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(May 11, 2016) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘Pulse of the Nation.’ We’ve been invited to the Pentagon* to hear General Forrest give the first of his series of ‘Post-Obama’ speeches: let’s listen in.

“As you were. Today what you’re about to hear is a possible scenario to save, first, our country and, second, Western Civilization. As you can see, we’ve invited Roving and crew from ‘Pulse of the Nation’ to record what we hope will be the way out of the mess that our country is in.

“Forget the ‘enemy at the gates’ part and let’s just skip to ‘the enemy is among us’ part. Our military has been decimated since Obama seized control and we’re paying the price.

“What we have today is a sorry excuse for a military designed to protect our way of life. We’ve lowered the standards to incorporate desk-jockeys to operate as front-line troops. We’ve decimated our ranks, both officers and enlisted, of warriors to the point of publicly stating that we’ve ‘weeded-out the MacArthurs.’ Fort Hood and the tent murders in Kuwait haven’t taught us one single thing, yet they should have opened our eyes to a very serious problem that we’ve ignored.

“We are predicating our future on Trump as our next CIC. If Hillary wins then this speech is moot, just as our country will be. From the prospect of ‘No Sharia Law’ to the complete overthrow of the Constitution, there are no areas of grey; no ‘No-man’s land’; no DMZ: it’ll be either/or: either America will have a chance to survive as a Republic that honors the rights of all, or she will fail as the ‘Beacon of Freedom’ for the world; stand tall or fall; succeed or fail.

“Ever since the day of our independence, our country has been a social experiment that has worked reasonably well beyond expectations until Obama came on the scene with Eric Holder as the Attorney General. During the 2008 elections there was widespread voter fraud and intimidation, which have been well-documented, even to the point of the violations filmed. The most infamous violations were those of the Black Panthers threatening voters, which Holder failed to prosecute because they were, and I quote, ‘My people.’

“And here I thought the ‘Law’ was paramount; that equality crossed racial and educational lines; and that rational people acted in a rational manner. It turns out that the concept of ‘rational’ is no more than lip service; above the law is no law; and that violating the freedoms of others lowers the freedoms of all.

“As I’ve said, if Hillary wins then we’re retired and will have nothing more to do with a nation that refuses to stand up for what is the right thing to do, rather than bend over backwards to accommodate those who wish to destroy us. The old saying is just alive and well today as it was 240 years ago: ‘You can’t fight City Hall.’

“However, if Trump wins we propose to bring back the Draft and put this country on a war footing:  in other words, FULL MOBILIZATION to implement the deportation of all the enemies of, not only us Americans, but of Western civilization itself.

“From town to town, city to city, and from state to state we will cleanse America of her enemies, and then we’ll go up to Canada to assist them to do the same, and then over to the British Isles and then on to Europe, Japan, New Zealand and Australia.

“Our forces will, at first, ‘suggest’; then we’ll ‘nudge’; and lastly we’ll take names, but this I promise you: we will succeed. We will put an end to barbaric acts and to barbarians worldwide, for good and forever.

“Someone has to fight back, for if someone does not stand-up for Lady Liberty, we’ll all fall under the yoke of despotism; freedom will enter the abyss where the light of hope will be forever extinguished.

“And so, in conclusion, I’m proud to announce that, as of this day, our troops overwhelmingly support Trump and by the time of the elections we will, hopefully, have done our best to keep our troops informed to the point where they support Trump near 100%.

“Thank you for attending, and thank you, ‘Pulse of the Nation,’ for broadcasting this speech on the airways tonight.”

“Attention on deck! Dismissed.”

“And that’s our cue to end tonight’s show. Thank you for watching and so, on behalf of my crew, I’ll be wishing you all a good night: Goodnight.”

“Well, General, great speech.”

“Thank you, Roving. We serve a mean burger here and you’re all welcome. It’ll be the taxpayer’s treat.”

“Thank you, General, don’t mind if we do.”

*The Pentagon is now called “The Department of Defense”; I suggest that the name be changed back to what it was originally, “The Department of War.”

Semper Fi


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