by Sharon Rondeau

(Apr. 16, 2016) — In an interview following an April 11 hearing in New Jersey in which two attorneys argued their contentions that presidential candidate Ted Cruz, who was born in Canada, is not a “natural born Citizen” and should therefore not appear on the state’s June 7 primary ballot, one of the attorneys, who is also a write-in candidate in New Jersey and eight other states, told The Post & Email that Administrative Law Judge Jeff Masin stated at the outset that he did not read the briefs and any attachments submitted by the challengers prior to convening the hearing.

Law professor and attorney Victor Williams, who in March registered as a write-in presidential candidate in order to challenge Cruz’s eligibility, presented his arguments pro se in a consolidated complaint with that of Atty. Mario Apuzzo, who represented three New Jersey registered voters.

Cruz does not dispute his birth in Canada and three years ago, presented his Canadian birth certificate to The Dallas Morning News, which reported that Cruz was born with dual U.S.-Canadian citizenship as a result of his birth in Calgary, Alberta to a U.S.-citizen mother.

Masin presided over the hearing as he had in 2012 in a ballot challenge to Barack Obama’s placement on the New Jersey ballot following a criminal investigation‘s revelation that Obama’s long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration form are “computer-generated forgeries” as well as prior unanswered questions as to whether or not he had been born in Hawaii as he claimed.  Also at issue was whether or not Obama’s claimed foreign-citizen father, whose student visa was not renewed in 1964, was in itself enough to disqualify him from “natural born” status.

In a Monday night interview, Apuzzo told The Post & Email that he did not “concede” the conclusion that Cruz’s mother possessed U.S. citizenship at the time of Cruz’s birth on December 22, 1970 in Calgary, Alberta.  Cruz’s father grew up in Cuba and reportedly became a Canadian citizen in 1973.

Although reported by that Williams’s complaint alleged that Cruz lacked U.S. citizenship, Williams argued on Monday that Cruz does not meet the higher standard of “natural born Citizen” contained in Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the Constitution.  The mainstream media often conflates “citizen” with “natural born Citizen,” failing to distinguish between the two.  The Constitution’s requirement for U.S. Senators and Representatives is “a Citizen,” while “natural born Citizen” is required only for the president and vice-president, the latter as a result of the 12th Amendment to the Bill of Rights.

Most in the media have accepted that Cruz’s mother, Eleanor Darragh Cruz, was a U.S. citizen at the time of her son’s birth.  However, several unconfirmed reports claim that that might not have been the case or that Eleanor might have become a naturalized Canadian after her son’s birth.

On the evening of April 12, Masin issued a 26-page opinion which Williams believes was written in advance and indicative of Masin’s failure to read the briefs submitted by Apuzzo or Williams.  Masin contended that the argument that a child born anywhere in the world to a single U.S.-citizen parent is a “natural born Citizen” is “more persuasive” than Williams’s contention that a natural born Citizen must be born in the United States at a minimum.

Apuzzo had argued that Cruz has released virtually no documentation about his background despite many requests.  The Post & Email has submitted formal requests to the Cruz Senate office and campaign which have been ignored, and FOIA requests to the U.S. government for documentation have been routinely denied for “privacy” reasons.

On his campaign website, Williams termed Masin “ethically-challenged” and the ballot challenge hearing “rigged” due to Masin’s allegedly having been “cherry-picked” to hear the case.  In 2012, Masin accepted the claim made by then-Obama attorney Alexandra Hill that “Mickey Mouse” could submit a petition to have his name placed on the ballot and succeed, as no vetting or identity check was required of presidential candidates.

On April 13, New Jersey Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno, who is also Secretary of State, issued a written opinion agreeing with Masin’s decision to place Cruz’s name on the ballot.

The following day, Williams filed a request for Guadagno to reconsider her decision which was also directed to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.  Williams asked that Christie review the decision of his “ethically-challenged Administrative Law Office, or his own Lt. Governor, who rubber-stamped the ALO decision to rig Ted Cruz’s ballot access.”

“Clean up this mess,” Williams demanded of the governor.

Williams told The Post & Email on Friday that a reporter contacted the New Jersey Department of State after the hearing to ask if, as rumored, Masin had been called out of retirement to preside over Monday’s ballot challenges because of his past “experience” and that she was told by an official that that was, indeed, the case.

