SATURDAY, APRIL 23, 6:00 MT/7:00 CT/8:00 P.M. ET

by Michael Gaddy, ©2016

(Apr. 19, 2016) — On Saturday, April 23rd at 6pm (Mountain) 7pm (Central) I will be a guest on The Political Cesspool show out of Memphis, Tennessee (AM 1600 WMQM) with host James Edwards and Keith Alexander. The show can be heard by live stream via Liberty News Radio.

Go to  on Saturday and simply click on the live feed icon

The subject for discussion on Saturday will be the true reasons for our Second War for Independence, the crimes of Abraham Lincoln during that unconstitutional war and how it all pertains to the tyranny and oppression practiced by our government today. This show will be a continuation of The Political Cesspool’s observance of Confederate History Month.

I first appeared on the Political Cesspool 11 years ago providing a daily report from Arizona and the Minuteman Project in April of 2005 to James and his crew.

Tune in and enjoy. James Edwards is a true Patriot and has won many awards for his dedication to Liberty over the years. It will again be a pleasure to join James and Keith. Hope you can join us as well.


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