HAVE EARNED them?

    So far Mr Harward, I’ve YET to see an Honorable Conservative in this administration. Is Mr Trump brash – you bet! Does he use colorful language – you bet! But it’s TIME to stop being so Politically correct! He says it the way so many of us have been feeling.

    This 20 year Navy Veteran is elated to have someone FINALLY come out and speak for us and say enough is enough.

  5. As for “Honorable Conservatives” getting so upset about Mr. Trump not releasing his Tax Returns, which are currently being audited and thus not finalized, where where these “Honorable Conservatives” when Mr. Trump offered $10 Million for the fraud to release his School Records? The “Honorable Conservatives” proved they didn’t care about making sure our Constitution was being followed and that the person in the White House was Constitutionally qualified. And the “Honorable Conservatives” agreed with every politician that the American Public has no right to know who the heck is sitting in the White House and leading our troops as the Commander-in-Chief.

    Your article has proven one point, and that is the term “Conservative” is now as meaningful as “Racist”.

  6. Dear Mr. Harward;
    Honorable Conservative: 1) borrow money from a repressive Communist regime in order to pay-off those who violated the Constitutional rights of others in order to place a usurper in the White House for the sole purpose to destroy the Republic from within; 2) a person who, publically, endorses the fanciful belief that illegal immigrants violate the laws of the USA for “love”, clearly demonstrated by the alarming number of legal American citizens who have been injured, maimed, and murdered by “love”. Such people deserve the moniker of “no energy, total loser, moron, dummy, etc.”; 3) a person who points to the Democratic Party and proclaims that the party of JFK is now the “National Socialist Party”, not realizing that the Republican Party of “The Great Communicator” has become the Democratic Party of yesteryear: the Republican Party is no more, and hasn’t been since time has past on by and left 72 year old men standing on the station platform holding their hats in their hands and shaking their heads at what they can’t understand: the “establishment” sat by and watched as an honorable Army doctor was railroaded in a kangaroo Court Martial. LTC Terry Lakin asked if his Commander in Chief, Obama, was Constitutionally qualified to hold the office of president and for this Lakin was sent to a Federal Penitentiary and Dishonorably Discharged. Not one “Honorable Conservative” stood-up and proclaimed “foul”, on the contrary, not a peep was heard.
    I’m an Honorably Discharged Veteran with a Good Conduct medal (which I’m more proud of than any of the others) and actually – truthfully – put my life on the line while in combat.
    If you want the “Military Industrial Complex” to continue to arm our troops with questionable equipment, I’m not your friend.
    If you think that a gun jammed by a little bit of dirt is no big deal, I’m not your friend.
    If you think that the Joint Chiefs of Staff are not anything more than political hacks, I’m not your friend.
    If you think it’s okay for the Federal Reserve Bank to go through yet another year without boing audited, I’m not your friend.
    My attitude hasn’t changed one iota when I had one man pulling my hair on the back of my head while another held a knife to my throat and I walked away with nothing but a slash on my arm.
    My gut feeling is that Trump is the only hope out there for America: he reminds me of myself 4 years ago, when I too put my hat in the ring, except for the 10 billion.
    Don’t be saddened: we’re lucky to have someone other than the pabulum that we’ve been fed for the past few decades.
    Tax records? We don’t give a hoot for tax records.
    We do care that the enemy is through the gates and in the White House, what about you?
    And in conclusion, America died when your so-called “Honorable Conservatives” allowed LTC Terry Lakin to be paraded through the airport lobby while shackled. It was the saddest day in the history of America, and you seemed to have missed it.