May 12, 2016

[Author’s Note:  This is a response I made to the NRCC’s request via Paul Ryan.]

Honorable Speaker Paul Ryan,

This is in response to your (NRCC) request to join your Speaker’s Club by making a monthly donation.  All of the donations made in the past by myself and others have not resulted in the Republicans, when elected, to have acted any differently from the Democrats.   I am sorry but I will not be with you because I am afraid your request is filled with the same old promises you have made but did not fulfill.  The Republican Party has been elected to office to do just what you claim to now want to accomplish.  Both Boehner and you have led a feckless House and with the help of Senator Mitch McConnell have only succeeded in giving the unqualified President (usurper if you will) everything he wants or needs to further destroy our country. And now you, with others, openly oppose the only person to come along who we American Patriots, labeled as the silent majority, believe will do what he says.

You may, and probably have, asked why Mr. Trump has become so popular?  I suggest you take a look at the popularity and rise to unparalleled prominence of Rush Limbaugh.  Of course many do not care for his bombastic approach, but it is hard to argue with his success.  He, like Mr. Trump, only says the things we (the silent majority) think and talk about all the time.  May I humbly suggest you use the position you have to get the entire House behind the choice that has been made by a majority of those who have already voted.

May 8th was President Harry Truman’s birthday as well as my own.  Mr. Truman, a Democrat, was from the “Show ME State” of Missouri.  In today’s world, Truman would have been considered a Republican for his honesty. In comparison to today’s presidents and politicians, according to historians, he said, “I could never lend myself to any transaction, however respectable.”  He is reported to have later written, “…that would commercialize on the prestige and dignity of the office of the presidency.”

When we Americans today see all of you politicians who abuse your term in office by becoming millionaires at taxpayer expense, it is little wonder there is no longer trust in what you say or do.  I heard recently that Obama even wants to raise his retirement salary on top of all of the other monetary perks afforded a president after he leaves office.  I’m sure you are aware that Congress voted itself a pay raise in the past when those of us on Social Security have not seen a penny.

You mention “our work will be undone” without these donations.  Please show us what you have done.  All we see is more and more government that you have been unable to stop.  So much for your desire to “RESTORE CONFIDENCE” in America.


Lloyd Carter
Member of the Silent Majority for ¾ of a century as of May 8
No longer Silent

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