by Sharon Rondeau

(May 30, 2016) — An independent filmmaker who appears to have penned an editorial on Sunday at The Huffington Post claiming that FBI Director James Comey is preparing to recommend to the Justice Department that Hillary Clinton be indicted on racketeering charges in connection with the Clinton Foundation reportedly told Breitbart reporter Patrick Howley that the removal of his piece has yet to be explained.

The author, Frank Huguenard, titled his article, published at The Huffington Post blog on May 29, “Hillary Clinton to be Indicted on Federal Racketeering Charges.”

“James Comey and the FBI will present a recommendation to Loretta Lynch, Attorney General of the Department of Justice, that includes a cogent argument that the Clinton Foundation is an ongoing criminal enterprise engaged in money laundering and soliciting bribes in exchange for political, policy and legislative favors to individuals, corporations and even governments both foreign and domestic,” Huguenard claimed in his article.

He did not disclose his sources.

Earlier on Monday, Howley reported that the article had been removed, with its link now leading to an “Error 404” message, which this writer found on Monday night is still the case.

A link to the story posted on Huguenard’s Facebook page also leads to the error message.  A discussion below shows Huguenard stating, “I’ve got sources telling me that they will drop the case if the [sic] drops out of the race. I hope this isn’t true, the DNC is complicit in election fraud.”

On Monday morning, Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends” also reported the article’s brief appearance and subsequent disappearance from The Huffington Post’s website.

A later article published Monday by Howley reported a tweet exchanged with Huguenard in which Huguenard is said to have stated, “Huffpo has yet to respond to my request for an explanation.”  “I want to do another story but my HuffPo account has been temporarily disabled. Not sure what’s happening with them,” Howley quoted Huguenard as having told him.

Huguenard has written for The Huffington Post in the past expressing his support for Bernie Sanders, as he does on his Twitter feed.  A biography appearing at the bottom of a list of his previous HuffPo columns reads:

Frank Huguenard holds a degree in science from Purdue University and spent decades in product development in Silicon Valley prior to embarking on a career in documentary film production, specializing in films bridging the gap between Science & Spirituality. He draws on his research in the fields of combination of psychology, physics, wisdom traditions, sociology and history. You can see his films at

The film-review website IMDb shows Huguenard as “a producer and director” of two science-based films.  Huguenard’s Twitter feed displays his website,, the title of which also appears at the top of his Twitter account.

Huguenard appears to be a former star athlete in the sport of “dischoops,” described as “What Ultimate Frisbee Was Supposed To Be.”

A biography of Hugeneard at Spectrum Radio Network reads:

Frank Huguenard received a BS/CS from Purdue University in Computer Science in 1982 and has spent decades in silicon valley as a software engineer. About ten years ago, he was escorted out the door of the company he was working at by an armed guard when he was fired for inventing a product that not only contained most of the functionality of Skype, but which had features Skype still doesn’t have!! All of this happened while his best friend and soul mate was losing her battle with breast cancer. Several years later, Skype was purchased for $3 Billion by EBay and Frank was still unemployed and broke. In a quest to make sense of his bewilderment, he set out on a spiritual journey to understand the nature of reality. The end result of this search has been his desire to share with the world his own new found happiness and how he went about achieving it.

Apart from being founder and Executive Director of a non-profit humanitarian relief organization, The Bountiful Garden Foundation, Frank is also progenitor of Dischoops, the greatest team sport ever.

A 2014 discussion about Huguenard on the social media website Reddit asks, “Does anyone know who Frank Huguenard is?”

The Post & Email was unable to locate the specific tweet Howley stated that he and Huguenard exchanged regarding the removal of the article by HuffPo.

The FBI has been investigating Clinton’s use of a private email server and handling of classified information while she was Secretary of State under Obama, and a second investigation has focused on whether or not the Clinton Foundation accepted illegal donations.  For the past several weeks, new revelations in the email scandal have emerged from the government-watchdog organization, Judicial Watch, which has filed multiple lawsuits for the release of Clinton’s hidden emails as well as those of her former aides.

Judicial Watch is currently taking depositions from those aides as to their knowledge of Clinton’s email activity and private server and has asked that Clinton also testify.

A report issued last week by the Office of the Inspector General for the State Department faulted Clinton for “failing to comply with the agency’s policies on records while using a personal email server that was not — and, officials say, would never have been — approved by agency officials.”

Speculation continues to abound as to whether or not Clinton, the Democrat presidential front-runner, will be indicted by a federal grand jury on either or both of the matters currently under FBI investigation.

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  1. Wow, double pay-back? Clinton’s take out themselves and Obama. Some snakes actually do eat each other.

    Call it kismet.