Even more shocking is Williams’s report of Masin’s having said at the beginning of the hearing:

I have all these briefs from the parties, and I’ve had them for four or five days, because they were due on Friday.  I haven’t looked at any of them; I haven’t read any of them.

“He made a big point of that,” Williams said.  “So how could he have cranked out an opinion?  Even to read the parties’ briefs would have taken a day.”

Williams reported that “there were no audio transcripts” of Monday’s hearing.

Cruz has now been “certified” as a Republican candidate for president on New Jersey’s primary ballot.

In a press release from Williams’s campaign on Friday, PRNewswire reported:

Washington D.C. Law Professor Victor Williams has filed an Emergency Petition with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie demanding that the Canadian-born Ted Cruz be disqualified from the ballot.  (Full details at his website –

Ted Cruz was born in Calgary, Canada and held his resulting Canadian citizenship until May 2014.  Scholars across the nation agree that Edward Rafael Cruz is not a “natural born [American] Citizen” as required by Article II of the U.S. Constitution.

Victor Williams charges that Ted Cruz falsely certified his constitutional eligibility for office to gain ballot access in states across the nation.  Williams demands that Cruz be disqualified from New Jersey’s June 7 ballot and from several other late-primary ballots. (California, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, Oregon, South Dakota, and Washington).

On his website, Williams contends that “Ted Cruz is Not a “Natural Born” American Citizen and He Obtained Ballot Access Fraudulently.”  He additionally states:

Ted Cruz (a/k/a Rafael Edward Cruz) acknowledges the fact that he was born in Calgary Canada and even concedes that he was a Canadian citizen all his life — until May 2014. Cruz is thus not eligible to serve as either President or Vice-President.

The U.S. Constitution’s Article II, Section 1 is explicit in listing three absolute tests required for any Candidate to qualify for the presidency:

No person except a natural born Citizen…shall be eligible to the Office of President, neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen years a Resident within the United States.

Like the 14 years residency requirement, the “natural born Citizen” requirement is a test of American soil. This natural-born soil test is required only for the nation’s highest federal office – the presidency.

Ted Cruz fails this “Jus Soli” (law of the soil) test.  The basic requirement of “Jus Soli” citizenship was, and is, antithetical to any statutory conferring of citizenship on children born abroad of American parents.

Mr. Cruz, whose legal career has been based on a strict construction of, and textual faithfulness to, the U.S. Constitution, knows the truth about his ballot ineligibility.

Ted Cruz has thus fraudulently obtained ballot access in each of the states where he ran (and continues to run) for the Republican nomination.

The Republican Party must reject any possibility that Ted Cruz could be the GOP nominee for either President or Vice-President.

Cruz must be disqualified from the ballot in the remaining primary sates and his pledged-delegates must either be released or not be seated at the 2016 Cleveland Nominating Convention.

Cruz has faced ballot challenges in Illniois, New York (ongoing), Texas (ongoing), and Florida.  On March 29, a retired Utah lawyer’s petition for a Writ of Certiorari concerning Cruz’s eligibility was docketed at the U.S. Supreme Court.

