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by OPOVV, ©2016

“That’s not who we are” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gouAcayDwLM

(May 13, 2016) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to another fun-filled episode of ‘Pulse of the Nation.’ As you can see, we’re back in town about to waylay this couple.

“Excuse me, please. Roving Reporter here.”

“We know who you are, we ought to, watch you every night. We think you have an attitude. We’re Democrats and support Hillary and don’t appreciate your ‘HILLARY for PRISON 2016’ tee shirt. But go right ahead and make a fool out of yourself. I’m sorry, but my husband is hard of hearing and refuses to wear a hearing aid. Says it’ll make him look old.”

“Our sponsors will be glad to hear you watch the show. The question is about Muslim immigration: do you agree with Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims from immigrating?”

“It’s not who we are. We’re a country that’s known for accepting all religions. Trump should be ashamed of himself. I’m sure he broke a law somewhere; have him arrested.”

“Fact is we take people who would be a credit to our nation. Name one thing that Muslims bring to the table when they immigrate to America. They won’t assimilate and all they do is take as many government handouts as possible.”

“It’s not who we are, Sonny Boy.”

“Well, it may be it’s not who you are, but you can bet your bottom dollar it’s who I am.”

“Well! I never! Such an attitude: you’ll never get anywhere in life thinking like that.”

“What about Muslims killing the Christians – genocide — and destroying ancient artifacts?”

“If we haven’t seen it on the mainstream news, then I guess it’s just not important enough to be concerned about.”

“Oh, boy. Look, you at least ought to care about the next generation.”

“Why? They don’t care about us; just look at Obamacare.”

“But Hillary supports Obamacare.”

“My father was a Democrat and we’ve been Democrats all of our lives: we’ll vote straight down the Democratic ticket.”

“I’m sure you will. Run along now and thank you for talking with us.”

“Rude man.”

“Better rude than . . ..  Well, here comes a nice young lady walking her dog. You going to take little Fluffy for a train ride today?”

“Look, Mr. Roving – yes, I watch ‘Pulse of the Nation’; doesn’t mean I have to like it – ‘little Fluffy’’s name just happens to be ‘Miss El Cajon 2012,’ for your information, so you better mind your manners.”

“Please excuse an ignorant redneck. Could you and your dog spare a moment to answer a question?”

“You mean the same question you asked those old folks? Sure. About what they said about the killing of Christians and the destruction of Palmyra, well, that’s been on the news for years.

“And I also heard what she said about her father being a Democrat so she was, too: out to lunch, I’d say. The Democrat Party of yesteryear isn’t anything like it was when JFK was president. The Democrat Party is some Socialist derivative, and the Republican Party is what JFK’s Party used to be.

“The Republican Party died a long time before Trump came on the scene. The Republican Party of yesteryear would’ve impeached Obama in the first six months, for one, and for another, no way would they have allowed that honorable Army doctor, LTC Terry Lakin, to be railroaded in a kangaroo court-martial into Leavenworth Federal Prison: no way, no how.

“And here comes our train. Gotta split.”

“Wait a minute. How come you’re so knowledgeable about politics?”

“My ex-husband is a political writer for one of those blogs on the Internet and I like what he says, that’s how.”

“Oh, that makes sense. Thanks for chatting with us. Bye, Fluffy. Time for one more? Excuse me, young man, mind if I ask you a question?”

“Sure. Ask away.”

“What Trump said about banning Muslims: agree or disagree?”

“Oh, agree. I like Trump. Went to one of his rallies and had a really good time, that is, until it was over and we had to run the National Socialist’s gauntlet to get out of there, with the police just standing around looking the other way while rocks and insults were thrown at us.”


“Rocks, as in Mt. Rushmore, but smaller, like. Other than that, I’d go again. Hey, how come the cops let it happen? And what’s with that wacko governor of California? Didn’t he take an oath to protect all of the people and not just the protesters?”

“Good point. I’m afraid we’re out of time, folks, and so, on behalf of my crew, I’ll be wishing you all a good night: Goodnight.”

“How about those old folks? ‘Not my country?’ It sure as heck is. Burger-time: my treat.”

Semper Fi


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