Obama Threatens to Sue and Defund Public Schools if They Don’t Obey Him


by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2016

Why does Obama protect the rights of a few over the rights of the majority?

(May 16, 2016) — Now the Napalm bomb is falling on schools and kids all across the country with the latest directive from Obama.  As usual, hiding behind the curtain of minority rights, making it sound like a heartfelt, desperate cause, Obama has ordered all public schools to allow anyone of any sex, transgender or whatever they think of themselves, to waltz into any boys’ or girls’ bathroom.  The transgender and mystery-sex person also gets to pick whatever shower they want – boys’ or girls’.  Forget the rights, safety and comfort zone of 99% of the other kids in the school.  They don’t matter  – just the minority-manipulated needs of the ‘mystery sex’ student.

Obama means business with this directive.  He has threatened all kinds of lawsuits and to pull government funds if the schools don’t submit and obey.

Parents, I know we all want to be compassionate and open to people of difference.  That is most cool, but I know my 7th grade boy would feel more than a tinge horrified taking a shower after P.E. class next to a student with female physical attributes.

Thankfully for my boy, I yanked him out of public school at the beginning of this year due to extreme bullying he was experiencing.  He was also having related physical problems with asthma.  I can just imagine throwing him back into the public school system now where he can be abused some more by being forced to display himself naked in a shower room with a transgender student staring at him.  I think not.

Obama went way too far starting the first year of his UN-Constitutional and anti-God rule as President, but now, he is directly assaulting the safety of all our children in the public school system.  Just when a kid thought there might be a moment to himself in the bathroom, he is wrong.  Now, everyone else gets to be in there also.  Our girls will just have to face it that privacy in the shower room will be no more.  They must find a way to relax with the transgender student showering next to them talking about Mr. Frank in science class.

How many of you ladies would purposely walk into a men’s shower after a workout at a YMCA, undress and stand alongside the boys soaping up and spraying down?

No one No one No one and No one.

We have watched Obama turn our fine military into a sized-down, compromised, LGBT sexual playground.  There seem to be legal and military rights for all the sexual Wonder Bread crowd and complete annihilation of Christian and speech rights.  Chaplains praying in Jesus’s name now get written up, threatened or fired. Soldiers are not to have any real or personal beliefs that marriage is to be between a man and a woman.  More than one soldier has been demoted or fired for daring to have a conservative or Christian opinion.

What now, folks?

Obama has just opened a Pandora’s box.  I predict a tsunami of lawsuits coming from Obama to schools.  School leaders and parents all across the country, no doubt, will start forming class action lawsuits back at the Obama administration.  I predict thousands of kids will be yanked from public schools by their horrified parents because of what Obama has shamefully done now.

All parents must fight to protect their kids from pedophiles and other perverts online, among strangers and friends at school.  Now, however, Obama has brought this very real danger right into our living rooms – no, bathrooms – of our schools and homes.

It is time to focus our national horror and rage into countless lawsuits against Obama and his administration.  Demand your school leaders rise up and protect our children by not allowing this to happen to our schools.  Forget blackmail and funding issues.  It is time to trust God, protect the rights and safety of our children and stand up and battle.

It is really very simple in businesses and schools.  If officials everywhere are freaking out now over transgender rights, then they should do this.  Direct a transgender or sexual mystery person to a private bathroom in a school, not the main one.  The same idea should be implemented at department stores.  Send them to a private bathroom somewhere in the store, not the public bathroom or public shower.

Obama has no interest in honoring and protecting the rights and safety of our kids – only the illegal alien, Muslim children and sexually unique variety.  All others can disappear and shut up.

It is time yet again for our nation to stand in every way possible against Obama and this UN-Constitutional, un-Christian, unfair, immoral and stupid decree demanding transgender rights in any bathroom and any shower.

Well, Mr. President….’Or else’ can go both ways.  Our nation is going to rise up boldly against you and your vicious assault on our children and public schools.




2 Responses to "Obama Threatens to Sue and Defund Public Schools if They Don’t Obey Him"

  1. JONATHAN DAVID MOOERS   Thursday, May 19, 2016 at 1:34 PM

    The Pelosi/Boehner/Ryan-Obama Sedated Sedition 08-28-08- TODAY

    And now we see attempted sexual martial law imposed on America’s bathrooms.

    Defying and defining the forever laws of Nature by extorting the legal to impose the illegal.

    But We the People seem content to let our outrage on all of Soetoro-Obama’s endless parade of harm and humiliation to only rise to the level of: COMPLAINT

    The American Complaint Industry 08-28-08- TODAY = FOX, blog and dodge

    Until We the People rise up from subjects to Citizens, until we get on board the Trump Train and support a TRUMP DEMOLITION to arrest-prosecute-sentence-punish Soetoro-Obama et al for crimes against humanity and his willful unchecked lawlessness allowed by our entire nation’s collapsed governmental structure as illegally funded by Pelosi/Boehner/Ryan 08-28-08- TODAY, and concurrently, support a TRUMP RENOVATION 2015-2020 to heal, unite and elevate America to its rightful benevolent No. 1 position among nations, just keep on complaining 24/7/365 until we are officially a Third World existence submerged in bankruptcy.

    IGNORE HIS ANTI-CONSTITUTIONAL DIRECTIVES AND ARREST SOETORO-OBAMA! (or this comment is just another useless complaint 08-28-08- TODAY)

  2. OPOVV   Monday, May 16, 2016 at 11:19 PM

    The “END GAME” is, I believe, none other than taking the children away from the parents to be placed in State-run Indoctrination Centers (schools/orphanages/Boot Camps) so the Obama/Clinton/New World Order nonsense can raise a bunch of little Obamas and Hillary’s: mindless robots who are trained to give unfettered allegiance to whomever is the president and who will JUST FOLLOW ORDERS.
    This “END GAME” of Obama’s Administration is really getting ugly.
    In the 2014 elections the Republican Party ran on the platform of “abolishing Obamacare” and, even though they won overwhelmingly, the bill was never even voted on.
    We’ve been had and the “system” is continuously doing us in.
    Be a Trumpster; be armed; be wise.

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