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  1. There are 2 FAULTY, and IMPORTANT, items in Judge Masin’s “decision”:
    It ignores the most important LEGAL factor used in defining the meaning of any document – ORIGINAL INTENT. This is one of the first things that ALL Law Students are taught.
    What did the creators of the document mean, how did they understand the meaning of the words they used in the document? What did the words mean at that time? What did they mean to accomplish and why?
    The Founding Fathers discussed the SPECIAL Requirement for President at length. They didn’t want ANY Chance of a person with ANY form of “Foreign Allegiance” becoming President – PERIOD.
    They had plenty of reason and there is plenty of evidence of this.
    Much of it can be found at:
    ALL the Founding Fathers depended on Vattel’s “The Law of Nations”, published in 1758 in French, the ONLY Book having ever been published up till that time that defined the laws of all nations, that clearly defined “Natural-Born-Citizen” as a person that was born of TWO parents that are Citizens (at the time of the birth) in Book-I, Chapter 19, paragraphs #212 & 215.
    There are mountains of evidence that ALL the Founding Fathers had a copy (it was translated into English in 1760 – but that was almost irrelevant as almost all of them spoke French fluently) and relied on this treatise DAILY, including statements to that effect by George Washington, Ben Franklin, John Jay, James madison, Alexander Hamilton and others (in fact, New York had trouble getting their library copy back from George Washington – he didn’t want to part with it as he used it so much).
    And, this SPECIFIC Book/Treatise is cited WITHIN the Constitution itself, by its Title (Article I-Section 8 under Maritime Laws).
    No other source of “National or International Laws” was even KNOWN to the Founding Fathers. NO OTHER book had been written at that time that defined Natural-Born-Citizen or even the Laws of Nations.
    They ALL understood its meaning and many certified such in letters they wrote during the time of the creation of our Constitution.
    Judge Maring referred to “English Common Law” throughout his “decision”. He never once mentioned “AMERICAN common law”.
    The FACTS are that, yes, AMERICAN Common Law EXISTED at that time and it is BASED upon English Common Law – but it differs greatly in some areas, which has been attested to by many of our Founding Fathers during the time of the creation of the Constitution and many Judges and even the Supreme Court after that (Minor v. Happersett 1875 & Plessy v. Ferguson 1896).
    The main difference of importance here is that English Common Law pertains to SUBJECTS of a Monarchy (who have NO Sovereignty whatsoever – the KING alone decides who are HIS Subjects), whereas AMERICAN Common Law pertains to Citizens of a Free Republic who are, by definition, THE VERY Sovereigns that Created the 13 Individual Countries (States) on July 3rd 1776 and the COMPACT between these STATES known as the United States of America the next day on July 4th, 1776.
    (And, some important Historical Facts:…)
    The 13 Individual States were Independent COUNTRIES (State meant Country at that time), freed of any binds or ties to England, or its Monarchy, or it Laws, or its jurisdiction.
    And, the 13 Independent COUNTRIES completed a “COMPACT” the following day, on July 4th, where they united to “LOAN” Some of their Sovereign Powers, that were “Very Limited and Specifically Defined”, to a National/Federal Government, the United States of America, for the purpose of mutual protection of their GOD-given RIGHTS (mainly against Foreign Forces greater by far than any one of the States by itself) and for the mutual benefit (General Welfare) of ALL the Citizens of each of the 13 Countries (States).
    The Naturalization Act of 1790 specifically says: “And the children of citizens of the United States, that may be born beyond the sea, or out of the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural-born-citizens.”
    Under AMERICAN common law (both before and after the 14th Amendment), persons born on U.S. soil are not natural-born-citizens if they are, at birth, foreign nationals by descent from one or both of their parents.
    In 1884, the Supreme Court ruled that “Children born on U.S. soil, of parents owing allegiance to a sovereignty other than the United States, do not acquire U.S. citizenship at birth. A child, born in the United States, is a U.S. citizen at birth only if its parents are subject to complete U.S. political jurisdiction.”
    (this means Anchor Babies are still ILLEGALS – not U.S. Citizens)
    Please take notice of the fact that ALL of these definitions are PLURAL – Both Parents must be U.S. Citizens.
    Pretty obviously then, a person born NOT a U.S. Citizen cannot be a Natural-Born-Citizen of the United States.
    A person born elsewhere, to parents that are not U.S. citizens cannot even be a U.S. Citizen, much less a Natural-Born-Citzen.
    Of course, he can become Naturalized by a lawful act created by Congress, but this, by definition, means he cannot possibly be a Natural-Born-Citzen.
    Judge Marin has rendered a SERIOUSLY FLAWED and INCORRECT Decision.
    1. He ignored the 1st premise of the Legal Definition of ANY
    2. He totally IGNORED Vattel’s Law of Nations, which the Founding
    Fathers attested that they heavily relied upon while authoring
    our Constitution.
    3. He ignored AMERICAN common law, which most of the Founding
    Fathers insisted was quite different from English common law,
    at least in this respect.
    4. And, he cited many other MISLEADING documents that were either
    based on ENGLISH common law or simply irrelevant.
    There is another article – rather a treatise – on Natural-Born-Citizen that covers all this, and much more, in great depth:
    “Presidential eligibility Tutorial” by Stephen Tonchen, dated 2-28-2014, at:

  2. all you have to do is look at our 240- year history of 44 different presidents and all except for the current one were ALL born within the US and to TWO US CITIZEN PARENTS… every one.

    This judge is an IDIOT and should be disbarred.

  3. Reading Judge Masin’s Opinion in New Jersey I made some notes of critique meant somewhat to drive home the obsurdity that others might debate,
    After careful examination reading the Executive Court Administrative Law Judges Masin’s Opinion in New Jersey in the matter filed questioning Sen. Cruz’s Eligibility for the Office of President, I find it obsurd on many Levels.

