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May 9, 2016

Author’s Note:  This letter was originally written in 2015, but the question is still unresolved.

To: Director Comey, FBI; General Duneford, Chairman, JCS

Today, November 12, 2015, I made a call to the Headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in order to make what I believe to be a legitimate inquiry and/or complaint.

I realize you are an extremely busy organization and I had to wait in line for a few minutes before a pleasant female answered my call. She asked the nature of my call. I stated substantially, “Why have President Obama and Eric Holder not been indicted for their crimes in carrying out Operation Fast and Furious?” She asked me for my phone number and abruptly hung up.

My interest was piqued; had I touched on a vital nerve? I immediately placed another call which was also answered, again by a pleasant-sounding female. The same or similar routine ensued with the same result. For damned good reason, I am NOT amused. As a citizen I am deserving of courtesy so long as I am courteous, which came about by upbringing and having spent nearly 42 years in the service of my country.

I have been an interested spectator and victim of the machinations of our corrupt political party system. The fact that I am now retired enables me to get more involved. Since January 20, 2009, I have been heavily involved; I have either written letters, petitions, faxes, emails or made phone calls to three Federal Attorneys (Arizona, New Jersey, Washington, D.C.); members of the Congress, Supreme Court (Chief Justice Roberts), and the Military (Chairman of the JCS, both General Dempsey and General Duneford) well over 1000 communications from which I never, I repeat NEVER, received even an acknowledgement let alone a response relative to my inquiry or complaint.

The only time I was aware that my missives were being noticed was on the morning (8:30 AM) of December 9, 2014. My wife opened the door to greet four stalwarts of the United States Secret Service. The agent-in-charge wasted no time on niceties; he was carrying a manila folder crammed with white papers. I was certain they were copies of material I had sent to members of Congress, the Military, to the President, etc. He asked me, “What are your intentions toward the President?” I answered truthfully, “I wish to see Barack Obama and others indicted, tried, and found guilty of Treason and the sentence be pronounced, to be hanged by the neck until you are dead.” “He countered with “But what are your personal intentions?” Because I am barely able to navigate even with a walker, I laughed and asked him, “Even though I despise the cockalorum, do you expect that I would walk right into the White House, through a cordon of big guys like you? Not likely!” That eased any tension, we chatted a while longer and they departed.

Let me expand on my inquiry. Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama is likely not an American citizen, not qualified to serve as our president and for certain has committed numerous crimes as simple as perjury and as horrendous as treason. Where is the justice?

So, I ask you, Sir; does the FBI have any intentions of bringing this criminal cartel to justice? He and Eric Holder are clearly guilty of giving aid and comfort to an enemy of the United States; that enemy being the Mexican drug cartels, members of which murdered Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. Those actions constitute Treason under Article III, Section 3 of our Constitution. It also constitutes at least Accessory to Murder for which both should be indicted and brought to trial in the Arizona Federal District Court in consonance with Article III, Section 2, Clause 3 of the Constitution. All this and we are still not to Benghazi! So, again, where is the justice?

Even before “Fast and Furious” Obama and Holder both lied to Governor Brewer of Arizona when they told her she had no authority to apprehend, incarcerate or repel illegal aliens invading a sovereign state. The Constitution addresses that very situation in Article I, Section 10, Clause 3. I checked Justice Joseph Story’s Commentary on the Constitution and his Commentary corroborated my interpretation; i.e., not only did the State of Arizona have the right but even the obligation since the federal government failed in its obligation under Article IV, Section 4, stating, “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and [shall protect each of them against Invasion]; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened), against domestic Violence.” Bracketing is the author’s.

Additionally, their lies constituted the crime of perjury under “18 U.S. Code § 1621 – Perjury generally.”

The author of this inquiry is a 91-year-old retired Army Officer, with considerable duty as an Officer in the Corps of Military Police and the Summary Court Officer for the 50th Military Police Battalion in Munich, Germany 1957-58. The author is also a student of the United States Constitution and the Uniform Code of Military Justice in which is found Article 104, an article similar in wording and meaning to Article III, Section 3 of the Constitution with one major difference:  Article 104 puts the death penalty on the prosecutorial table where it is not mentioned in the Constitution except as in Clause 2, where punishment is discretionary and left up to the Congress.

I have always had great respect for the Bureau, particularly when I was part of the AWOL Apprehension Team out of Camp Gordon, GA circa 1949-51. Form 45s were issued informing the recipients, FBI, Civil Police and Provost Marshals that a certain soldier was deemed to have deserted. My partner and I met frequently with the FBI out of Savannah, GA and in out-of-the-way towns like Ludowici, Midway, Jessup or Statesboro to exchange or update information.

It would not be too much to ask to be kind to your callers; one may have something worthwhile to share. To me, my concerns are for this God-inspired republic currently in turmoil. Party politics have become far too corrupt and mean. I pray nightly to God to help us get back on the proper course. I ask the FBI, who or what agency is going to bring the bureaucratic crooks, and they are many, to the bar of justice?


Dr. Thomas E, Davis, Colonel, USA (Ret)
326 F Nantucket Lane
Monroe Twp, NJ 08831
PH: (609) 395-7951

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