by Dr. Thomas E. Davis, Col. USA (Ret.), ©2016

(May 7, 2016) —[Editor’s Note:  Please see Parts I, II, III and IV of this series on U.S. presidents beginning with Andrew Jackson.]

George W. ‘Dubya’ Bush, the eldest son of G.H.W. Bush, defeated Al Gore in a hotly-contested, “hanging-chads” election ultimately decided by the Supreme Court. The first term, January 2001 to 2005, set the programs and objectives of his administration. Dubya was not a particularly smart or clever leader. Though well-educated and a prolific reader, he was not in any sense of the word “brilliant.” He was at least a competent fighter pilot flying the F-102 Convair Delta Dart, a super-sonic interceptor.

The attack on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the hijacking of a fourth commercial passenger jet by Muslim terrorists was a major test of the leadership and will of President Bush. In response to this cowardly and deadly attack, the Bush administration ordered investigations into the motivations and execution of the attacks. The nation was on “high” alert for several months while the nation recovered from the first such attack in any nation’s history.

The Muslim terrorist organization led by Usama bin Laden was determined to have been responsible, and Bush declared the search was ongoing in Afghanistan for bin Laden. Bush asked for and got Congress’s approval to go to war against Iraq. Bush claimed that Iraq was in possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). Though none were ever found, this writer considers that matter to be inconsequential since at least one Russian MIG-25 (Foxbat) was uncovered under a sand dune in the Iraqi desert and in all likelihood caches of WMD could be just as well-hidden to be recovered at a later date. Many in the Democrat Party insisted that oil was the motivation or that revenge on the Iraqis for an assassination attempt purportedly made on GHW Bush in Kuwait during Operation Desert Storm.

After two terms, much debate and much unwarranted criticism, George W. Bush is one of the lowest-rated U. S. Presidents. Will time change that perception? Doubtful. At least he was far, far better than our current faux and surely unqualified foreigner, Barry Soetoro-Obama, but operating under his purportedly correct name of Barack Hussein Obama.

Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, became a rebel early in life because she was angered that her father, who wanted a boy, named her Stanley Ann. During her formative years the Dunham family lived in Kansas, Texas, Washington and California. After Stanley Ann graduated from high school, her father moved the family to Hawaii. She stopped using the name Stanley and went simply by “Ann.” In Hawaii, Ann showed a willful nature and became close to the blacks with whom she went to college. In her Russian language class, she became involved with a black African Kenyan, Barack Hussein Obama, and ended up pregnant. A biography of Stanley Ann reports that “She and Barack were married in a private ceremony on February 2, 1961. On August 4, 1961, Ann gave birth to a boy and named him Barack Obama, Jr. after his father.”

She got an uncontested divorce from Obama Sr. and later married an Indonesian student, Lolo Soetoro, who then adopted young Barack and renamed him Barry Soetoro. He was recalled to Indonesia, where young Barry attended a Catholic school and an Islamic public school. Records show that his religion was recorded as “Islam.”

Ultimately Soetoro and Dunham divorced, and she and young Barry returned to Hawaii, where Barry was put into the custody of Stanley and Madelyn Dunham, Ann’s parents. The remainder of any citizenship or national loyalties is left to speculation until the powers in Washington responsible to make that determination conduct a thorough forensic investigation.  At present we have no way of knowing the details and the truth about Barry Soetoro-Obama prior to his becoming a community organizer in Chicago and then an Illinois State Senator, a United States Senator and ultimately the WORST President this republic has had to suffer.

Barack, how could you be so darned stupid? 69,498,516 hopeful, deluded, gullible Americans swallowed your incredible lies and made you our first faux and 44th President. How can one supposedly educated individual fail to take advantage of such a windfall? You had that one chance of a lifetime and you have really messed up. Just imagine if you had really known the Constitution as you claim. You would have discovered that you had real power for good rather than for the dreams of a socialist, dictatorial, arrogant, narcissistic fruitcake. The fact that ALL politicians are corrupt, greedy and without any real CHARACTER would have served your purposes well.

Your adherence to Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, the nonsense of Karl Marx, Lenin, love of George Soros’s billions and the adoration of the LGBT sisterhood obviously blinded you to all that is so right and good in this God-inspired Republic. Whether or not you choose to believe it, America IS God’s Chosen Republic. Allah was just a figment of Muhammad’s dementia. There is NO allah, and no deity would EVER promise a bunch of nutcases 77 virgins for them to defile when they got to allah’s make-believe heaven. My personal God and the God of every Jew and Christian in America is a loving, compassionate God.

The only positive this writer can put his finger on is that Obama is the titular head of the 44th criminal administration butting heads with an inept, feckless, half-asleep 114th Congress. The preceding three congresses were as bad or worse, certainly not conscientious and watchful. Soetoro-Obama is of extremely LOW character, He is an admitted abuser of drugs and brags about his “Choom” days at Punahou School in Hawaii where he associated with the black, reputedly American communist, Frank Marshall Davis.

Nobody is following you now and you sure as heck are not leading.  As I have written numerous times, and as God has commanded in the Holy Bible, for the treason and murders you have committed – not with your hand; you are too much a coward for that, but at your direction – I hope to hear that one of our judges has the gumption to say to you, “Barry Soetoro-Obama, the jury has found you guilty of numerous heinous crimes and you are hereby sentenced to hang by your worthless neck until you are DEAD!”

Because God has ordained that a murderer of man is to be put to death by man, this reference is specifically for you, Obama: “Genesis 9:6:  Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.”

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