by Sharon Rondeau

(May 3, 2016) — In an email notification received moments ago, U.S. Supreme Court petitioner Montgomery Blair Sibley reported that the conference held on Friday, April 29 on his request to release data he believes is relevant to the 2016 presidential election from the records of the late “DC Madam” has resulted in his petition being “denied without explanation” on Monday.

In explanation, Sibley provided a link to his latest blog post which begins, “Yesterday, the Supreme Court docketed the denial of my Application. They gave no reason for the denial of my request to review the refusal of the District Court Clerk to file my Motions for Modification of the Restraining Order which I believe prevents me from releasing information relevant to the present election cycle.”

On April 1, Sibley had petitioned Chief Justice John Roberts for a lifting of the stay on the release of the names and phone numbers put in place on May 10, 2007.  Roberts denied the request on April 4.  Following the rules of the court, Sibley then turned to Associate Justice Clarence Thomas, who distributed the petition for conference on April 29.

The Post & Email wrote an Amicus letter in support of the lifting of the stay so that Sibley would be free to exercise what he described as his First Amendment right to political speech.

Sibley wrote on his blog that as a result of Monday’s decision, he will pursue an action already filed with the D.C. Circuit Court presided over by Chief Judge Merrick Garland, who Obama has nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court but Republicans have vowed they will not consider because of election-year politics.

In the third paragraph, Sibley does not express confidence that Garland will make public a “proceeding” Sibley initiated associated with the DC Madam records whose release Sibley believes could “maintain public confidence in the Judiciary’s ability to redress misconduct or disability,” quoting from the “Rules of Judicial-Conduct and Judicial-Disability Proceedings.”

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