WOBC Volunteer Attends Trump Rally, Distributes Sheriff’s Kits on Obama Forgeries, Impeachment Information


by Jeffrey Harrison, ©2016

(Apr. 23, 2016) — On April 13 I went to Pittsburgh, PA to the Trump interview for the Hannity Show at Oakland’s Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum.

I arrived there with my 21-year-old son about noon and the doors opened about 4:00 pm. While there I met a senior lady and we got in line to wait to get in.

We talked for a while and I decided to work the crowd and give out handouts for the event, including some 20 Sheriff Arpaio’s DVD’s containing evidence of the forgery of Obama’s long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration form.

I gave out about 200 handouts and the DVD’s. I presented myself as a volunteer for Sheriff Arpaio and the North American Law Center (NALC). I asked supporters to take a handout, letting them know I was a volunteer for the Sheriff, and that seemed to break the ice. Many people knew of Arpaio and liked him.

My handout was entitled: IMPEACH OBAMA??? HERE’S HOW!!!

Some 2,500 people attended the Hannity Show with Trump. The crowd was mellow and decent. Everyone was polite and friendly. Some protesters were there, but they kept their distance and were civil. They were protesting in a mute mode. They had signs like “Equal Pay for Women.”

There was a second event at David L. Lawrence Convention Center later in the day, but I just went to the Hannity event. From the TRIBUNE-REVIEW dated April 14, I read there was some trouble there.

At this event, Trump spoke about our troops having poor equipment and the enemy having taken our good equipment after our allies get shot at and run.  He spoke about unfair trade with China, China dumping steel, and devaluing its money; jobs being sent to Mexico via moving U.S. plants, energy independence; we have 1,000 years’ worth of coal, do clean coal, NATO is outdated, we pay for much of it…

Many, many times during the taping the crowd stood up and cheered and clapped. During some of the commercial breaks, Trump would come to the edge of the stage and give out signatures, and then go back to the interview.

During the show/taping, it was so loud with cheers and shouts from the audience that I don’t know how Hannity was able to conduct the interview.

At the entrance while I was about to go through the metal detector, two young men were ejected from the event. Why? I didn’t know. At the far back of the audience there was a small group of young adults who were ejected for causing a minor disturbance.

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