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by Michael Gaddy, ©2016, blogging at The Rebel Madman

Joseph Stalin was Soviet dictator for nearly three decades and is responsible for the deaths of millions

(May 3, 2016) — There is a movie out there that everyone with children or grandchildren must see. The title of the movie is “Vaxxed.” Information on the movie can be found here. Many thanks to my friend Kristen who has been working very hard to promote this movie and the truths behind it.

One of the greatest signs of the idiocy of the group in this country I refer to as Ignoramus Americanus is the usual response to parents who don’t vaccinate their children. In their socially perverted minds, they somehow believe a child who is not vaccinated (poisoned) is a danger to their child who has been vaccinated. Is this not a repudiation of the belief a vaccinated child is shielded from acquiring the disease they have been vaccinated for? As an analogy, why would a person wearing body armor fear the person who is not in a shootout? Darn—sorry—didn’t mean to upset your day with a dose of common sense.


Breaking Stalin’s Nose by Eugene Yelchin

Although this book is aimed primarily at young people, it is a great read for adults as well. It focuses on a young man in Soviet Russia during the reign of Joseph Stalin. Saisha Zaichik has long aspired to be a member of Stalin’s Young Pioneers. This book details the tragic events leading up to Saisha attaining his goal.

This book is a good look inside the old Communist regime and offers a prescient insight into what is soon coming to a city/county near you by an author who witnessed it firsthand. Well worth the read.

The Secret Six by Edward J. Renehan Jr.

John Brown conducted a campaign of terror in Kansas in May of 1856, murdering five men on Pottawattamie Creek. The method of execution was especially heinous; they were hacked to death in full view of members of their families. Equipment including saddles, guns and horses were stolen. This event precluded Brown’s attack on the armory in Harper’s Ferry in 1859 where Brown attempted to seize arms in order to promote a slave revolt. Ironically, the first person killed by Brown’s forces was a free black man, Heyward Shepherd. Brown had asked Fredrick Douglass and Harriet (Twenty dollar) Tubman to join him on this raid. Douglass declined because he thought the raid was poorly conceived. Tubman was unable to participate due to illness.

Brown paid English mercenary, Hugh Forbes, $600.00 (a tidy sum in 1859) to “train” his forces. Brown also had a cache of weapons he brought with him to Virginia for his men and to arm the slaves he hoped would rush to his cause.

Brown’s actions inflamed the fears of people of the South and along with Nat Turners earlier slave revolt and the revolt and massacre in Haiti in 1791 where revolting slaves had killed both whites and free blacks and destroyed the fields and infrastructure. Brown’s actions have been attributed to the increasing tensions between the North and the South that led to secession and war.

The question arose as to who financed Brown’s criminal efforts to murder and incite riots. This book covers the six Northern Aristocrats who provided the financial funding for Brown’s murderous efforts. Six aristocrats who never faced the consequences of their participation in Brown’s crimes. Another good, informative read.


One item in particular jumped out at me as I watched nauseating comments by the resident bimbos on CBS News this morning who metaphorically drool on themselves at the mere mention of any socialist politician or policy. This bit of news had to do with schools closing and water being turned off in the People’s Republic of Detroit.

A history of Detroit provides a unique insight into what a complete socialist society brings to its inhabitants. The leaders of Detroit, not unlike the current and aspiring leaders of this country, when faced with declining jobs, plummeting incomes and inflationary prices, decided the answer was borrowing more money, creating new bureaucracies and promoting racial discord. In essence, they continually raised taxes but refused to curtail spending. (sound familiar)

Detroit has borrowed and borrowed to keep their schools afloat. Yet, they have schools in ruins, terrible scholastic achievement and now the great majority of schools are closed because the money for teachers salaries no longer exists.

Water has been turned off to approximately 1,000 residents because they cannot pay their bills. Obviously, using the socialism of FDR, there should be a “chicken in every pot.” The trouble is now they don’t have any water to boil that chicken or even water to drink. The people who haven’t paid their water bills in months claim “water is a human right.” Can’t find that listed in the Bill of Rights but I’m sure some socialist politician will fix the problem with higher taxes and more debt.

People, look at Detroit, look at the inner cities of this country. Look at the crime and the poverty. Remember, most of these folks vote and they outnumber the people who work in this country and are being taxed to death by a large margin.

What we see in these cities is the culmination of years and years of failed Socialism; failed socialist politicians, failed socialist programs, and ever growing socialist bureaucracies. Look closely at the scenes in Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore and other cities led by socialist policies, for soon what you see there will be seen all across this country.

Socialism does not work. Never has—never will—no matter how many believe in and promote it. Socialists must have government to force their programs on the unwilling, because honest, hard working people understand socialism is, at its core, unmitigated evil.

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