    1- On page 8 he infers that “Born in the U.S.” is not attributed to Naturalization and in such dismissed cause and reason to the 14th Amendment.

    2-On page 9 The Judge infers that “Subjects” of the King were so qualified to be King and for the the Kingship, as he infers “Subject” was the equivalent of “Citizen”. Of course such would be the laughing stock in the King’s Court the Judge seen as the Joker subject to ridiculous and rancid ridicule.

    3- Page 12 Why are children of a Foreign Parent attributed a naturalization or adopted statute by Congress in The Title 8 Naturalization Act Citizens at Birth and Foreigners §1401 (a-h)? Clearly condescending or breaching to his opinion.

    4- Page 16 Judge Mason goes to great length first to establish the Common Law of England as our own when our Founders made clear the perils of English Common Law had drifted so far away from the much more sturdy laws of nature as to give cause for Revolution. Judge Masin acknowledges ever so slightly with reference of Vatell’s work in France.

    Judge Masin regards a “Judicial Heritage” but denies the Legislative Mandates of the U.S. Congress striking down 8 attempts since 2002 to change the meaning of [natural born Citizen] to something other than [Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents] preferring Parliament’s foggy bottom as remotely close to [subject] able to contest the Thrown of the King as a [Natural Born Citizen] can run for U.S. President. This is offensive to common sense, let alone common law and throws down his illogical stack of cards.

    Subjects given status as adopted by the King were given such to claim defense, to be taxed, and perhaps to own property, as soldiers were sending money home and having children abroad with foreigners, but never did that extension confer the right to run for King in an Election every four years. Totally Obsurd and mischievous to think of in English Common Law for subjects.

    5- Page 17 In what could be called a Grand Dialectical Larceny, Judge Masin equates “Naturalization” to equalize with “natural born Subject” that leaves the child conceived on no better footing to heir as one Adopted and on equal terms of born of the same mother and father. Hence he ruled Adoption the new process of Conception and ones Signiture to adopt as tools of reproduction defying both Parent any satisfaction of copulation. Why no wonder the wives-tales of “not holding hands” as pregnancy was imminent?

    6- Page 17 Judge Masin acknowledges Art. 2, Sect 1, C-5, but never digest John Jay , George Washington, and all the Founders were in fact [Naturalized] by that Qualification clause in stating [Citizens at the Time of the Adoption of this Constitution] so to his [Jay’s] children born abroad would be considered eligible under this considered Adopted Time Frame. This renders his quagmire of a quarry a mindless bog of the Standard we call the U.S. Constitution.

    Our Founders knew indisputably they were not [natural born Citizens] but Citizens, and as the U.S. Constitution was Adopted and the Soverienty of a New Nation born, their heirs would be [ natural born Citizens] when Born in the States to Citizen Parents [natural born Citizen] Americans.

    Judge Masin gives cresdence to every word with the reference to Marberry v. Madison, []
    but fails to plite the course that [natural Born Citizens] cannot be Adopted, as naturalization invites. Neither do men put new wine into old bottles Matt 9:17. He does show an understanding of differences between 1790 and 1795 but fails to address this same fact- Natural Born Citizens cannot be naturalized unless an obsurdity or oddity of nature is employed most unnatural.

    7- Page 24 While Judge Masin spent half his papered Opinion making homage to English Common Law, he spent the good portion of the latter setting it aside as heretical to American Standards as he lashed at English common law with the [Equal Protection Laws] in the U.S. Constitution; speaking of equality of mother and father in the deposit of [Inherited Citizenship] to a child, over-ruling English Common Law.

    Judge Masin offered no argument as to why Cruz’s Father’s Cuban Citizenship should not be equally honored in the person of Ted Cruz, or perhaps his father’s Adopted State of Canada that Cruz denounced 20 months ago.

    Of course Judge Masin did not consider Cuba’s Warning that those children born to Cuban Parents in foreign lands might be subjected to Cuba’s Military Draft nor did he elaborate on the Equal Respected Protection of Inherited Citizenship with a Foreign Parent choosing instead to “let those problems of Dual Citizenship be worked out later”.[ ]

    When, for instance a U.S. President was called to destroy his father or mother’s Foreign Country and refused with his heart as loving that Country more , or that he sought vengence with and as head of the U.S. Military for the grief that Foreign Country caused his parents ousting them by torment. Thus setting up his whole life’s ambition to get to the Red Button and carpet bombed the whole Foreign Nation to kill the leader with his [fractured allegiances] leading him all the way.

