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(May 30, 2016) — In early October of 2003, I wrote an article titled “The Destruction of the US Military” which was published at the Price of Liberty. At that time, I doubt very few people outside the city of Chicago or the country of Kenya had ever heard of Barack Obama. The war in Afghanistan had been going on for two years and the war in Iraq had started in March of that year. Today, we are still engaged in both countries with new additions since then in wars to “keep us safe,” but hopelessly in debt.

When we have run out of enemies to fight we create, finance and equip new ones just like we did back in 1978 when we provided the now feared Muslims with $500 million in taxpayer-provided “seed money. The facts are clear for those with the eyes to see and the courage to believe.  In fact, Lt. General Michael Flynn, once head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, states George W. Bush created both al Qaeda and ISIS.

Here is what I wrote in 2003; below that I will include a recent article along the same lines blaming the entire mess on Obama. Americans, after all, have very short attention spans. Again, very few had heard of Obama in 2003 when I wrote the below. * Note: most all of the links I listed in this article have long since been removed but I have left them in place.

“Political correctness, feminization, dependence on whiz-bang weaponry and a subsequent lack of training are dragging our military into a total state of ineptness. Since WW II we have not fought an enemy who possessed our military resources, yet there are no victories in the win column. I know there are those who will point to the first Gulf War but if that was, in fact, a victory, why are we re-fighting that war these 12 years later?

Politics in the military has always been a problem, but with the current PC crowd and the feminists having enough clout to influence policy, the total decay has begun. Compounding the entire problem is the power of the neocons to influence policy by placing the military into no-win wars that only serve to satiate the greed and power hunger of these history challenged idiots.

A perfect example is what is happening to our forces in Iraq. We are now suffering daily casualties from ambushes borrowed from the playbook of the North Vietnamese Army and the Viet Cong. Just last week a column in Iraq was ambushed and was unable to extricate itself from the killing zone for over 8 hours, even with the help of air assets. The ambush was finally broken when more armor arrived on the scene. This was accomplished against the strongest military on the planet by a group of what our government describes as “remnants and rabble.” (Can anyone say Mogadishu?)

More ominous than the number of killed-in-action and wounded is the number being returned to the states from duty in Iraq for “mental/physical reasons.” While the number of killed and wounded is rapidly approaching 2,000, the number returned for these mental/physical problems is over 4,800! Considering the time we have been in Iraq, this number represents over 20 military personnel each day being sent home for these undisclosed ailments. Why are we not being told about the mysterious cases of pneumonia, or the number of suicides or the number of non-combat gunshot wounds?

No one at the DoD wants to comment on the exact nature of the mental problems our people are succumbing to in unprecedented numbers. Is this the result of our kinder/gentler training? Are we sending soldiers/sailors/marines into harm’s way without the demanding training necessary to handle the horrors of war? Is this necessary training being eliminated to make room for diversity and sensitivity training? What exactly is the breakdown on the gender of those returned? Would the disclosure of this information indicate a problem in training? Would we ever know if it was?

What about the morale of the troops? How have those who face the uncertainty of combat each day dealt with the false heroes, created by their lying government, getting undeserved credit (Jessica Lynch) and the plethora of the many undeserved awards and decorations being spread around all the military branches, with the exception of the Marine Corps? Are our present day troops seeing the injustice of the treatment given to those who have walked their path previously? Are they worried that this government sees them as the enforcement arm of a cabal that seeks only to enrich themselves and their campaign contributors and will throw them on the trash heap when they can no longer carry the gun, sail the ship or fly the plane?

Perhaps they have already gotten the picture when they were wounded and then forced to pay for their own meals in the hospital, or are already faced with haunting dreams that will be with them forever. Even when our military leaders pay the victims of the crimes committed against the civilian population, the horror of those actions will be permanently etched on the minds of those who were witnesses to these acts and will make regular visits with devastating mental images for the rest of their lives. Some will take their own lives to exit the nightmares.

Our military is vastly over deployed. A smaller military now serving in 106 countries gets no time to train and no time off to spend with families.

The neocons, led by Secretary of War Donald Rumsfeld, have instituted new policies giving promotions to those in the upper officer ranks. When one is interviewed by these chicken hawks — who have never served a day in the military — demand that they make the choice between becoming the “perfumed princes” the neocons desire or ending their careers. This is destroying our military from the top while PC/feminized training and loss of morale destroys it from the bottom.

An illustration of this insane policy is the story of a Physician’s Assistant in Korea who recently warned male soldiers that the chance of contracting a sexually transmitted disease was much higher if they chose a female American soldier as opposed to the Korean girls found at the bars outside the camp.

We, as a nation, should be much more concerned about all this than our leaders are. They see re-instituting the draft as the answer to these problems while we should see that all of it is the result of a ruling cabal using the blood and health of our children to line their pockets. It is time to stop the madness.”

