by Dwight Kehoe, Editor, TPATH, ©2016

(Apr. 23, 2016) — Dear TPATH Readers and Content Contributors,

As many of you know TPATH has been working closely with the SAPPA Group and Mr. Nicholas E. Purpura regarding the Purpura v. Christie, et al. federal law suit which was filed in the District Court of Trenton, New Jersey almost a year ago.

We have been battling and confronting one unethical dirty trick from the Court and the Attorneys for the Defense since the first week of that filing.  Two weeks ago we encountered the latest nasty move when the Court issued an Order that required a huge amount of work and time to comply with.  They took several days to inform us of the ruling which left just over three weeks remaining to prepare and submit a counter legal brief.

Consequently TPATH has been tied up with helping to prepare the Recall and Vacate filing which needed to be in by April 29, 2016 or the Obama appointed District Judge would close our case in a manner that would have prevented an appeal tot he Third Circuit Court.

So for all those writers who have sent me your articles, please know that they have not been ignored.  Each of them have been archived and will possibly be posted at a later date.  Please continue to contribute you work to TPATH.  Also, during these past few weeks TPATH has not posted any new article or information.  Quite frankly we just have not had the time.

The good news is that even though there has been no new content on the site, TPATH saw no decline in visitors to the website.  That’s great!

The other good news is we have served the Court with the Recall and Vacate documents and actually got it in a few days early.  Court Clerks and Defense Teams, which by the way are pretty much one and the same, will not be enjoying their Monday lunch breaks after seeing that Nick did what they thought he could never do. That is, get the required research complete, the documents prepared and then served in the extremely short period of time they gave him.

Please visit the SAPPA Log Page to read more about what this latest work involved and  read or download the Cover Letter we included in the filing as well as the documents issued by the Court.

Thanks everyone,

Dwight Kehoe

Editor TPATH




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