    There are lots of reasons Dual Citizenship by parent or Place was forbidden in the Office of President, we just haven’t found a Judge yet willing to take them into account on the merits of our Economical Safety and National Security as our Congress deliberated with witnesses in 2002.

    You can Read Judge Masin’s Whole 26 page Opinion following the Link given in this Story

    And to assist those who wonder but have not had the time to read his 26 page Opinion.

    These notes also accompanied a picture on Twitter

  4. blehr, you said:

    “Therefore the only means for Ted darling to acquire U.S. Citizenship was to make application to the American Consulate and be granted citizenship, if in fact this was not accomplished at that time this avenue to citizenship is henceforth foreclosed.”

    if by “at that time” you mean when he was born, that is not accurate. the u.s. gov’t strongly recommends that a consular report of birth abroad be obtained at the time of the child’s birth, however, one can wait as long as the 18th birthday to file a crba, if that was not done at the time of birth. it is just that documentation might be harder the longer one waits.

    with the reports of ted’s high school trip to england and the need for him to have a passport to go, it could be that a crba was not filed until around his 17th birthday. however, that has not yet been mane public.

  5. I have a sneaky suspicion that the woman he claims to be his mother is not his actual mother. If anyone comes across some photos of his alleged mother, please post them.

    Marie, Blehr & David: I agree with you. I think when all is said and done, we’re going to learn Ted is ineligible, not only for the Presidency, but also for the Senate.

    Of course, nothing will be resolved unless someone gets really lucky and finds an honest, competent Judge to hear one of the challenges. The political parties seem to have most judges under contract.


  7. I don’t see how everyone is missing the point of prevailing law. Cruz was born a Canadian citizen in 1970 of a Cuban father and a Mother born in Delaware U.S.A, all undeniable fact. Ted did not recant his Canadian citizenship until 5/2014, indisputable fact. Seems that everybody’s argument revolves around the doctrine of Jus Soil which is an ancillary argument to the issue at best.

    A review of The History of Canadian Citizenship in fact states that until 1977 Canada did not recognize dual citizenship. Therefore the only means for Ted darling to acquire U.S. Citizenship was to make application to the American Consulate and be granted citizenship, if in fact this was not accomplished at that time this avenue to citizenship is henceforth foreclosed. The facts are, regardless of Ted’s mother’s citizenship status, Ted was born A Canadian, could not have dual citizenship according to Canadian law, U.S. law can’t confer U.S. citizenship in contravention of Canadian law. There is also the Fact, which should shine a brilliant light of conscientiousness on the relevance of recanting Canadian citizenship if in fact you profess knowledge that you were and are a U.S. citizen. Only when this argument sees the final light of day can we proceed to the next argument.



    How does it feel, fellow American citizens on Main Street USA, to be robbed anew every day of your rightful intellectual property since 08-28-08? Yes, you read that correctly, you and I are among some 320,000,000 American citizens who are robbed anew each day of our inalienable knowledge-property of the full IDentification of any presIDential candIDate [including ID Thief Rafael Cruz] and any incumbent presIDent [including ID Thief-in-Chief Barry Soetoro-Barack Obama].

    How does it feel to be extorted, fellow American citizens on Main Street USA, to rush to send in your federal tax payments by tomorrow’s April 18 dead-line, or be fined; to surrender your heart-earned tax dollars to fund a federal-criminal enterprise that steals your inalienable rightful knowledge-property of the full identification of your own so-called “president” since 08-28-08?

    If you voted for Barry Soetoro-Barack Obama in the 2008 and 2012 general elections, your nation’s entire governmental structure ensured that YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW WHO YOU VOTED FOR!

    08-28-08 is a day which will live in infamy, along with 12-7-1941 and 9-11-01. Our nation’s entire tax-paid-for governmental structure has formed a perfect omerta-like syndication, with the use of your and my extorted tax-dollars, to ensure that not one single tax-paid-for governmental employee, nor any of their contracted private associates, will ever break the nationally syndicated code of silence, and attempt, on their own, to even engage in court-room discovery or issuance of any subpoenas et al, so as to even attempt to publicize the full heretofore sealed ID documentation within Executive Order 13489, and within other ID-shelters, that would fully identify Barry and Rafael for all of humanity!