Here is the recent article written by a person using the Nom de plume of Jeremiah Johnson at the website www.shtfplan.com in which the debacle of our destroyed military is placed entirely at the feet of Obama. Please don’t get me wrong; the Obama presidency is an unmitigated disaster, but the seeds of the destruction of this country and its military go much deeper than the last 7 years.

Here is the recent assessment of Jeremiah Johnson—written almost 13 years after the one I wrote on the same subject—it just has a different villain.

“This Country is on its Deathbed and Obama has placed it there.”

“We have all seen the buildup of U.S. and NATO troops facing Russia’s western border and the steady push by those two groups in conjunction with the MIC and the IMF to enter the world into a new Cold War against Russia.  Some of the equipment is pretty impressive, such as the U.S.S. Admiral Zumwalt that has just been rolled off of the assembly line.  But there is an interesting point I wish to make that you may have seen.  Did you notice that in terms of effectiveness, the U.S. military has had its hands tied behind its back in terms of overall combat readiness?

The Zumwalt can be taken out with one of those nice new hypersonic missiles the Chinese and Russians have integrated in their systems.  As of this piece, the Russians are emplacing new radar detecting equipment to offset the “Aegis ashore” ABM station that has been up and running in Romania since last Thursday.  Measure and countermeasures, yes, but in terms of combat readiness, in the words of our own military, we are not up to standards.

On March 22, 2016 a hearing was conducted by Republicans on the House Armed Services Committee to discuss the shortage of parts and equipment suffered by the armed forces.  The Chairman, Mac Thornberry visited Beaufort Marine Corps Air Station, and found that parts were actually taken from a museum to refit aircraft, as follows:

“…an F/A-18 based at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort that flew in the raid against Libya in 1986 needed a part. The part is no longer made and there were none on hand. Crew and pilots checked the F-18s on display at Beaufort to see if they might find a part. No luck. A lieutenant colonel visiting the USS Yorktown aircraft carrier about two hours away in Charleston, South Carolina. saw an F/A-18 of the same model, a HASC staff member told me today. They scrounged the part from what would appear to be the A  model on the carrier’s deck. (It’s the only F-18 at the Yorktown.  They got the part, but sadly, it didn’t work.”

Breakingdefense.com, article by Colin Clark, March 23, 2016

Reports have mentioned out of Fox News recently that the Air Force is short 4,000 personnel to conduct maintenance, and is short 700 pilots.  The Air Force is reduced to relying on spare parts it can scrap out of a desert scrapyard of aircraft known as “The Boneyard.”  Fox interviewed a Master Sergeant in the Air Force, stationed at Ellsworth Air Force base in South Dakota and he told about burned-out, overworked air crews and maintenance staff and equipment shortages:

“It’s not only the personnel that are tired, it’s the aircraft that are tired as well,” Master Sgt. Bruce Pfrommer, who has over two decades of experience in the Air Force working on B-1 bombers, told Fox News.  “We have only 20 aircraft assigned on station currently. Out of those 20 only nine are flyable,” Pfrommer said

The report went on to state that only about half of the 28th Bomb Wing’s aircraft are even able to lift off of the ground, let alone perform combat missions. The piece detailed some good information on the B-1 fleet and its capabilities, as follows:

“When operating effectively, the B-1 can be one of the most lethal bombers in the U.S. military’s arsenal. Designed as a low-level deep strike penetrator to drop nuclear weapons on the Soviet Union in the early 1980s, the B-1 has evolved into a close-air support bomber. Flying for 10-12 hours at a time high above the battlefield, B-1’s can carry 50,000 pounds of weapons, mostly satellite-guided bombs.  “It can put a 2,000-pound weapon on a doorknob from 15 miles away in the dark of night, in the worst weather,” said Col. Gentry Boswell, commander of the 28th Bomb Wing at Ellsworth.”

This is what the airmen and aircrews have been suffering.  What is very monstrous is the big picture, taken over the past 7 years under Obama: the systematic dismantling and deliberate reduction in combat effectiveness and defense capabilities.

Obama has cashiered the senior Officer and Enlisted Personnel at the Command levels, and the ones with the most combat experience derived from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Obama has degraded the military’s combat effectiveness by the lowering of standards regarding personnel: assignments are done according to political “correctness” and quota, not by ability.  Case in point the appointment of Eric Fanning as the first “openly gay” Secretary of the Army.

Not one day as a soldier, and this is what the Senate confirmed as their Secretary of the Army.

It is all deliberate…the dropping of the TARS system that augmented NORAD, the mothballing of production for the A-10’s and the Tomahawk, and the lackadaisical stance for coastline scrambles when a “foreign partner’s” bomber or submarine ventures into U.S. territory.

It is a deliberate and treasonous weakening of our defenses.  Obama is a traitor that has managed (with glacial slowness) to implement his policies and destroy the country.  His greatest tool has been the American public, who are too busy trying to wrangle free cell phones and money to care about anything but their own desires.  The country is on its deathbed, and Obama has placed it there.  While he golfs, vacations, and raises funds, our Air Force is reduced to a scavenger hunt to obtain the parts they require, and our military is understrength and weakening by the day.

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