    Our nationally syndicated tax-paid-for federal-criminal “government” knows that all it takes is just one single tax-paid-for judge, or one knowledgeable FBI agent or Hillary Clinton et al, to “spill the beans” on the federally-known covered-up ID-felonies of Barry and Rafael, and, once spilled out, their deceit-filled fear-based omerta-like bartered pension-paid-off protective syndicated residence within a manufactured governmental house of ID-felony cards will collapse instantly. Here’s some PROOF of federal-criminal syndicated cover-ups:

    Until the rightful knowledge-property of some 320,000,000 American citizens is released to all of humanity, including, but not limited to, all Barry’s original ID and life history documents as America’s first covered-up crack-and-pot crackpot as listed in Item 207, A thru Q: , and all of Canadian-born Rafael’s personal original verifiable citizenship timeline documentation and all of Rafael’s parent’s original verifiable citizenship timeline documentation, America, potentially, for the remainder of this entire century, will remain robbed anew each day of its anti-theft protections and guaranteed civil liberties as codified in the sacred 1789 paid-for-in-blood document, namely, our US Constitution!

    Gov. Chris Christie and Acting-President Donald J Trump and Celebrity Criminal Hilary et al: Break-up and punish the leaders of America’s unhealthy national federal-criminal-presIDential systematic cover-up-syndication that began officially on 08-28-08 and threatens to rob America of its rightful greatness until 2100!

    ARREST AND PUNISH Nancy-Barry-Valerie-Hillary-Harry Reid-Michelle Soetoro-Obama-Eric Holder-Joe Biden-John Boehner-Justice Criminal John Roberts et al, the leaders of The Pelosi-Obama Sedated Sedition 08-28-08- TODAY!

    For just as knowledge is power in the minds of We the People, ignorance is power in the hands of federal-criminals!

    Just as 320,000,000 million Americans are presumed guilty of ID-fraud and terrorist intentions until they produce documentations to prove their ID-innocence before being permitted to board a commercial airline, OUR FEDERAL-CRIMINAL SYNDICATION 08-28-08- TODAY HAS WORKED TO ENSURE THAT ANY PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE AND ANY INCUMBENT PRESIDENT IS PERMITTED TO BOARD THE HIGHEST OFFICE ON PLANET EARTH WITH PRESUMED GUILT OF TERRORIST INTENTIONS, KNOWN GUILT OF CONSTITUTION PROSTITUTION AND USE OF PHONY ID DOCUMENTATION!

    Finally, today April 17, 2016, is my 67th birthday as a proud 100% MADE IN USA “natural born [American] Citizen”(born in Bangor, Maine on Easter Sunday 1949 to natural born American Citizen-parents). I challenge any DEMOcriminal or RINOcriminal Party delegate, all 50 Secretaries of State, any state elections commissioner, any citizenship lawyer expert, Barry and Rafael themselves, and any human being on the face of this planet, since we all breath the same air, to prove 100% irrefutably and verifiably, that my inherent “natural born [American] Citizen” condition, as exactly mandated by the US Constitution in 1789, is exactly equal to, on all legal and moral levels, the available “natural born Citizen” condition-narrative now used by Barry Soetoro-Barack Obama and Rafael Cruz, or the actual “natural born Citizen” condition after they are fully identified, if ever, when analyzed by legal American citizens inside the USA, and when analyzed by legal foreign citizens outside the USA!



  9. An issue that never seems to be mentioned is that the 14 years residency requirement, like the natural born and 35 years of age requirements, demand that certifiable proof documents be provided by the candidate for the Office of POTUS … and that anyone who has been known to travel to and/or lived abroad would be required to show passport records to prove their 14 years residency under U.S. jurisdiction.

    Mr. Cruz has repeatedly denied any requests to show these records, and should therefore automatically be denied any consideration for eligibility to be on any ballot until he does so.

    Lyin’ is a mild term for his felonious attempt of usurpation!

  10. Not only was Ted Cruz a Canadian Citizen at birth due to being born in Canada, he was also a Cuban Citizen at birth via his Cuban Citizen father. Ted inherited U.S. Citizenship from his mother per U.S. Statutory law if she still was a U.S. Citizen when Ted was born. And likewise, he inherited Cuban Citizenship from his father per Cuban law. Ted Cruz was a triple Citizen with allegiance to three nations at birth. He is not a “natural born Citizen” of any of them. See: CDR Kerchner (Ret) –